World of Warships – Live Play // Nebraska / “I used to be a batttleship like you…”

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“…but then I took an aircraft carrier to the knee.”


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. LOL at the title. Well played!

  2. Next is the battleship that launches a submarine👍😜

    • Or subs that launch planes!

    • @Donald Wrightson That one’s coming for sure. It may take a year or so, but at some point WG is going to put in that Japanese submarine that could launch 3 float planes. Never mind that the bomb load was tiny – they are going to put it in anyway.

    • @LudensP I remember seeing a documentary years ago and a sub that launched planes was shown! The game is totally shot now so why not! Not the game I started playing in 2015,barely recognize it any more! So sad!!!!

    • @Donald Wrightson There were actually several plane-carrying submarines. The French Surcouf carried a floatplane to serve as artillery spotter for her 8-inch gun. One the British M-classes was also converted to launch a floatplane (not sure if she still had her 12-inch gun at this point). The Japanese had several classes of plane-carrying submarines, including 3 I-400s, the ones that carried mutliple planes.

  3. That is some sick dispersion on those guns. Only 6 shells in anyone volley and many you are getting 5 pens or 4 pens and 1 ricochet. That’s crazy good.

  4. Lost a game yesterday thanks to a parked up Nebraska. Nose in behind an island and no more than 4km away from me. Three ships v my Harugumo, I killed two and badly damaged a shima but died to a shima torp eventually. He killed nothing and the shima simply drove around the island and obliterated him. Grrrrrr

  5. Honestly, I don’t think this shipline a good addition to the game, even if they are reasonably balanced and the planes aren’t that strong. It is just more planes, and more plane spotting, for DDs (and others) to deal with.

  6. So the supership could be an Iowa with Harriers? I can hardly wait 😒

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