World of Warships- Let’s Talk About Tier VIII Matchmaking

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Just sharing some thoughts on Tier VIII matchmaking with you guys!

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  1. barthélémy Menard

    Wg : welcome to tier8 match making
    Rules of the tier8 match making .

    Number one : we don’t talk about the tier8 match making
    number two : get rekt by the tier 10 legendary module .

  2. Sooner or later the MM +1 -1 will be in the game. I’m leveling 4 tier 8 and it’s more satisfying to start a new line and not be the ass plug of a tier 10

    • I’ve been asking why that isn’t the case for a long time. Low tiers get it, why not everyone?

    • +chuck miller I personally never minded the +2mm for t8, but the argument for a lot of people is valid. The power gain from t8-t9 and from t9-10 is monumental compared to power differences in the lower tiers.

    • +Random Panda No, I don’t think that the argument for +/-1 tier MM is valid at all. All I see is a bunch of self entitled wusses whining about having to deal with a challenge. There are too many players who are just unwilling to man up and accept a challenge, unwilling to learn to adapt and overcome difficulties. Yes, there are some situations and ships that don’t uptier well. Particularly tier 8 cruisers that have bad gun range. But if you’re in a tier 8 cruiser that has good gun range, say 17+ km, that’s enough range to be an effective kiter if you actually know how to play a kiting cruiser effectively and avoid taking a lot of incoming fire. But far too many cruiser players don’t. And all they ever do is whine about how squishy their cruisers are, rather than looking in the mirror and accepting that maybe they’re just not good cruiser players.

      What I will say about +/-1 tier MM is this. I watched that Waterline video from WG today, and yes, WG is looking at the issue. And if they decide that it’s an issue that needs to be addressed seriously, it seems like all their little tweaks just won’t get the job done. Personally, I don’t like the idea of +/-1 tier MM. But the benefit of it is that as a solution it takes the issue by both hands and DEALS WITH IT, rather than pussyfooting around the edges with various tweaks of questionable value or seemingly greater complexity for little return. Another “big” solution would be to adjust MM similar to what’s been done in WoT. People complain about the 3-5-7 MM in WoT, but I have yet to see anyone say exactly what’s the problem with it. It seems like a good solution to me that could translate into WoWS easily enough.

  3. “In response to numerous requests from our players, we are improving the matchmaker and enhancing the algorithms responsible for creating teams. This change will be more relevant to Tier VIII–X ships. Tier X battles will have fewer Tier VIII and IX ships as these will more often be matched to Tier VIII and IX battles.”
    This is coming with 0.7.11. Curious, if it is gonna work…

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      It actually is very much akin to what SLM proposed: They stated it will change to a bottom-feeding mechanism, where it starts to first fill slots with bottom tier ships, then fill in upper tier ships to make up the numbers. This way, you should theoretically see more games of many T8s and few T10s and likely more pure T10 matches.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I straight up didn’t know they were actually addressing this issue in this patch. That’s how busy I’ve been XD

  4. I have a stock Amagi that I seem to have been playing for years. Nearly got the first module unlocked, but have no desire to play. Teir 8 is also were you stop earning credits, making it even less likely to be played.

    • Christopher Jonasson Even good games with good damage and kills you can still lose credits. Similar to WoT you need premium from T8 on. Though the Missouri helps with credit income a bit.

    • I have Amagi thats only missing the engine upgrade. I have Richelieu with B-deck and a stock North Carolina. I have grinded Bismarck throught and through. I just cant muster enought interest to grind those other BBs.

    • Christopher Jonasson

      +Boraean Anaren True, even if u have a fair game and your team potatoes u aint gonna make much creds either

    • Missouri doesn’t help making credit if you not full credit buff and premium account

    • +Christopher Jonasson i never loose credits at tier 8 + and im not “Unicum”

  5. The problem is not so much being in a tier X game – it’s being in a tier X game where you’re looking at 18+ tier X ships. It’s almost like you’re spotted and you watch the target counter rapidly climbing to 7! If you’re in a tech A-hull with base FC, chances are you don’t have any of the folks targeting you in range, so your participation xp is going to be trash, added to which your life expectancy is around 5mins. At least with DDs you have stealth going for you – but even then you’re cussed out by the rest of your team, because you’re not pushing caps against DDs that totally out class you.

    In World of Tanks they’ve implemented a 3-5-7 matchmaker, which would mean that you’d only be facing 3 tier X tanks – and is WoWS, 3 tier X isn’t so much of an issue for tier VIII (unless you’re the last ship on your team and you’re up against all 3 tier X enemy ships!). Now I don’t know how well the 3-5-7 mm is working out, or what the player feedback is – but maybe WoWS needs to consider something like this?

    • in wot this mm gave all tiers except from tier 9 & 10 the “always both tier matches” since then the last “fun tier” is pretty much just t9, that’s why most people want the old f*cked up mm back, because it’s less f*cked up then the 3-5-7 mm

  6. Christopher Jonasson

    Have all tier 8 both BB:s both tech line and premium, for sure the mm is tough and not all ships do well, u do get used to it tho and it is the only way to prepare for tier 9-10. Yeah.. the potato games.. losing credits, without premium account I could never afford playing at tier 9-10.

