World of Warships – Lo Yang Premium Impressions

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Lo Yang on Neighbors moves out to control the southwest side of the map. Only a couple enemies are spotted, it appears they’ve gone up the eastern side of the map. I relocate to provide a torpedo threat to the enemy fleet. They try to push forward against a couple of us in the east. We try to hold against them take some of them with us. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful !

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Destroyer Lo Yang Replay


  1. Hey notser nice review when the ship goes on sale, thanks 🙂
    In the opening you wrote 60 knots speed for 9.2 km range torpedoes, however
    wiki and other youtubers state they are 55 knots.
    Also do you know if they would add chineese tree into pan asia? I want to
    buy high tier premium destroyer that can eventually train captains. (I
    somewhat regret buying blyskawica when I learnt Polish navy won’t come )

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Can u do 1 of Atago???

  3. Wow a destroyer with hydro is evil

  4. Heard it like “Most of that damage came from torpedoes, notserprised of

  5. Have you ever seen the “other” Atlanta? Its called the Flink, saw it ingame

  6. lol owba…. if I’m correct it should be A-oba no?

  7. It looks like a nice ship, I wish we could put numbers on the hulls of our
    ships in the same manner as the Lo Yang. It’d be nice if they’d let us make
    our own custom camo for our ships, maybe they would have it setup where we
    could choose the camo that they have already made for us which gives us
    benefits like it is setup now but when we choose to make a custom camo for
    our ships it won’t provide any benefits to the ship other than aesthetics.
    I think it’d be a nice addition to World of Warships and World of Tanks.

  8. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    Taiwan numbe one!!

  9. As an Australian it makes me laugh when you say ‘”A’ Hull”

  10. Where can i download damage counters mod, Notser?

  11. lol “A hull” sorry, I couldn’t resist!

  12. that was GLORIOUS !!!!!!

  13. 11:54 “I do have an island protecting myself from the Mexico”
    Make WoWS Great Again :^)

  14. Jake van der Veen

    Funny thing with the Lo Yang, it’s not just a Benson, it’s THE USS Benson

  15. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    you can pop smoke and use hydro so you can see through smoke so that you
    dont need people to spot for you and fire at targets

  16. Nice pronunciation

  17. That Hydro trick IS evil lol, but why did he just sit there and take it? It
    took what 4 salvos? Did he think maybe you’d stop shooting?
    Anyway good game, interesting ship :)

  18. Hey Notser! Thank you for blowing up my New Orleans with your Flint! In all
    seriousness thanks for making a video on this ship, I was pretty sure I was
    gonna buy her, but I’d like to get an opinion from someone who not only do
    I trust, but I feel, personally, knows most people are average 51-52% win
    rate. Who knows that he has to tell people what to do, and what to look out
    for. I’d like to thank you not only for blowing up my New Orleans, but also
    for improving my skill in this game.

  19. Notser style torpedo beats. at the end I got a story. a Nagato was shooting
    at and afk colorado. I was in the back clicking the LMB as fast as humanly
    possible. the Nagato left him with 7 hp left. and I got the kill. ☺

  20. Notser can you do a New Orleans Video?

  21. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Notser, what do you think of the German BB’s so far?

  22. chicken BBs! Whatever do u mean!!! lol

  23. I’m really liking my Lo Yang. It has great potential. I value speed in
    torps, and will sacrifice range to ambush larger ships. I hardly use the
    hydroacustic search feature, because I don’t use it as a small cruiser, as
    you would with a Kiev.

    With a captain that has the decreased detection skill, it would be used at
    Tier 8 just like the Fujin is at Tier 5. You just wait: I’ll send you a
    replay when I finally get it set up right.

  24. I LOL’d so hard when you said that’s the most evil thing you can do. Oh
    man, that was hilarious using smoke AND hydro. Very nice sir!

