World of Warships – Lo Yang Ranked And Giveaway Info

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A fun Lo Yang ranked game where we get some fun torpedo hits on the enemy. I also discuss some giveaways at the end that will be happening through my Twitter account. ThisIsNotser will be the account the giveaways will come from in the next few days. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time.

Pan-Asian Destroyer Lo Yang


  1. Broadside! Broadside! Broadside!

  2. Those enemy BBs… Holy crap that’s pathetic

  3. @Notser can the give away codes be used on the Asia server?

  4. 4 santa boxes, 2 times dublons 2 times ship and this loyang was one for 2,50€ xDD

  5. My English is not the best, I don’t understand what to do. I already follow you on Twitter but I only see your uploads there, no giveaway.

  6. so when are we a) getting back German hydro on all German DDs tier 8+ or b) getting Germany hydro removed from the Lo Yang?

  7. 12 torp hits and no floods?

  8. Well fought Notser, but the enemy BBs made it a little bit too easy for you 😉

  9. Really the kidd is the only thing I have that’s worth running and after playing to rank 11…I see it has turned into the season of the Lo Yang. No way to fight that Hydro. Depressing

    • Yeah Ive won every game with my Kiev and my build holds up perfectly.

    • You in a Kiev are not rushing in to cap…

    • This has nothing to do with cruisers…was talking about Lo Yangs

    • actually on big maps I am the very fist in the cap. The usual style going fast in and denying enemy DDs the Cap works really well. If the map is small of course this doesn’t work. So I have to be a bit crafty pick off the enemy DDs one by one. YoLang is only good when the Team backs her up but so is my Kiev. I can stealth Torp with Kiev and if necessary I can draw some fire and spot. No autowin button for her but apart from that she is pretty strong if you can make her work.

    • Gary Falbo Almost 60 ranked matches in and averaging 122k with Kutu. All premiums are biased carrying machines 😉

  10. Ranked battles are the most frustrating game mode ever. After getting pretty close to rank one a few seasons ago, only to have a few potatoes drop me a rank every other battle, I doubt I’ll ever play another ranked battle again.

    All this game is (for DD’s) is rushing to a cap circle where you either get shot to pieces while capping, probably sunk, or just sit in cap circle doing nothing for a minute except hoping you don’t accidentally leave the circle. I wanted a game that was about naval combat, something the name World of Warships implies, but a better name for the game is: World of Cap Circles and Counters Reaching 1,000 Points.

    • hrm, I see you’re too retarded to live if you think a game truely based on naval combat would be any good.

    • Thanks for the insult, for a minute I thought you were worth bothering with, but I see you like loitering in circles and watching counters tick up to 1,000 points, so obviously not. Thank goodness for the mute feature, good bye insulting person.

  11. And for those who don’t tweet?

  12. How to reach rank one? Have Notser with loyang in your team

  13. Your Twitter account isn’t working.

  14. 5.43km radar needs more range.

  15. cool game, nice dd the lo yang

  16. Thanks for the videos in 2017 Notser. I am looking forward to more in 2018.

  17. Always seems to be at least ONE BB that over extends.

  18. How does this give away work? Is it the first one to the posted key or the key works once per account?

  19. Thanks for everything Notser. I appreciate your videos, gameplay and ideas!

  20. Wanna division up sometime

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