World of Warships – Live Play // “Submarines, Bah!”

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Starting the year as I mean to go on…?


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Been a few years since I’ve played, wtf is that kansas supposed to be? Some sort of space…ship…?

    Also, always good to see another Jedi upload!

  2. “Fun is being had!” – wows players, post submarine introduction 😉

  3. Subs are such a menace. Totally not okay for the game.

  4. Ear Diary: Today I sank a CV AND 2 subs. Good to hear from you, Jedi. Is that an overpriced, underused Jingles cat exercise toy midships on your Kansas? I got a Florida, the Gulag Cesare and what I wanted: the Thunderer.

  5. Happy year 112, 2023 and 4356!

  6. @10:30 So it seems WG has given players a clear counterplay to subs. Nothing wrong with them.

  7. Aloha; welcome back!

  8. Good to hear your voice Jedi! Some days I can have a huge session of maybe 5 games, possibly a couple of Tanks as well if my mindset is calm enough! I did somehow get a free Ark Royal, I used to see the later one being broken for scrap, each time we crossed the Tamar Bridge to Plymouth back in the late 70`s, a sad sight even as an 11 year old.

  9. Welcome back 🙂

  10. I love the camo on your Kansas!

    • What the hell is it? A ARP skin?

    • @Matthew Wadwell Never heard of it,it’s an Arp skin? I know what Arp is,but I have a Kansas and had no idea that was a camo for it.All I have is it’s regular camo.

    • @Donald Wrightson ARP is referencing an anime – the _Arpeggio of Blue Steel._ All of the ships are prefaced by “ARP” (similar to British ships being “HMS” and American ships being “USS”).

  11. Happy New Year! Hoping that 2023 is better than 2022!

    PS – good luck with the family health issue.

  12. Another year closer to Scottish independence.

  13. yeap, there are 2 orthodox new year dates, the majority orthodox countries do same date as everyone else, then there are the old rite orthodox which are a few days later, i think this weekend.

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