World of Warships – Live Play // Condé / “Happy fun times all round”

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At this point I think Sam might well count as a professional heckler.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I can’t play high tier games any more. Too many gimmicks to deal with, boring games and now subs…sigh. Tier 5 and 6 are where the fun is now.

    • Ikr, I always though tier 8 was where the fun stopped. Mid tiers seem to give you more room to stretch, in a way.

  2. Sam is in a Gremlin class of his own 😛

  3. Donald Wrightson

    Sam is not amused!!!! My cats are looking for him now!!!! lol

  4. G’Day Jedi,

    Thanks for the vid – your “ramblings” are an enjoyable break from real life!

    And I think you live in the wrong neighbourhood if you have a cat who dislikes rain…..

    Have a good one! Matt

  5. funny that first game you featured was my first conde experience

  6. Backseat catcalling is funny.

  7. Jedi, when they see us flip a switch and make the sun come out, and turn a tap and make a stream run, how could they not think we also control the rain? What I like is when they’ve finished checking the weather outside the back door, they then have check same out the front door to see if it’s different? Cats don’t meow to other cats, just to humangs, why?

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