  25. Notser u forgot another thing again in your captain’s skill because the
    original torpedo at 9.2km is at 55 knots. If u used torpedo acceleration in
    your captain’s skill it brings it to60 knots and by the way your torpedo
    range is not 9.2km anymore its 7.3km

  26. The in-game chat mentioned the Mighty Jingles. I say that man would do
    better by giving up his fancy schmancy complicated intro montage. In
    contrast, Notser comes up as the no nonsense and straight to the point sort
    of guy. See: Price signal. I express my choice with Notser for his notion
    of commitment toward efficiency. I get what I am looking for without
    unnecessary and time consuming “wows” and shenanigans. What I am looking
    for is success stories part time intermixed with humbling analysis of
    failures. Because, some say, people who don’t make mistakes are never

  27. It’s the current BB meta, giant pussies, camp in base and snipe, and bitch
    they can’t hit anything, because RNG, not the 300 meters of dispersion.

  28. Gareth Fairclough < How to really use a lo yang. First 2 mins of the game, gets first blood by nailing a gearing without suffering a single hit in return.

  29. “or a ahole” lol… A-hull i think it was…

  30. I run the 4 gun Benson with defensive fire. I regularly break up carrier
    strikes, and on

  31. One trick get the Tier 3 faster torpedoes for the 20% distance deduction
    you get 60km Torps with a 7.3km Torp range you get that extra distance and
    your Torps hit a bit faster. Or if you use the other ones 4.8km Torps with
    wicked speed but you need to get in close but that 73km Torps good luck
    avoiding those and they hit HARD. But its more for bravely stupid captains.

  32. I am glad I subbed you Noster, You show me to be the ass I am!

  33. Notser you just started a war between Chinese and Taiwanese subscribers for
    saying “a Taiwanese destroyer”.

  34. What’s the difference between the A-Hull and B-Hull?

  35. Heck of a game Notser!

  36. GG, I’m so torn on buying – slam dunk if I didn’t have to have dedicated
    captain in it… aarrrhhhh

  37. it’s hurts my brain to keep trying to think of the reason why that Benson
    that was in smoke didn’t even try to move when he was getting ripped by
    hydro notser

  38. I’m pretty certain the quoted “rudder shift time” is already from full to
    one side all the way to full the other side. So usually you’ll be looking
    at half that number.

  39. Sometimes I wonder if Notser does reviews or over glorifies his above
    average gameplay skills all day. I mean look at the title.

  40. just had a fight against a benson, that thing has serious dps man, that
    little guy shredded my cleveland to bits with like 2k damage salvos every 3
    seconds. by the time i got my 3rd salvo out he had taken 10k of my

  41. You got to learn to navigate by minimap! – before almost pulling a double
    notser due to tunnelvision

    And about the fifth turret, I usually go for the C-Hull on my Mahan just to
    troll people. In my experience it barely makes a difference during
    firefights, unless you are on low health and dbs are prowling the skies.
    Then I am glad for my c-hull.

  42. Notser, have you ever considered engaging that Island Collision avoidence
    system in settings ? I think you would benefit from that ; )

  43. So many premiums, my wallet is going to hurt (scharnhorst, dunkerque and
    eugen coming). But they are lovely ships, so I need to have em :p

  44. I ran into the Flint in my games today. It is the modified Atlanta. Has 2
    less main turrets. What is interesting is it has smoke. Notser do you think
    you can get your hands on Flint?

  45. 3:38 “About 8.5 seconds to go to the other side”. Ooh, Notser, you and your
    numbers 😀 Judging the rudder shift from the video, it’s more like 3
    seconds, man. lol. According to the WoWS wiki, Lo Yang’s rudder shift is
    about 2.7.

    No idea where you came up with 8.5

  46. As a Taiwanese, I think you pronounce this name very good! Here is the name
    you can put as title page. “洛陽”

  47. Notser – thanks, was unawares of the hydro on the Lo Yang. Good vid

  48. Sir Orrin Productions

    one small detail I like about premium ships is they have numbers on them!
    the other ships look naked without numbers!

  49. wat he said

  50. I am so happy they brought this ship back, well worth the $35. The hydro is
    so strong if used properly. You did a great job using it at 10:07. I am
    glad I have a 15-point captain on my Anshan that I was able to use with Lo
    Yang. Double concealment is very strong on this ship.