    • Christopher That’s kind of the point in WoWS and WoT. You’re not supposed to make credits in the high tiers without either having a premium account or playing very well, and sometimes both.

  7. Who plays tier IX ships? Most of them are inferior ships of the ships you just played. Izumo, Ibuki, Seattle? or just wonky, Roon, Freddy the Great. Worcester is my first and atm only tier X ship. Managed to grind the Legendary module a couple of days ago. Took me 85 battles and at those battles I realized how boooring the T10 matches are… I dont think I’ll be grinding ships to Tier 9 and 10. I hope they do something to T8 matchmaking, I dont mind the occasional T10 battle but this is just ridiculous.

  8. Wargaming isn´t going to do anything about this until we as a community (and customers) make our vioces heard. How? Stop buying premium tier VIII ships and stop playing tech tree tier VIIIs. World of Warships is a game after all, and games should be fun, getting uptiered and bieng nothing target practice for the tier X ships is not fun. I have six tier VIIIs, four DDs and two cruisers. But because of the matchmaking, I don´t play them much. Sad bacuse they are really good ships. Just not good enough to go up against tier Xs. Like I said, if we don´t make our voices heard,WG won´t do a damn thing about this.

  9. Didn’t they just announced in a WG video about the new T8 matchmaking?

  10. I’ve had a three day break because of exactly this topic. I haven’t missed the game and I don’t even know whether I’ll go back.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Actually today they introduced new MM for Tier VIII, and its very similar to what I suggested

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten Ok sounds interesting. As someone who has spent their whole career in retail the most difficult thing to do is to get companies to listen to and react to constructive criticism. In the UK this is compounded by a disinclination on the part of customers to provide criticism at the point of experience. Most Brits faced with a poor experience say nothing…walk away and never come back…Last week I lost eleven tier 8 games in a row. No fun at all…

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Oh I know the struggles of retail, I worked in retail for 5 years before doing what I do now.

  11. 6:10 give all tier 8 Battleships a +1 -1 mm, ONLY bbs?


  12. They should fix it but for all tier 8 not just the premium ones.
    Many days I have played every 10 games of tier 8, 9 are with tier 10 which makes it very difficult to fight with large caliber ships, legendary modules which makes a pleasant experience in that tier.
    For me the arrangement should be a MM between Tier + 1 / -1 which would balance in general all the levels of ships making the battles more enjoyable not leading them to a total imbalance.
    Although your proposal of waiting time is not bad.

    PD: I also own the Massachusetts and Tirpitz I really like to fight at the high school level but against the 10 tier it’s really fucking

  13. why not premium MM for premium ships, a free to play game keeps going thanks to the players that buy ships and premium time

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I’d be fine if a few premiums had it, but not if EVERY premium did

    • i agree but its not possible for existing premiums. You cant make some exisiting ships preverential and others not (imagine the rage that will cause) New additions yes! At the moment Tier 8 mm is broken and +1/-1 for all tier 8 would be the best choice of all evils, as it is now tier 8 function in tier 10 battles is beeing EXP pignatas who are been focust down 1st.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well there is some hope now, in the update today WG actually introduced new MM for T8 that is close to what i suggested

    • yes, just seen it…. hope it works

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten I disagree. There should be NO premium ships with pref matchmaking. That’s one of the things that screws up WoT.

  14. In the patch notes of the new 0.7.11. WG talks about a MM change, so a kind of Tier VIII will meet less Tier X. live soon, we will see.

    I would prefer a +/- 1 MM,, first the TIER X matches are filled with X, only if after a time of 2-3 minutes is no X online, some IX will be added. But max. 7 or 8 X + 4 or 5 IX. This continues for all lower tier till protected MM is reached.

  15. Being up tiered just makes me try harder, not saying I haven’t had my ass kicked plenty of times but I get off when I’m top of the list at the end 🙂

  16. Nice video, as someone who is grinding out the Seattle, starting out with a T9 is something a lot of folks skip altogether with built up free xp. I say congrats to that but if there were a % more T9s then the T8s would be needed less. I think it would be interesting to have more unique captains earlier on. Heck, give me the points and let me “pimp” my own captain. And these ships, if you love a ship why should it not have a legendary that you can continue to work towards? A choice of 25 legendaries that one might chose from? at T3 even. I understand that would make T10s that much better as well, but it’s the journey…. How about a xp multiplier each session that builds up to a point every time your bottom tier?  An incentive to be bottom tier.

  17. Mountbatten, did you seriously just pronounce queue “quay” at 9:45? Seriously??????? “Queue” is pronounced the same as you’d pronounce the letter “Q”. Jeez. Quay. (facepalm). That’s right up there with pronouncing “corps” as “corpse”. Or pronouncing “moot” as “mute”. Jeeeeeeez.

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