World of Warships – Live Play // Admiral Schröder / “One of these things is not like the other”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Nice job in the new heavy cruiser Jedi, well played indeed considering the squishy nature of the Schroder.

  2. @15:38 The Sun Yat Sen is a Sovetsky Soyuz – but with Kremlin guns. It’s based on the idea that Stalin would restart its construction after WW2, but now with bigger guns. And then in the 1950 it would be sold to China.

    That last bit is actually the greatest fantasy here: the Soviet Union did sell warships to China in the 1950, but those were old Gnevny clas destroyers, not Iowa-rivalling battleships. Why would the USSR sell those, if it had them? (The same justification is used for the higher-tier Pan-American cruisers: the US could have made these, and could have sold them to South-America. But in reality, all the US sold was the somewhat worn-out Brooklyn class.)

    (Also, does China name warships after people? Sun Yat Sen is considered a founding figure by both Communist and Nationalist China – but I wonder if WG is simply trying to pander to both sides.)

    Anyway, good review! Until this video, I didn’t understand the point of the Schröder, but I get it now. Shame that stealth isn’t that valuable anymore with all these planes buzzing around.

    • I need to correct myself: China did have a warship called Yat Sen (without “Sun”). It was a mini-cruiser (more of a gunboat, really) build in 1930. The Japanese sank her, salvaged her, and turned her over to China again after the war. When the Nationalists fled to Taiwan, they took her with them, where she served until 1958.

      That said: she was a warship in the Nationalist Chinese/Taiwanese navy; not the Communist one. I still don’t think the Communist Chinese navy names their ships after people.

  3. 39kts in a heavy cruiser is amazing. And the rudder shift is good enough that the overall manoeuvrability allows for dodging of even relatively fast torpedoes. The guns also don’t overpen other cruisers that often either.

  4. Played about six or seven times and mothballed in port

  5. I don’t see the point playing this without the secondary module. The Agir is better at everything else. When you do get to use the secondaries it can be quite fun. I ran it in the Airship mode with some success thanks to secondaries and the speed boost.

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