World of Warships – Let’s ALL meet in the middle

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Game starts, it’ Two Brothers and I get recognized so I invite EVERYONE to go in the middle.

Let’s just say A LOT of folks went with the idea and it was pretty crazy.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. That improved accuracy on German BBs… lol

  2. iMrPovEd AcCurAcY oN gErmAn BbS
    -said WG

  3. parked 3 abreast in the middle while monkey is taunting them going back & forth xD

  4. Spreadsheet says players in German BBs are enjoying the improved accuracy.

  5. The accuracy is still bad but at least the ellipse really changed so the dispersion is more horizontal than vertical… Firing 3 shells from the same battery but they travel on top of each other was so much worse lol.

  6. That Hindenburg player, was expecting a 42% player but actually a 47% player, surprised the stats are that good!

    • I *am* a 42% player /cry

    • @BladeKi11a It’s funny because the 1vs1 sprint ranked made it pretty obvious what the win rate was of the people I played against. Point in case, I took on a player in an Asashio in my Tirpitz. By every meta and right, the person should have owned me. Stand off and torp or rush me and torp. Best case I would get a draw against such a hard counter to a battleship.

      I owned this player completely. Screwed up the torps, so I torped them for a laugh when I could have easily just used the main guns. 43% win rate player.

      Other players I absolutely beat even in worse ships, always 49% win rate or less. You immediately see several things 1vs1. Poor positioning, poor use of angling, poor use of consumables and poor aim. Panic use of things like torps, telegraphing the use. Not having much if any map awareness or knowing how to counter a given threat.

      Win rate absolutely means something, because over thousands of games, there is one constant, you. Everything else balances out.

      I must have been running about an 80% or greater win rate in this 1vs1 ranked sprint and it would have been higher but I was also going through all my T8 ships to knock off snowflakes. When I lost to other players, it was basically because I came up against 60% or greater win rate players or I saw bad stats and didn’t try very hard and got surprised. So there is an element of truth that even against a statistically bad player, you should still play to the best of your ability and not underestimate them. Plus RNG of course. I was surprised how many players seemed able to AP pen the Bismark and Tirpitz even when correctly angled.

    • thegeneral123 My thoughts exactly. And with the German BBs you can either pen them by hitting their upper belt armor or super structure. Or just set them on fire since they are very easy to do. Yesterday I went up against an Amagi he was showing full broadside and his mistake was telling me that it’s easy to set fire on German BBs even when I showed him broadside he still fired HE so I went for both caps and just camped there easy win. Guy was going for the damage and not the caps. Yes damage can definitely help but capping is just as if not more important.

    • @BladeKi11a I had an interesting encounter with a Roma, player was awful, took a very passive position and was barely angling. However, the unbelievable pen values of the shells were absolutely wrecking my Tirpitz. In return my guns, AP or HE were doing very little and I don’t run a full secondary build with IFHE.

      I had the cap advantage though, so I just blocked him from points and tanked. The Roma player just sat there firing at me and I took the trade, knowing the points were ticking. Eventually the penny dropped at about 700 points to me and 300 to the Roma player, so the player panicked, turned to try and get a better position and I got 4 citadels and then finished with torps. With better positioning and cap control, that player should have utterly beasted me as I was too concerned about the AP from Roma to risk a broadsiding turn to engage. I gave up most of my advantages for cap control, which I figured was more important.

      After the fight, I checked stats, 46% player.

    • thegeneral123 lol “StATs DOnT MeAn AnYThiNG” literally players who have a less than 49% win rate and stat padders.

  7. That middle was a mosh pit of armor and heavy guns LOL Wonder what you could do there with a good ship for a change 🙂

    • Frik Na luzie Flambass has done it with a Minotaur and an Atlanta with a CV in a game. Let’s just say the CV didn’t have any planes left and the match was a murder. I think there’s also a video where he got on the Graff Zeppelin on Twin Brothers and he was on middle the whole time. (The DD didn’t survive lol)

  8. Michael Søndergaard

    okay. this was fun to watch.
    happy new year to all.

    i need to know. why dont we see, flambass, rogue and tremlass anymore in div? did trem stop playing that much?

  9. its remarkable how you can lure them into the worst position they could ever be, with them being happy about that… pls never change 😀

  10. Neptune played really well too – think they deserved a complement.

  11. German tank accuracy, legendary…
    German battleship accuracy, what accuracy?…

  12. How did that Hinde score so high? Love to see the battle from his perspective.

  13. Flambass yet to hear about German BBs “Black Hole” law.

  14. I like the Friedrich and I´m not even running the dispersion module

  15. It is like someone said, “Free strippers and beer in the middle!”

  16. The funniest part of this is that henri shoots flambass from 13 km even though massa is right next to him.

  17. you’re right, there’s something wrong with the FDG’s dispersion. the same has happened with the yammy.

  18. “Dude!, They’re only shooting at ME!”, yeah, because you. are. FLAMBASS.!

  19. i finally had enough money to buy myself pc parts to build it, and now i can play my fav game in the world 🙂 i used to play this on ps4, wow legends. but im so excited for this!

  20. He’s gone from SpEsHuL tactics to SpEsHuL fOrSeS

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