World of Warships – Lightning Impression

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Fun game in the Lightning where I get a chance to try out all the tools available. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII British Lightning Replay – Discord Server


  1. quality is poo-poo

  2. Sooo British 8 and Polish 7 is the same ship 😀

  3. Notser u are a celebrity in WoWS don’t feel bad about the chat. I I ever see you in a match I’m going to print the screenshot and place it in my wall

  4. Wonder when will we recieve the British Heavy Cruisers?

    • arczer I think that it’s mostly due to how most pre-dreadnought era BBs and cruisers mounted 2 different calibers for their heavy guns, similar to the Mikasa. The game isn’t designed to handle ships with what are essentially two different calibers of main guns. And then there’s also the fact that sub-tier 5 ships don’t seem to get played a whole lot by veteran players. It seems that most of the heavy play of ships is from tier 5 and above. Add to that the fact that nearly every in game mission seems to have a minimum tier of 5 or, sometimes, 6, and there are quite a few reasons why tier 4 and below ships really aren’t all that popular.

    • Look up the forums theres some great line concepts, most from tier 5 (HMS Hawkins) and up, with tiers 8 (normaly they stick HMS London in there), 9 and 10 being paper.

    • I think we will see Italian cruisers, British CVs, and French DDs before any split. If the British had more heavy cruisers then we would probably see them earlier, but that is not the case.

    • Glyn Davies  Re-worked CV’s are coming out at the end of the year

    • well rework is heavy into development, and in their pin-up video they have features a ship very similar in silhouette to HMS Victorious (one of Illustrious Class Aircraft Carriers)

  5. Great ship for a great captain !

  6. so other DDs get fantastic guns and fast torpedos and quick reloading torpedos And smoke…

    …but IJN dds have to choose one or the other smoke or reload booster AND have crappy guns AND torpedos seen a mile away….

    • Could be worse, you could be a battleship main like me… WG hates battleships

    • well for WG highest damage potential is enought to make IJN torpedoes “good” or even “best” compared to other nations…. (despite slowest reload, being spotted from the moon and so on)

    • AR_119 Wargaming destroyed the game by putting British Battleships in it, there is no minute in-game where you don’t have at least one fire on your battleship… And one DD can kill a battleship in a 1v1 gunfight which is stupid because each and every destroyer was meant to try to kill bigger targets or submarines with TORPEDOS and not doing everything with guns..

    • Tiago Casquinho DD shoots you, does 1200 damage and sets a fire. You shoot back with a BATTLESHIP caliber gun and do 970 because reasons and don’t set any fires… ? gg wargaming

    • AR_119 gg logic too

  7. Thanks for being conscientious and not a fame-bully, as you mentioned in-game. Notoriety ( or “Notser-eity p” as one comment put it), is nice. Being a big-head about a game? Not so nice.

  8. I’m so excited by the British DD’s. They look like a good match for my aggressive dd play style.

    Regarding killing fans: any player that is more focused on being a fan than on the game deserves whatever happens to them. The appropriate time to say “Hi” or “Big fan” is at the beginning of the battle or after you’ve been killed. That guy lost sight of the game and paid for it, ’nuff said.

  9. Notser can we be friends in real life

  10. Damn it Notser! Who said you could use my LoYang/Gadjah build, huh?

    Lol, seriously though, looks like another low-end high tier DD I’ll be keeping, even after I move up the line.

  11. O.o all of its gun rotate full 360. Nniiice. 1:39

  12. Nice MM though. When i take my Benson for a Spin, 9/10 games are pure tier 10, with 5 radar. feelsgoodman

  13. does anyone else think the lightning’s silouette (the health bar) looks like the Gadjah Madah?

    • Well that makes sense as the Gadjah is a British N class destroyer and the L class (which Lightning is a part of) shares a lot of visual similarities. The Jervis at tier 7 should be even more similar looking to Gadjah as the J class is even more closely related.

  14. all I wanted to know is if this thing is very, very frightening ME?

  15. Lol. That Baltimore didn’t have radar. Had a fighter up at the end of the game.

  16. Nice game play and I really enjoyed the torpedo work. Thank you for posting such a well played game!

  17. those torp angles are horrible

  18. Notser, like your positive attitude. Nice change after some of the ragey types on YT and Twitch.

  19. Richard Hutchings

    Show me the Light(ning)!

  20. if someone stops playing to chat then its their own silly fault if they give you a easy kill. Cant wait for the RNDDs to come out.

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