  51. “He was quite literally: boned.” -Notser, 2016.

  52. Notser, his ego is writing checks his boat can cash!

  53. Notser do u get free premium ships on press accounts

  54. Notser do u get to play premiums for free on press account

  55. I wish I could buy this on EU

  56. Notser, the lo yang is a destroyer that belongs to the Republic of China
    before they were over ran by the Peoples Republic of China.

  57. being the only ship with a bow
    when ever i see the #14 i think of only 1
    ok, i admit, a long time reds fan going back to seeing pete at crosley
    call this ship the pete rose!

  58. So…..If a Lo Yang crashes into an Island….. would it be Not’Sing?

  59. 2 differences between the Lo Yang and the Benson. Lo Yang has 0.2 better
    base detection and the benson has 800 HP more. 0.2 doesnt sound like much,
    but it brings you that little bit closer to the IJN destroyers. It makes it
    really hard for Fubukis and Mutsukis to avoid you detecting them.
    Hatsaharus and Kageros still might have a chance if they are lucky, but
    most IJN captains will play more conservatively when they know there is a
    gun boat out there they only have seconds avoiding if they want to stay

    I play the Lo Yang alot, and love it! The hydro makes up for the gun you
    loose. I have set up mine as a close quarter brawler, with 5.8 detection,
    fast torpedos and extra health and hydro its really hard to win a cap from
    me. If the enemy smokes up Ill do what you did, sneak up and kill them
    before they have a clue what is going on. And the hydro gives you a clear
    advantage if you are brawling with any DD. Hard to take a torpedo at close
    range if you see them the second they are lauched. And since many of the
    caps have small islands DDs hide behind, you can use the hydro to spot them
    on the other side. Most DDs in a cap will panic if they are spotted and
    run, often straight into my high speed torpedos. And one thing you didnt
    do, when you sit in smoke and spam HE I use hydro if someones close. The
    torps people send into smoke is easily avoided and you will see anyone
    pushing into the smoke before they see you. Of course, still got to watch
    out for the german super hydro and radar.

  60. The rudder shift on this is actually 2.7 seconds, not 8.5, and that’s even
    without the rudder shift upgrade.
    About the hydro – sail up to an enemy DD, drop smoke at 4-3km and let him
    come to you. You can see him and his torps without anyone else spotting for
    you no problem while he can’t do anything. Then shell and torp him. Takes a
    little bit of practise but works great. Hydro makes this such a great DD

  61. Husky The Dinosaur

    Once In my South Carolina I made a last stand against the whole enemy team
    and I won with 1 health left

  62. A Lo Yang killed my Bucky in smoke. Thought I was getting hit by radar
    until I realised what it was. I did not enjoy it.

  63. Notser, your pronunciation of the Lo Yang at the beginning of the video is
    pretty good ?

  64. Notser can you do a secondary build for tirpitz? thanks.

  65. would u recommend last stand or faster torp reload on Benson?

  66. Its not Taiwanese at all. It is USS Benson, and its about as american as
    you can get without having a flyby by a bald eagle XD

  67. As a Chinese speaker I appreciate your effort to not butcher the name
    pronunciation Notser (well I think you do put in maximum effort for all the
    non-English names) :)

  68. notser nailed the ship’s name pronunciation

  69. Juan Andrés Méndez

    NOTSER you cant say a-hole there are children seeing your videos :P

  70. Pretty accurate pronunciation on the name of the ship!

  71. 11:12 *Knawledge!*

  72. as usual good video :)

  73. Lo yang is a great ship

  74. It’s not just a “Benson”, it’s *the* “Benson”.

  75. whoo probably first comment

  76. Wait wtf it has hydro?

  77. Are there any differences in speed, concealment and other specs between the
    Benson and the Lo Yang? (except the consumables)

  78. still waiting for German bbs.. ho hum

  79. Still waiting for this to come out in Asia server

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