World of Warships – Let’s SPRINT together

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  1. Rank 5 all ready with 7 battle,5 win 2 lost 1 reserved star

  2. noice

  3. Any red panty problems in this vid too? Lol

  4. but i love cruisers so much…. cry…

  5. Flambass – are all of those things hanging of the yard arms – Flags – or your underwear ?

  6. Hector Gonzalez 3D

    is it me or is there a fps drop in the game?

  7. I dispute your claim about cruisers. This might be the _only_ time I can actually recommend Emerald for anything, but having access to a smoke cruiser will be HUGE in this format.

    • Good luck with that buddy, I just ranked out and I can tell you for a fact that cruisers are nothing but meat w8ing to get kicked

    • Guess I’ll take your word for it 🙂
      Ranked only began an hour ago on SEA. Nicholas is putting in a good performance, Emerald less so. Konig’s AA came in useful during that one CV game, but I’d forgotten how incredibly unreliable her guns can be.

    • My first ranked in emerald went very well,but you need a DD spotting for you

    • Twelve hours later having now ranked out: Emerald turned out to be as good as I expected and she really puts in the work when you’re without CV and starting with a single DD. I’ve tried Furutaka and Kirov, though neither of them seemed to offer much of value.

      It seems that a good DD player is essential, and just pray you don’t keep getting triple DD matches on Epicentre.

  8. Aaaa nubaraaaa hahahaha

  9. wow, just wow @flambinio !!!! In 3,45 min. you were able to PERFECTLY explain what to pick and what to expect ! And as many of these guys have some knowlidge how the armor works, they also know – every cruiser can be owermatched by any T5 BB. So cruisers – BIG NO ! And BBs ? As you mentioned – depend on playstyle and personal preferences. Giulio, Iron duke & König would be my A+ suggestions, other are A class or B at worst. there is no weak BB against T5 cruisers…

  10. My Taco and Berg is ready

  11. Gandhi's Flip-Flop

    Nicholas for me

  12. Full manual AA Nicholas troll build works out fine so far.
    I have to say, after only two games (one where I, the eternal noob with the 50% win rate and NO Tier X ships after 6.5K battles, came FIRST against _Kamikaze_ and _GC_ in my _KRASNY KRYM_ ) Ranked Sprint is about the most fun I’ve had in this game ever, or at least ever since free Captain skill redistribution week.

    So why rush through this? I’m gonna *stretch it out as long as possible.*

    Haven’t watched a lot of stream, it would appear cruisers don’t necessarily get brutally blapped as predicted. They are small maps with lots of islands and there is cover and in the Krasny game, enemies focused the BBs. THEIR cruiser came first, too (Emerald.)

  13. Wish I could take part in this, I am at work on a ship (I know playing ships on a ship) and my ping is 400ms at best and often up to 1000ms. I will just have to keep playing co op low tiers for fun. Keep up the great vids Buddy.

  14. in 2 hours with a Furutaka yesterday I got to rank 5 😛

  15. Thanks for recommending DDs. I got the Marblehead in a super container two days ago and I wreck those DDs all the time 😉 . Ok, armor is non-existent, but with being close to an island for cover, I also burn down Giulios and Oktobers.

  16. You were right. Took me about 24h to finish the sprint

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