World of Warships – Live Fast Die Young

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BelowAveragePotato’s got the “live fast” part down. Needs more work on the whole “dying young” thing, though.

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  1. Happy friday guys.
    Sorry Jingles, we Germans don’t take English football to serious,
    but a Dutch guy spat on Rudi Völler in 1990, we will and can never forget that! xD

    • Yeah, us Dutch seem to be incapable of letting WW2 slide, even though we’re generations on now, and also we have this illusion that we are on the same level as the Germans with regards to football. 😂
      But it’s true, Frank Rijkaard earned himself immortality by his disgusting act.

    • @AllAhabNoMobytrue. Add that with the 1974 World Cup final before that. The Dutch back then were hellbent on beating the Germans. It didn’t matter how, the point was to embarrass them. Then 1 news article destroyed everything for the Dutch before the final.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby I have nothing but respect for the dutch since the movies ‘Flodder’, ‘Flodder – Forever’ or ‘Flodders in America’.

    • @Conny Container Yes well THAT was our civilization peaking.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby Do the Dutch fans still chant at the German fans “Can we have our bikes back” still?*

      * A reference to when the Germans retreated from the Netherlands in WW2 and stole any mode of transport available in order to escape the Allied juggernaut…

  2. It took Jingles exactly 3:18 to call this ship the Schrödinger
    Jingles, please never change

  3. One must love Jingles believing that anti clockwise and clockwise means they won’t meet 😀

  4. Reality Dysfunction

    Dutch!?!? What is this travesty Jingles? You’re supposed to call them Swamp Germans.

  5. Hey Jingles, To bring that rivalry to you: i am german and every now and then, when there are holidays in the Netherlands you can see lots and lots of yellow licence plates (dutch cars) on the german Autobahn. They cross our country from one direction to another. Jamming traffic on every occasion with huge caravans and even bigger campers.
    But it‘s not a serious rivalry. It‘s like the three year old boy from your new girlfriend. At first glance it is Kind of funny to Play around with hin but after a while you are acting like his chin hook took you out for he Looses interest in you and leave you finally alone.
    But i like Edvard Van de cheese counter. They are polite and got a super Sense of humor.

    • Oh but it is serious and you just made it worse, the hypocrisy oozes out of this comment, why are you all so interested in the Netherlands as a vacation destination because you jam our highways just the same, stay over there please. You should try Poland as a destination, worked for y’all last time😂😂

  6. One could fear there were no jingles moments in a short video, but there goes a Tulsa at 5:28 that’s actually a buffalo.

  7. I remember a long, long time ago, one of my first games in the Shimakaze. Standard battle, I moved clockwise around the map as quickly as I could, never once found an enemy within shooting distance. Eventually I solo captured the enemy spawn, game over, pitiful XP, loss of doubloons. It was the most disappointing win I’ve ever had.

  8. This is a Battle i like, no hiding behind a damn mountain, this is how wows should be, brawling for the win 👍

  9. *Jingles Moment* 4:07 two teams should run into each other if one of them sailing anticlockwise and the other sailing clockwise. Judging by his description both team were sailing anticlockwise.

  10. Well Jingles, the Dutch – being ‘Swamp Germans’ after all – have a bit of a big brother – little brother complex with Germans I guess. In 1988 the Orange football team finally had its way, sadly not without lots of rather unsportsmanlike behavior by Frank Rijkaard (since then called “the Dutch Lama’) who spat on Rudi Völler (someone who was known to aim at the ankles when tackling players of the other team, thus putting them out of commission, also known for his frequent ‘Schwalbes” (pretending you got hit in order to enforce a penalty)). Other than that, there’s been quite some time post WW2, when the German occupation had been all but forgotten. Luckily, Germany has developed into a good neighbor, our two armies even almost completely integrating under a single command, pretty much like the Dutch-British cooperation in 1 UK-NL Landing Force, where our Marines and units of 40 (Marine) Cdo Bde are integrated. There’s also the economic interdependence. We say here, that when Germany catches a cold, the Netherlands gets a bad case of the flu and our royalty is about 90% of German origin. Guess we were connected by the hip from birth. Could be worse: Bratwurst and Schnitzel go well with Heineken. 😋

    • I prefer Frikandel Special with a Belgian beer, but what do I know, I am just a German 😉

    • @couchcamper LOL. I must gratulate you on your great taste. Most Belgian beer is indeed powerful stuff. But in all honesty, I think original Kölsch – Köln being a wonderful city too by the way – is the pinnacle of Pilsner. Smooth as velvet and no headache. As for our frikandel… well, overprized, a waste product and I guess you can make anything taste good if you add enough spices and additives to it. More or less like our “Wasserbomben” – the tasteless tomatos coming from our greenhouses.
      Other than that, I grew up with German television (nothing on Dutch TV for kids in the 1980ies), and had German classes in school for 9 years (Konjunktive, Schwäche Wörter, 2., 3., 4. Fall, usw), enjoyed much of German/Austrian literature, l love Herbert Grönemeyer and currently also Rammstein, so couldn’t help fall in love with German language. Have a few very good German friends too with whom I never had a dull moment. So, though we love to compete among us, I feel we’re a patch of a similar cloth.
      Also, herzlichen Dank und wer weiß treffen wir einander mal, entweder in Deutschland, entweder in den Niederlande.

    • ​@Pincer88if you like Rammstein I must recommend to you both Eisbrecher and D’artagnan. Two of my favorites from them respectively are Was Ist Hier Los, and Farewell.

  11. Enemy Buffalo blows up.

    Jingles: “There goes the Tulsa”.

    Never change, old man.

  12. Jingles, please. ö’s (and ø’s) are pronounced like the i in bird or the u in burn. And Ägir is pronounced with a hard g.
    And while I’m going at it, e’s in names of Japanese destroyers like Shimakaze for example are pronounced like the e in extra.
    Now you know.

  13. Looks like a real fun cruiser to play.

  14. Jingles: Maybe i should do these YouTube shorts.
    *Posts this video.*
    Jingles; Close enough.

  15. Not the shortest I’ve experienced; I had a game that lasted only 3 minutes before the enemy team was reduced to zero points. And this happens very very often now; At least one game per week results in zero points like this, for one team. And tier doesn’t matter – happens at all tiers.

  16. Compliment Jingles for well pronouncing the Van Speijk, ship named after a Dutch gunboat commander who blew himself up with his ship, rather than surrender.

  17. While Watching a Jingles WoWS video you can learn so much more about…football.(or world history etc) ❤

  18. Very well played !!!

  19. thank you jingles foe keep uploading video even when you gone through tough times, im experiencing depression plus childhood trauma i try to end things went and see my parents and sister one last time, i got close to it but now im seeing doctors taking my meds and trying to see the next sun light day by day, idk if you will read this but really thank you so much

  20. Going by the title, I had expected to see an american DD battle. But this one was exciting despite the short duration. Looked like this time matchmaker put all the players who understood positioning on one team. Also, regarding your football comment, our good old german team seems to suck quite a bit at the moment, and have been for a while, so I don’t think there is too much reason for the english team to worry in the near future, unless a miracle happens.

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