World of Warships: Let’s talk about Steel! Discussion

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In a recent Dev blog post World of Warships announced that they would be selling a campaign where you could earn steel as a reward. This has brought up the topic of steel ships and they tend to be an unpopular part of the reward system.


  1. steel the worst thing ever implemented into WoWs

    • exclusive ships only for the best players is the worst thing implemeted op or not the ships have the same effect a feeling of it not being for the best players just the no lifers

  2. The best ships to best players making it even easier for them to get the best prizes in the future creates a frustrating snowball effect for the rest of us. The prizes should have been balanced ships with unique skins or similar.

  3. I cannot attend clan battles most of the time, because my clan’s times never overlap with my times on world of warships… so… I cannot… so… this is good? Then, has it became play-to-win?

    I’ve heard that the Black was too good “with radar and smoke”, though.

  4. I dont like t10 steel ship some ship can really make big difference in cb.

  5. Although I can see why these ships should be available to everybody eventually, I think there should be some very rare ships in the game. I doubt winners of these steel ships would appreciate them being “De-valued” one year down the road when every potato with a fat wallet can cheat their way into the helm of a “clan battles” only ship.

    I can hear the screaming on the forums already… 🙂

    • Where you’re wrong though is that Wargaming has never said “clan battles only” it was “clan battles first” which they’ve held true to. Just because you’re able to participate in a mode of the game that others can’t for any number of reasons shouldn’t give you entitlement to content. It’s an absurd notion only found in this game.

  6. The steel system is just completely broken.

  7. 8:26 “moldy benadryl” I died on the inside! ??

  8. They will have to develop another incentive besides exclusive ships. Maybe improved consumables, unlocking of a new tier of captain skills? Don’t know but it does need to change. I’ve been playing this game for years and I’m a busy professional. I would love to play clan battles but I don’t have the time. But I want these ships. Would be nice to have a pathway to get them, I like your idea.

  9. Do you think we have a Steel problem or an exclusive ship problem?


    • Neither. We need exclusive ships. If we don’t have anything to work for then it takes a lot of the drive out of the game. We have enough baddies with deeper pockets then skill sets in this game. Atm, when you see a stalin or a black or flint then you know that they are a good player. There are how many ships in the game atm. Probably 300 give or take. A handful of “exclusive” ships should not be a problem. If your clan can’t earn steel then change clans. Thats what I had to do and guess what. It did make the game more enjoyable and I made new friends. Its a team game. Why not get out there and group more. All in all, I am fine with how things are atm. Sure, I only have the same amount of steel atm as Mejash does after he already purchased his Stalin but whatev. He worked for it. He earned it. Basemastar

    • I think that to keep an incentive for people to play clan battles and Ranked, they should be rewarded with doublons, not exclusive ships. Nobody spits on doublons as it is the ultimate currency. Then, this game will become a true free to play game for the people who have a lot of time to spare.

    • Maybe it’s a price problem.

    • +STARSHIPTROOP kinda missing the point old chap. No one is saying to not reward these players! People are saying not to reward them with ships that are considered overpowered as this creates a problem.

    • +Grey Bruce Then again, the ships that they now create are so much different compared to the main lines (not to mentioned that they are in general stronger than the main lines) that I (and probably a lot of people) feel cheated. If the ships were more like main line variants, such as the salem, black or flint (or the musashi), this whole thing would not have been such a big of a issue. They should have added these t9/t10 ships (stalingrad, krohnstad, bourgogne, etc.) as alternative t9/t10 ships in the main lines and all would have been fine.

  10. There should be random battle reward ships. A T2 premium for reaching 1000 battles. T5 premium for 5000 battles. T7 premium for 10000 battles. And finally a T8 premium for 15000 battles.
    At first glance it might seem that this is a bit too much, but remember, random battles only. Battles in co-op and other game modes are not calculated.

  11. I just want the USS Flint

  12. Allow a coal to steel conversion at a penalty. That way if there’s a specific steel ship that you REALLY want, there’s a way to get it without clan battles or ranked… but it takes a LONG time.

  13. Steel (or the ships you can get with it) should be only available through some kind of competitive play. Why would I bother to manage a clan of 50 players if everyone else gets the rewards I get? No point whatsoever (don’t come with that stupid bs that it is fun, you get more resources and whatnot), it is not an easy task especially when you have a familiy and a fulltime job.

    • Because it’s a business, plain and simple. If you believe WG cares about the opinion of the 1% of unicum clans over and above making a fat pile of cash you’re being dishonest! These ships will be available for a monetary method ie free xp, purchasable mission at some point….count on it!:(

    • The point is to play to be the best and be recognized as the best. The moment you give ships who are much better than the average ship to the 1% of players, its a slap in the face to the players who cannot play clan battles for their own reasons. Ranked and clan battles are there to show yourself and others that you are better. If you are in there for the special ships, then you are a special kind of stupid and greedy.

