World of Warships – Live Fast Die Young

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Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse. Our hero’s going to fail to tick at least two of those boxes today.

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  1. Jingles I am going to email you an absolute ridiculous game. Airship escort. No DDs or subs or CV and 4 BBs the rest cruisers.

  2. Have you noticed the 2,5m potential damage ? Cruiser armor my A§§ !! 😂

    • well, 2,5 isn’t really that much..

    • The thing is, the Potential Damage counter includes everything fired at you, as in, the ship firing had you targetted. It doesn’t just count damage you took from being hit by those shells/torpedoes/bombs. Everything that went wide, fell short, went long, or hit an obstruction, shattered, bounced, ricocheted, or non-pens all count. If he’d actually been hit with 2.5m damage, then he would have been sunk a long time ago. The repair partly and heals simply wouldn’t have kept up. No ship in the game, could heal 2.5million actual damage, even if the CD was 2 seconds and not 1:30 plus like it normally is.

    • Cruisers had lots of armour when they were armoured cruisers but in the interwar years treaties limited the displacement for cruisers and armour is the easiest to sacrifice for weapons, speed, range etc.

      When the treaties were no longer imposed cruisers got pretty tough at least in theory just no one built many because WW2 was incredibly expensive.

  3. The Des Moines to the east was playing a very suspicious game, the hero of the video was undetected, yet the Des Moines was able to accruately shoot at him, and set him on fire -_-

    • Not really. Large ships have large turning circles and the hero of the vid was last seen sailing relatively straight, if you’re referring to after he sank the sub, so getting a blind shot like that wouldn’t be very hard. Or hell, the Des Moines has such slow arcs of shell flight that they likely fired before the hero went undetected and the shells only landed after.

      Not exactly suspicious, more annoying and good aim.

  4. The view my friend group has is that almost only counts in Horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear war.

  5. Asian Death God, flying a soviet navy flag along a canadian one, and presumably playing on the EU server. Truly multicultural.

  6. Driving my btsv yesterday i was part of a 50-0 win with 2 ram kills and it was over in 2:31.
    A unicorn game.

  7. You’re right, Jingles, that was practically a mirror image of the last escort mission.

  8. Thanks again for the feature jingles, this ship man… the guns really make me want to rip my hair out sometimes.

  9. Absolutely lovely game! Kudos!

  10. @CommodoreRayne.IMP.C-1824

    3:35 No they really can’t. The Schlieffen is no Death Star (that role goes to the Satsuma) but the Sevastapol most certainly cannot repel firepower of that magnitude. AsianDeathGod was indeed in a trap!

    • The correct name is ‘Schlieffen’, pronounced as ‘Sh-leaf-fun’ for English speakers. What you wrote would be pronounced as ‘sh-ly-fun’ and is more akin to ‘schleifen’: ‘to grind, to sharpen’ (as in an axe or a knife).

    • @CommodoreRayne.IMP.C-1824

      @@MrLBPug yeah I could tell it wasn’t right but couldn’t remember how it was properly spelled 😅

  11. Impressive game!

  12. The heals are insane. Ship has a 67k health pool. He ended the battle with 21k health. He took 147k damage. 147k damage taken and only 45k stuck.

    • @AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk

      Yes I got that one , she have awesome heal , but is terrible ship to have fun , that battle is evenent .

    • Exactly what I wanted to say. When I saw that heal I had to laugh back at “glass cannon like Schlieffen”. Good luck healing that torp hit with Schlieffen. 🙈

    • His ship basically died TWICE in that battle. I thought he was gonna get 2 Juggernaut awards. XD

  13. @connycontainer9459

    I like that mode. Any other games everyone stays back and plays safe.

  14. Jingles in fairness to the Vermont player, I think they were more concerned about dodging the two walls of torpedoes coming from the bow (which is why it was giving broadside) than shooting its guns at AsianDeathGod. Probably would have been better to fire and possibly take down the Sevastapol even if getting sunk by torps but in the heat of battle self-preservation even if momentary can take hold putting one in a very awkward or vulnerable position

  15. A good lesson on following the objective!

  16. Man this was a really great video.

  17. Finally a ship that isn’t a Schlieffen or any other secondary monster.

  18. 8:55 So many players run after one single ship and forget the main fight, it’s so frustrating these days


  20. I’m a big fan of that Canadian flag on a Soviet ship using German turrets. Truly the multicultural experience

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