World of Warships – Lo Yang Rank Full Effort

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Lo Yang on The Atlantic in ranked moves out to try to capture A point for the team. We encounter multiple enemy ships, I retreat to look for any weakness in the enemies’ . We see a couple enemy destroyers and rotate around to engage. The enemy moves forward as I try to work on the other point. One teammate and I move to try and bring back the game from the enemy. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful !

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Destroyer Lo Yang Replay


  1. aww. was hoping for some replay vids of the NA vs Eu battles. i wanted to
    see what your PoV since the twitch stream guy Quezsomething didnt do so

  2. How can u play ranked battle? its only tier 6 for me :/

  3. Hey Notser enyoing your vids,im curious could you make a top 5
    favourite&worst ships of each class/nation/premium?
    would be intresting for me to see :)

  4. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    Poor NA got roughhandled my EU … you need strategy next time you take us
    doesn’t really matter tho we still love you guys

  5. *Maximum* Effort. Mr. Pool is disappoint. :p

  6. I felt like the mindset between the NA and EU teams was completely
    different. The NA by and large was just goofing around and the EU team was
    pretty hardcore about winning.

    I could honestly tell by your lack of talking that you were frustrated.
    IChase seemed very frustrated too. I’m glad you guys hung in there though,
    that last Smith match was fantastic with you two carrying the team. By in
    the large the “gimmicky” games were the most fun with the T6/T8/T10 games
    being pretty bad.

    The twitch chat was really bad too, so that didn’t help. They were
    basically flaming the NA team the entire time.

  7. Most of the EU players in the match do alot of clan wars and other very
    competitive events so no surprise they won.

  8. Thanks for the tips about hitting dodging DDs. I saw the EU vs NA match.
    Next time use a Benson with Air Defense so that their CV will hate life. :)

  9. WalkingCrap (MrGrind)

    I mostly watched the EU POV live yesterday, but I did watch the NA POV in
    the fist showmatch as well and what really dragged everything down was that
    there was no communication going on, iChase going on a rant about ‘cancer’
    game mechanics that don’t favour CVs, someone else complaining that there
    is no instant action like in tanks or whatever. I played competitively in
    other games and stuff like that really drags everyone down and contributes
    0, completely destructive behavior, I feel sorry for those on the NA team
    that actually tried to perform in the showmatches.

  10. Daniel Jakubčík

    is there some recording from the NA vs EU ?

  11. notser u know Taiwan !!!
    I’m taiwanese, so happy to heard that!!

  12. I am about 170k XP away from CE on my Lo Yang and I can’t wait to be able
    to play her more aggressively. I train him on my Anshan too, but the two
    DD’s are different enough that it isn’t easy.

    The hydro is great for capping, detecting enemy DD’s and their torpedoes is
    VERY handy, which makes Superintendent a MUST!

    Survivability Expert seems to me the only 4th level skill that works for
    the Lo Yang given the game mechanics. If I didn’t have to suicidally cap
    all the time in DD’s SE would probably be my 3rd choice. I am never sure if
    DE is actually doing anything, so AFT seems better to me, giving an AA
    boost and main battery buff. However, AFT is also kind of a waste because
    it is very hard to hit anything at ranges over 10 km. I suppose manual AA
    is an option, not a good one for a DD, but an option.

  13. I like my Lo Yang but never use it in Ranked. To make use of Hydro (besides
    spotting torps) you need to get 3.5k or closer which is not a good play in
    Ranked. I prefer to use the Benson and get the extra gun.

  14. From my experience, both from the giving and the receiving end, the ijn
    127’s are pretty painful when they do hit a DD

  15. Glad to see that you took the extra health. Another viewer and I were
    talking about it just a couple vids back. It occasionally might make sense
    to hold back a set of torps, especially when you get into close proximity
    with several ships at once. It could have ended the fight early with that
    North Cal and the Tirpitz near the end seemed like it was just begging for
    a set.

  16. Back in my Omaha, I managed to citadel a Myogi by firing at the
    superstructure. Is it possible to get cits by hitting the conning tower? Or
    maybe my capn was drunk


  18. the EU Strangers123 was Carrier and Flamu got the kill on you

  19. This could have been a replay of any number of my ranked games this

  20. ty for playing and posting ranked : )

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