World of Warships – Live Play // Canarias / “The Little Spanish Fleet”

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I can’t even take credit for that one, I’ve a friend who for a long time though that’s what the song was genuinely called…


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Abyss Miniature Studios

    Secondary are not to bad, can go up to 6.2 km, and it was free didnt spend a dime except the dumb tokens we get a new version of every month

  2. Aloha; YES! Keep doing these types – very entertaining and informative. Mahalo

  3. Flags were there so they could be easily identified as neutral shipping during WW2 as I understand it.

  4. I actually find her rather refreshing: No braincells needed for ammo choice, no smoke firing penalty considerations, decent range, decent conealment, decent speed (the consumable also lasts for quite some time). It is cruiser gameplay oversimplified, perhaps, but sometimes, that is relaxing. What I do not like is the typical tier VI MM, which sees a shedload of VIIIs. At longer range, the shells are a bit floaty, but she is fast enough to close the distance and then disengage. Still: It is not a carrying ship. Might be okay in Op mode, but I usually do not play ops.

  5. Jedi-Senpai noticed me, life officially peaked! =D
    Happy D&D!

  6. I am surprised that they gave this ship worse pen at range than the Devonshire. I also do not understand the big gap in alpha damage. I doubt that only better pen angles can counter this shortage in damage output.

  7. Odd. The Canarias and Baleares both had 4 triple 21″ torpedo tubes.

  8. G’Day Jedi – got a quick one for you.

    I can’t remember if you or Jingles pointed this out, but with both of todays games being top tier, I thought that I’d ask.

    When a new ship comes out, does it seem to get top tier games for a honeymoon period, until enough ships have been sold – when it then gets normal matchmaking? In you experience, is this a thing?

    Thanks for the video, really enjoying your Live Play series!

  9. Jedi, thanks for the video. As much as I’ve always liked the look of this particular ship, I’m glad to have my choice of taking the Dido confirmed.

  10. Dear Jedi: thought you might like to know that our lower federal house just passed Bill HR 6869, which allows us to issue letters of marque to our privateers. yes, really. After all, the best stories are pirate stories. and the flags, yes, those are called Objetivos.

  11. This makes Genova seem strong

  12. Best feature: the voice over captain with a markedly south american accent instead of a Spanish one. 11 out of 10 on that WG…

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