World of Warships – Let’s do it with total RANDOMS

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You think this only works in a division, don’t you?
Well I’ve done plenty of times solo, but here is an example of cooperation and teamplay.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Damn 42 seconds and I’m already watching lul.

  2. No Funs with Hans today because I still have guests here and it’s impossible to record it but in return you get SPESHUUUL TACTICZ 😉

  3. Meatballs for life

    I took that title the completely wrong way when I read it first

  4. I blinked and missed the game…Fastest mid rush ever!

  5. Re-Class Battleship

    This is so French, I feel like going on strike. Or revolting.

  6. Synchronized JB water dancing, Paris, 1939, Colourized.

  7. Enemy carrier wasn’t afk, you killed his rocket planes

  8. Did you not know? All of the USSR vehicles had Stalinium armor which makes them impossible to explode

  9. beautiful synchronized swimming 😀

  10. You’re such a bad influence Flambass :p

  11. I guess we’ll see that game in a couple of days on Jingle’s channel again. 😀

  12. I see, Flambass, Two Brothers, I click, simples. 🙂

  13. The lower Des Moines (Kennedy(sp)) was with you up the center. However, that second one had made it around the left side fast enough to be a part of the push once you made it through.

  14. Well with half of the Team being viewer of yours i don’t think those are RANDOMS. Maybe randoms, or “randoms”. xD
    WP Mr. Flambass 🙂

  15. Flamu got a very old video from training room showing Hashidate bouncing Yamato main battery…

  16. When you die after being shot at full broadside, it is considered cheating. But if you do the same to them, it’s perfectly fine.

  17. Hey my Brother from another country.

    I’m laying here in a hospital bed and I’m probably going to be here for a few months

    Your videos very good day good a lot shorter I really appreciate it brother thank you you take care bye-bye

  18. Stalinium Khaba .. GG aside the mid rush exploit <- joke

  19. They did so well because they listened and did what you asked them to do! ??

  20. Glorious Reptiles Show

    Dude you guys busted through at the perfect time your allies got around the west flank perfect timing!

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