World Of Warships – LHDM & Supercarry Potential

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I know… Des Moines… again…
But you know… I mean… right?
Enjoy 😉


  1. Yay, a new Robin video! Also: Did you switch to vaping now? 😉
    Amazing game as usual, I don’t think if ever seen baseXP that high… wow!

  2. Awsome as always Robin. Thanks for the vid

  3. Holy shit ?

  4. I still have nightmares because of that Lexington

  5. Ultra heavy carry! Amazing especially that 1v1 with Stalingrad

  6. That base xp, holy…

  7. “911 emergency response, how may I help?” Yes, I’d like to report a rape. No, he didn’t use lube. He used legendary module.

  8. Unnnnnnstoppable!

  9. Hello Robin, tx for sharing the replay, amazing game with one of my favorite ship! I love running it with the legendary module, can you give your build?

    • Halsey Skills:
      Preventive Maintenance
      Expert Marksman
      Adrenaline Rush
      Demolition Expert
      Concealment Expert
      Advanced Firing Training
      Main Armaments Mod 1
      Surveillance Radar Mod 1
      Aiming Systems Mod 1 – i know, no AA range but it’s ok –
      Propulsion Mod 2
      Concealment System Mod 1
      Enhanced Propulsion

    • Ok thank you, I do not have a full aa build either (I have rpf instead of aft, pretty usefull to hunt dds as long as you do not meet a T10 cv)I was asking myself which is best between bft and super intendant, I will try with this last one tx!

  10. great game! 🙂

  11. Did you take the legendary module + prpulsion modification 1?

  12. I remember it well. Another one of those games where u think, i did well cant wait to see how i did then see robins score and be like meh amateur! Lol GG dude

  13. une boucherie! bravo!

  14. Tnks for share man,insane. U prefer legendary and trade with range?

  15. Great video

  16. Tier X DD with no Last Stand…classic. Delicious with salt, fried crispy. DD using smoke against a Des Moines with Radar up AND no Last Stand…salted, crispy, with bacon and cheese. God, how I wish I got to play against these types of folks more often!

  17. Remember The Tier X USN Cruisers are “Currently the most balanced ship in game”, just remember that from our Big Four CCs, and “Battleships are the most powerful class in game, there’s little cruisers and destroyers can do about them”

    If you must have citation, those are both paraphrases from the same person.

    • I disagree. I think the Hindenburg is the most balanced tier X cruiser in the game. The Hindenburg can snipe from far or can brawl other cruisers and BB’s in the game. it has nice AA and he can defend itself on close combat. None of the USN tier X cruisers can do that.

    • +Desatinado I was joking. I was quoting Zoup sarcastically.

    • LoL! oh ok. XD
      Sorry! Carry on then!

  18. Your teammates complain too much. It pollutes the professional atmosphere with the awesome musik in the background.

  19. Nice carry! Is this EU server btw?

  20. Jesus christ.
    -me, everytime

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