World of Warships- Lexington Battlecruiser Is Coming Soon

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hey guys! Today we have A LOT of information announced today on the DevBlog concerning 10.3, enjoy!


Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. It’s weird seeing that big of a ship zipping around with Iowa speed

  2. Uss Lexington (Cv): who are you?
    Uss Lexington/Constellation (Bc): i am you but in another timeline
    Uss Lexington (Cv): how many aa do you have?
    Uss Lexington/Constellation (Bc): yes. *adds torp for fun*

  3. Not gonna lie, I’m gonna drop dime for the Hyuga, just to get the Lacquer camouflage. It is so gorgeous.

  4. Make the Kurry Fist great again. I miss my GK!

  5. Take my money on constellation. I don’t care about the armor i just want to play a lexington CC

  6. The Constellation’s gonna be a real glass hammer though, the design had a 7-inch thick belt and 11-inches on her turrets, unless they up that as part of her refit that this one had (the dual 5-inch etc mean that this would be a post Pearl Harbour esque refit, swapping out her dual 6-inch mounts, the sane turrets as on the Omaha’s for the better AA guns), she’s gonna be VERY squishy.

    • Her torpedo belt addition might make up for the issue of such a thin belt? Maybe but that remains to be seen

    • Empoleonman522the2

      @Timber_Wulf Looks to be in the same style as kansas. Helpful but not the he/sap void many would want it to be…….not that i mind though

  7. A Colorado that goes 33 KNOTS!!!!, TAKE MY MONEY!!

  8. Looking forward to this ship and HMS Druid. Not going to do the dockyard the dd not my thing. “Read along with Sea Lord”.

  9. It should be fast and fragile like it was designed to be, and when will they start adding torps on ships that had them even if they are fixed submerged and short ranged.

  10. Slap lipstick on q pig, it’s still a pig. Zero fixing of longtime gameplay issues.

  11. Lol if that Lexington class has historically accurate armor god help it.

    • Judging by the model, it seems to get the hypothetical post-Pearl Harbor “refloated & rebuilt” refit in the same way the two “1920 South Dakotas” (Kansas & Minnesota) and “Tillman battleship” (Vermont) of the second US BB line got from WG, the armor wouldn’t be exactly as designed in 1916…
      Basically it looks like it went through the same rebuild that USS California and some other US BBs got in 1943/1944… it would probably be slower, but with better torpedo reduction…

    • @Sirawich Kliangkaew I said similar, not better. That dispersion is really good combined with that sigma

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA You had Alaska right alongside Agir and Seigfreid, a ship that is arguably as effective and more versatile than Seigfreid is and was a lot more easily obtainable, yet people still picked up Seigfreid. I don’t see how positioning Constellation as a supercruiser at tier 9 instead of BB at tier 8 would be that big of a deal. It may have bigger guns than Seigfreid, but Seigfreid’s are more accurate and reload faster as well. There are trade offs to each ship.

      I just think Constellation being a BB is setting up a lot of less historically-educated people who will just see “Oh, new USN BB, gimme” for disappointment, and might give her an unfair label as a weak battleship. And frankly, in the traditional role of the battleship, she will be weak, because she won’t be able to tank. 27mm armor will be overmatched by everyone running 16inch guns from tier 6 on up to tier 10. She’s not a German Battlecruiser with heavy armor, and she’s not Hood, a Battlecruiser that works as a BB because her armor was basically battleship-grade. She’ll have the same tanking ability as the current tier 9 supercruisers (sans Kronshtadt), just with heavier guns.

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA When I said German battlecruisers, I was talking about Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, they are real battlecruisers that had battleship-grade armor, which is why they work as battleships, just like Odin. The Constellation fits in better as a replacement for Alaska far better than as a replacement for Massachusetts. Alaska has radar. Constellation has radar. Alaska has 27mm armor. Constellation has 27mm armor. Alaska has 9 battleship-caliber guns. Constellation has 8 bigger battleship caliber guns. Constellation is a Battlecruiser. It shouldn’t be classified as a battleship, the only reason the other battlecruisers in the game that are in the battleship class work, is because their armor is strong enough to let them fill the battleship role effectively, something Constellation can not and will not be able to do. As far as the Seigfreid argument goes, we can debate it until we’re blue in the face but at the end of the day, I still want her and am still working towards owning her, and would still do so even if Constellation were a tier 9 supercruiser instead of a BB, as I’m sure others out there would also. On something we CAN agree on though is the icebreaker and extended armor belts that should have been on Agir and Seigfreid. I was sad to see those not make it into the game’s design, would make them more effective at taking on BB’s, as was their historical role had they been constructed.

  12. Until they fix sniper shitshow i wont spend a dime on wg

  13. Painful to watch a GK being barely able to brawl

    • w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T

      He’s already at half hp when he hit 20k dmg… and look at all those secondaries missing on a dd that’s 9 km away

    • @w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T yeah very sad that he is struggling to hit for 10k volley but cruiser are doing 13k in the super structure. GK deck armour should be like fdg but that not gonna happen

  14. Wargaming before: nah, no more secondary cruisers, make agir just a normal large cruiser and remove secondary gimmick
    Wargaming now: hoho how about we make a new italian secondary cruiser?
    Man, they seriously just slap their face themselves

  15. I laughed when he said “Premium ships made out of the A-holes” (Hulls)

  16. anyone else waiting to start playing this game again once the new visual update drops?

  17. Naval Info Analysis

    When exactly is Lexington class battle cruiser coming to the game

  18. The powercreep keeps creeping up and up… what will they ever do when they finally find that the motherland navy has become inferior? Answers on a postcard. Winner will be drawn from the millions of correct entries sometime soon.

  19. Meh. Once you get up to T9 and have 18 of the 152s, they can do some damage in a brawl and do an OK job as DD deterrent. The 90s at least set some fires and take out deck torps on BBs, and rack up secondary ribbons like no other ship can.

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