World of Warships – Live Play // Anshan / “Welcome to Ship 101”

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Despite the pennant number, the Anshan is actually a very nice ship to be in, and as it turns out, is also a preserved museum ship in China – a fact which, despite it having been in the game for a pretty long time now, I somehow never knew about before.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Great to see you back

  2. Donald Wrightson

    Welcome back,Jedi!!!!

  3. I just returned home after a week in Ireland and my cat has been similarly chatty, even though she was with my parents and had all the attention she may have wanted in the meantime

  4. Thomas Bernecky

    We all need a break, but still glad to see you back Jedi. 4km torps, good luck? The camo is very nice. Tashkent 39 I think Viper, sjr and Rooke already have them? I like seeing them played, by someone with competence. not for myself, mind?

  5. Glad you’re back. Enjoyable DD game to watch and hear about the trials and tribulations of being a Cat Servant. Thanks.

  6. Matthew Wadwell

    G’Day Jedi – good to hear your voice again!

  7. I too am glad you are back Jedi,
    Travel shenagins can be unpleasant
    Good video Thank you my friend

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