    • +Rui Pinho In all of the seasons so far I have reached rank 1 and in the last 3 seasons, my clan has been finishing in Hurricane. We have proven and cemented our point and our display of skill. What are you saying is a complete nonsense.

    • +George Ivanov because you said why would you bother with doing what you do if everybody else gets the same rewards as you do. Except they dont. We just dont want to be locked out of the ships because some people have time to play this game more than we do. We just want a way to be able to earn the ships. Ranked is a good way for solo players, but that would take years to get one ship. Its unreasonable. And for me its utter nonsense why would you get pissed off for people getting the same ships you do. From what you said, you played clan battles long before there was any steel ships like there are now, so its not about the ship. You just want to feel special.

  14. The problem is The mememe millenials who want everything to “Be fair” and get their medals for attending. IMO The players who go thru The Hell of ranked and CBs really Have earned The speshul ships.. but no matter how good they are they are still killable and each of them Have softspots to counter them. I don’t mind Playing against these ships at all. The only problem I could think of is that with big numbers If they work well on competitive games it can create a very tough stepping Stone of New Clans to Challenge The top Clans of they are all facing just superior ships on a smaller scale battle where there is coordination compared to The mess that is random battles.

    • True, i see repeatedly crybabies at forums demanding Stalingrad being accesible for everyone. But they don´t want to play CB or even ranked.

      By that logic i could demand a free Porsche because my friend has one and i am stuck with a old Nissan, which hurts my self-esteem. But i don´t want to work all day for the Porsche, just give it to me because reasons.

    • +Glupi Medo yea because i am entitled to it because its fair that way 😀

    • I play both modes and I can honestly say that there is ZERO legitimate reason to lock ships behind a specific game mode that only a fraction of the playbase has access too. It’s a terrible practice that never should of been a thing. No other F2P games actually look content out like this. It’s cosmetics and other non-content items that are given as rewards for specific game modes.

      Go check the stats of the Stalingrad and try and tell me that it isn’t over performing against it’s peers. These ships aren’t only locked out but are also broken in some aspects. It’s not healthy for the longevity of the game at all. Anybody that I’ve seen that says otherwise is an elitist and exclusionist person with an axe to grind because they typically have one of the boats and don’t want to give up that advantage.

  15. I own a small mate clan and as such we will never generate steel. The collector in me does indeed want these ships, but I do understand the ones who went through the grind to earn the ships should have a kudos for the work put into earning them. It could be a simple fix, Do , like you said offer the ships for coal after a time period but give the coal purchased ship a different camo scheme. That way if you did the grind the camo will indeed point to that.

    • I am totally with you. It’s hard for me to participate in clan battles or ranked because of work and family but would love to be able to get these ships at some point. However, I do recognize that people have put a lot of time into grinding that steel in clan wars and ranked and deserve to have some sort of reward for that. I agree that the compromise around different camos would be a great solution.

  16. Make clan battles more readily accessible!! The BS of only 3 or 4 certain hours per day on specific days is the problem. On NA, second shift workers are completely excluded from participation. Essentially, if you don’t work a 9-5 job you are S.O.L.!!! I personally work 3rd shift and play 4-5 hours every morning, but sleep second shift. The fix is to have clan battles available for 3 hours at 8 hours intervals, so basically having 3 clan sessions per day making it fully accessible to every player. Most clans are large enough to facilitate different teams for different sessions throughout the day. The ultimate rewards would still scale according to the time invested, as those able to participate in multiple sessions per day would achieve the desired end result much quicker. However, those with limited access would still have a viable path to success, though longer and more treacherous, a path none the less. Since that doesn’t seem to be an option for WG, then the offering of additional steel earning opportunities is appropriate. Therefore, all players have the chance to earn a steel ship over time. We may not be able to accumulate all the steel ships because of our time limitations, but we would have at least an opportunity to acquire one here and there. I don’t have an issue with exclusive reward ships for Clan Battle participation, as long as they make Clan Battles as accessible as every other game mode. In that respect I don’t feel there is a steel wall exactly, but more of a Clan Battle wall created by time limitations of availability of the game mode to all players!!

  17. Man, I’d love to play clan wars, but they run crappy session times… 2300-0200 isn’t great, it’s even worse when you get up for work at 4:30… I play a shit load of games, but can participate in clam battles… I was saying boo urns…

  18. i hate exclusive ships limited only for the tryhards. why cant these all be tech trees ?

  19. Maybe they should lower the prices on the steel ships. Even if a player consistently ranks out and makes it to Hurricane, it seems that obtaining all of those ships would take at least 2-3 years.

    Another idea would be for the steel ships to depreciate over time. Flint and Black have been around for quite awhile now.

  20. The problem is not steel the problem is that these ships are stupidly OP while silver ships are consistently worse

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