World of Warships – Live Play // Tashkent 1939 / “We have a torpedo boat at home”

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A new ship, with a new method of acquisition – and while it’s not stellar, it at least has one or two things going for it.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. So… it’s the even trashier can?

  2. I think playing any DD is a challenge nowadays
    there’s no need to handicap yourself any further with a bad one

  3. I think you miss two things tho Jedi. No 1 the reload booster that you never put to use. Sure it’s got a long reload but that’s why you use it early on for a wall of skill somewhere, it will be ready by the time you need it for an engagement. No 2, this ship literally has tier 9 hp and some tier 9’s can only dream about the numbers as well. While you don’t have the fire power to win gun boat style you have the longevity to take something out. But totally agree it’s a very strange match up to have such bad conceal and pretend to be a torp boat. An interesting concept tho with a fair few things going for it.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      A very fair point on the reload booster, I think the hitpoints are not that significant though – it’s a lot better than having tier 7 HP, but it’s really cancelled out by the lack of firepower. More dakka and fewer HP would have the same net effect in your encounters with other DDs, I’d argue.

    • @PointyHairedJedi Of course it cancels itself out. All I meant was that the lack of fire power, and it is truly lacking having played her a couple of battles, you can fight it out and survive long enough if you have to against at least other torp boats in the tier. Good games and good presentation of the ship.

  4. Aloha; you are – much to your credit – the patient one. Mahalo

  5. 66 knot torps isn’t considered fast anymore? Well done with that historical accuracy… almost no traditional torpedo have ever made it past 50 knots.

    • _”historical accuracy”_ 🤣🤣🤣

      In the first game (of 20 minutes length) – PHJ travelled 129.54 km – for an *_average_* speed of over 390 km/h…….. in a ship…..

    • PointyHairedJedi

      I’d consider them in the “average” range – I guess one can say there’s been some creep in what is considered fast, given some of the other nation’s torps speeds now in the game.

  6. So, a ship that is difficult to play. So it’s the Urbie of WoWS…… 🤣🤣🤣

    (Sorry, I play too much BattleTech…..)

  7. I like this ship. Not to brag but I got a Kraken on my 2nd match with it. Ok I am bragging.

    And someone else mentioned, the reload booster use it. You dumped 9 torps at the Veneto but had the reload booster. You could have sent another 9 at it. Flood the zone with torps while you have a chance. Or send them at someone else who thinks they are safe as you sent torps at someone else.

    I am just fuming at your lack of using the reload booster. It is really frustrating to watch. Please try again and make it a point of emphasis to use that.

    Also, getting any of these ships gives you a +200% bonus to the various XPs for like 4 weeks about. So a good commander booster to get from level 10 to something useful without having to use free commander XP.

  8. High skill cap, certainty of death, bring it on Jedi 🙂
    I find the Tashkent 39 quite fun, it’s crap guns are offset by it’s great fish
    and the reload booster comes in handy, embrace selfish plays and it works well!
    Thanks for your take on this ship, lovely video Jedi.
    Being up tiered is not much fun though 😥

  9. Like all Tier 7 DDs it has 21200 hp, which can be upped to 24000 hp with SE?

  10. Thanks for the review, Jedi!

    As for the ship, I got it anyway because it’s a historical ship, and I am collector. I also like the whole idea of the armory exchange – exchanging some of the common currencies (as opposed to coal/steel/whatever tokens WG is selling this month) for a neat little premium. But you are right it’s a rather niche playstyle.

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