World of Warships: Lion, A Close Battle

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A random battle played by Ferry_25 in the . The game is not looking good, will they turn it around?


  1. Thanks Aetam! Seeing it I realise I’m often either too hesitant to fire or rushing it too quickly. and until now I didn’t know the last 2 red DD’s screwed their own match. For RN BB players: the AP is wonderful on mid to short range. I aimed at the ship rim, not the waterline. The short fusiontime won’t give citadels. Also very nice to trick in letting him believe I keep spamming HE… Saw how he didn’t bother to angle?

  2. Nice game, well played by good division 🙂 Also this game is a classic example on the abysmally low skill level of the playerbase with the enemy team snatching defeat from the jaws of victory 😀

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