World of Warships – Let’s Chat, And Not Get Torpedus! Where Cleveland at?

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  1. got myself an izumo with my cleveland, the ship is really really good,
    granted you could do it too with an aoba thanks to the torps.

  2. Always enjoy the Cleveland. Good video. thx

  3. Buggy The Viking

    Is tirpitz in this game?

  4. Can anyone confirm if this game will ever be free? I love naval type games
    and I feel there isn’t many good ones out there.

  5. Just preview whatevs, man. MAN. DUDE. DO WHAT U WOT M8 YANNO? Cheese to the
    home fries, something something slang.

    In any case, just report on whatever you want, I’m sure it’ll be

  6. Subs… also the Falklands :)

  7. +BaronVonGamez there was a russian TV series abou WW2 in Russia and
    actually russuan subs were uwed a lot and were popular in their navy,
    japanes ones…. Of corse king of sub was it I-400? The big mother sub?

  8. Baron people dont use instagram like kids that play games (and there is a
    lot of them…) dont use twiter or instagram or facebook ak that stuff so
    you need another tactic

  9. Baron you only have about 200k subs but you are so cool keep this up plz

  10. No subs please. Cloaked DDs spamming torps are enough of a headache ^_^;;

  11. Battlefront!!!

  12. I know I’d live to see any technology you come across ie. vr headsets,
    hololense and the like. Video games are amazing and all but that technology
    is stuff none of us are gonna see up close for a long time! Love all your
    videos btw and hope your having a great time!

  13. Ships for war thunder 

  14. Next week? Impossibru!!!!! E3 is tomorrow since this was put up today the
    15 of June

  15. Can u play the iowa 😉 nice vid

  16. check out the Division (tom clancy booth)

  17. alejandro cardozo

    bro good video but y want Tenryu Class Light Cruiser please

  18. Battlefront and Fallout4 are the 2 I’d like to hear about. Congrats and
    good luck in LA.

  19. theplanemaster758

    Hey baron in warthunder i added you to my friends list can you me by the
    way do bi planes vs b17s

  20. I miss so much these videos! 😀 <3 Epic yours videos about World of
    I'm criying T_T :D

  21. Hi Baron! Again a nice video! ^^

  22. Hey baron are you going to play Star Wars battlefront when it comes out and
    record for YouTube 

  23. Tanki Online Gaming

    The Clevland show!!

  24. christie mattingly

    call of duty black ops 3

  25. HALO 5

  26. i would like and news on World of warships, War thunder and any cool games
    you come across. you know like crazy and wacky games.

  27. Maybe red orchestra? :D

  28. More wow pleeezzzz

  29. TheOnlySillySausage

    Will WOW be a free game in the future?

  30. You rock, dude. Keep it up. Great narration.

  31. Battlefront 3?

  32. Not even 14 minutes of Baron.

  33. I haven’t realy dealt with this year’s E3 yet (learning for final exams),
    but if they are there please visit Rainbow Six Siege and Starwars
    Battlefront :)

  34. some kind of graphics glitch with your turrets? Patch problems?


    +BaronVonGamez Have a great time at E3! Finally got access to the CBT of
    WOWs too. The battlespace is much more claustrophobic than it seemed
    watching you, Phly and Shermanator play. 😮

    I’d love to sail the Cleveland but the low tier US cruisers are terrible
    and not loving grinding them to get to one – especially with the wipe for
    the OBT coming. Enjoying the BBs and CVs more. Any chance for a collab
    video some time?

  36. as far as coverage anything and everything blizzard, and what do you think
    the chances are they will anounce open beta for WoWs at e3?

  37. congrats on the E3 gig. i like your “childlike” approach to games. gaming
    is playing, playing is fun. you have restored my inner 12 year old, thank

  38. See if you can get hands on with the Oculus VR/Rift if you can? Congrats on
    the success of your channel Baron – keep on with those dodgy Brit accents

  39. LOVE the Cleveland! Great ship!!

  40. Love the WoWs gameplay. Keep up the great work!

  41. Dishonered 2 Check that out!

  42. The Mighty Gamer

    compare the Iowa to the Montana plz

  43. i heard that the Aoba is actually pronounced like ow instead of A.O.

  44. when you go to E3 try get some good coverage on Star wars battlefront

  45. Bon voyage at E3, but don’t sell your soul to the big editors, like many
    “important” youtubers. Enjoy the gamez, forget the $$$ ! :)

  46. What about dayz m8 :)?

  47. What games are u hyped for this year?

  48. Lawrence Greenfield

    Video is 13:37 mins long… (LEET) Illuminati confirmed… WHO ARE YOU

  49. Hey baron how did you originally get on the world of warships server 

  50. That video length Baron…
    almost 13:37( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  51. Baron do you like survival game

  52. the division please. id like to hear your opinion on that :)


  54. tacos

  55. Nerdy Nick adventures and arts

    Can we get World of warships to buy anywhere?

  56. SimonAfzeliusMusic

    Guys, You can get World of Warships CBT Access by buying the E3 Ticket on
    Humble Bundle! You can a crap ton of other games too, and YOU decide the
    price! The access will not be able to be activated if you go to the EU
    site, only on the American site. It works for EU countries though! I live
    in Sweden and I am downloading WoWs right now! :D

  57. Shane Crosthwait

    Hoping Warships reveals some more trees. Germans hopfully. You doin a great

  58. trolasaurusrex97

    Be awesome if you could show some Battlefront 3 coverage or maybe some
    fallout 4??? 

  59. Long time since last World of Warships video… thanks !
    I don’t know if you own the Yamato yet, but if you do, you might want to
    have a good game using those 9.8km secondaries and post it up youtube…
    that would be awesome !

  60. its nice that you are posting World of Warships again, its really fun to
    watch, better than your other games in my opinion

  61. Please look for Space Engineers 

  62. star trek online

  63. Where Golden State at?

  64. North carolina pls


  66. E3 Not next week mate its today

  67. Kennoway Bonaparte


  68. Video lenght: 13:36 so close :(

  69. Some coverage on Doom and Fallout 4 would be pretty coo

  70. Star Wars BattleFront!!!!

  71. Baron u should try another mount and blade mod. I don’t have a pc but I
    hear theyre good.

  72. Islam Equals Terrorism

    fuck islam

  73. i want to play this game man

  74. Will you do any more Japanese warship videos?

  75. First?

  76. nice video baron keep up the world of warships. i love the Cleveland just
    for her bps

  77. Where Cleveland at!? Let’s chat…

  78. Baron can you try red ochestra 2 tanks with friends that would be fun to
    watch !

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