World of Warships Live from Gamescom

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  1. I want one of those shirts jingles!

  2. Wish I had known in time… but got to see quite a bit, on twitch. Was a pleassure most time….

  3. Time for some back of the map pro skillz

  4. Oh Rita is pregnant. Yoooou naughty boooy what have you done with her tortuaz? 😀

  5. german donkey pee/beer jokes, dunkirk jokes and dancing monkeys all in the first 5 minutes … misidentify some ships and this appearance will be perfect.

  6. You are very lucky guy Jingles to have such a lovely and supporting wife

  7. 600k subs HYPE

  8. Jingles: “That’s really, weird, it looks like they’re hitting.”

  9. I thought I was bad when I get 38,000 damage on average in the S. Carolina.
    Also Jingles, if you hold Right Mouse Button while you look around, your guns won’t turn, and upon releasing RMB, your view goes back to where you were last aiming your guns. Very useful when trying to see if you’re going to hit an island.

  10. Just a note, the interwar german navy was the ReichsMarine, also their ensign would be a decent alternative if people objected to the pseudo 3rd Reich ensign.

  11. Is Rita and jingles married or just room mates

  12. Why does Jingles leave his AA on (in the DD) ????

  13. Finally! We get to she your beloved Rita! Great video Sir and Madame!!!

  14. Jesus von Nazaret

    Gott strafe England

  15. 9:15 Germans to the left of you, Germans to the right, Rita’s there, stuck in the middle with you

  16. you 2 are like an old married couple playing WOW I love it, its made my Saturday after a long day in work and coming back home to a very hormonal an heavily pregnant wife waiting to pop any day. thank you for the entertainment and the laughs Jingles&Rita x

  17. Did Jingles play the Haida?

  18. Kolsch is awful… Head north a bit to dusseldorf, Alt is much better.

  19. Actually Yamato was built in Kure, not Hiroshima, it’s about 25 mins by train northeast of Hiroshima, but Kure is located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Also the location of the JMSDF and Yamato Museums

  20. I think we all missed the dayz when jingles and baby stream together at gamescon

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