World of Warships – Les Enfants Terribles

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Sacre bleu, mes amis! C’est les enfants terribles! And now that we’ve completely exhausted my colloquial , let’s get on with shooty boats!

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  1. Never been this early for Jingles Video

    Gotta make a joke….. German Dispersion is OP

  2. Aigle was the first one, if i’m correct.

  3. Me: Not playing WOW for years
    Jingles: Please play I will misidentify ships for you.
    Me: Instals the game..

    • It happened to me.i hadn’t played wow in about 10 months, i only installed so that i could get jingles as a captain

    • I stopped playing a month ago cause i got fed up with cvs and radar and op ships, then jingles was introduced and so i started again

    • Hahaha same I haven’t played WoWS in 3 years and now I’m playing it everyday since I got Admiral Jingles

      I literally have no idea what’s happening, WoWS has changed so much since I last played

    • @Rali2k I hear you on that one. Got back months ago after 3 years with BB’s, Then light and heavy cruisers. Had some shenanigans in DD’s. The CV’s were my best class before, but now still getting use to them.

    • The RTS minigame was a fun thing

  4. wait isn’t the Aigle a thing certainly before the tech tree French DDs

  5. Aigle was the first French dd I think Jingles. Tier 6

  6. AcTuAlLy JInGLes the Aigle was the first French DD introduced into the game

  7. Wow, last time I was this early, Jingles still played WoT.

  8. Liquid: Yes, Twins, but we’re not ordinary twins. We’re twins linked by, cursed genes. LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES!!

  9. The first french DD was the Aigle. The one with smoke

  10. Last time I was this early, the French were still afloat at Toulon.

  11. Omgosh guys it’s ato-thek! Jingles why are you calling him “A to the K” when last time it was clear his name is ato-thek. Can’t believe this utter madness

  12. Delert might be familiar to you because he was a former CC for Wows back in the days as well. 😉 Thx for featuring the game.

  13. *Sees title*
    Solidus, liquid and solid snake would like to know jingles location.

  14. WHAT!!! The evil Gnome Overlord himself pronounced my name correctly at the first time? I guess no Dave for me <3 Thanks, I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life 😉 And another compliment from the Salt Mines: a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I used to be a CC too. So your memory is not as bad as you thought it would be

  15. Aigle was the first one, and it’s still available for coal.

  16. everyone: listenes to Captain Jingles missidentification for weeks now and love it
    Jingles: “Have I just embarassed myself in front of thousands of people… again?”
    everyone “NOOOO, dont worry!”


  17. Actually Jingles, the Aigle was first

    *runs back to salt mines dodging shotgun shells on the way*

  18. “The Less En Fan Tes Terrible z”
    “Heh.. you always did hate the French.”

  19. I love that “Oh shit” in the chat at the last second before the Salem got deleted by that torpedo! XD

  20. I wish the title was l’enfant sauvage and jingles just started singing Gojira lol

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