World of Warships – Lo Yang Ranked Nailbiter

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PlunderMyBooty shares a wonderful game in the where the hero must fight for every ounce. Hope you enjoy this super close game and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Lo Yang Replay


  1. This ship should be nerfed. It’s another case of Belfast, where there is literally no way to counter play, unless you’re another Lo Yang.

    • its a C hull benson, so it has worse gun power, and it doesn’t have def aa, in return for hydro. SO it has the same disadvantages as the benson, except with one less gun for hydro. The torps are crap, they’re slow and take ages to reload, and it gets outgunned by a farragut.

    • Neh.. WG never nerf premiums. I mean how can you nerf it while it is not that strong in the first place?

    • Sure there is, set yourself up so you can flee and force him to come after you, probably leaving its own smoke where your team can shoot it. Don’t 1v1 a Lo as thats what it is set up to do. You play to your strengths not your enemies. Tatos will be tatos I guess

    • The LoYang basically a Sims with hidro in t8. Absolutely not op.

  2. Always try to support your DDs huehue

  3. 62 health *HELD TOGETHER BY CAPITALISM* (since it is just a Benson)

  4. Quality replay ?

  5. His teammate said it best, “You magnificent bastard!”

  6. Glad you and PMB made amends. Great video, thanks for sharing.

    • Made amends? Did they have a falling out?

    • @SillyViking Plunder and his div played against Notser while Notser was streaming, their behaviour made Notser suspect of them of stream sniping (watching his stream to determine what he was doing and where his team was). Plunder released a vid from his side of the match showing that this was probably incorrect. In short; accusations were made, reaction videos were made in response and I think calmer heads prevailed after everyone chilled.

  7. moving 40 knots at a stop…

    10/10 replay UI wargaming

  8. Thanks for the feature Noster!

    Anyone who is interested, here’s the after battle shots:

  9. One dose not simply bring a non secondary built Tirpitz into Ranked.

  10. LESSON of the day -never give up until it says VICTORY. i hate when i see teams give up too early and run for the edge to keep up their virtual KDR.

  11. so first you get the early advantange, then your team throws it away big time and you are basically lost; but then several miracles happened:
    – the enemy BBs were both terrible
    – they did not just hide from the lone DD, no, the stayed around so you could kill them
    – tirpitz non secondary build wastes time to torp instead of shooting and turning

    still entertaining, but the skill level by every other player but Plunder was not that high

  12. Excellent! Great to see a skilled player featured. Thanks for the replay Notser!

  13. My heart…

  14. It would have been really cruel if he had lost.

  15. I had one match in Random where I, the last one on the team against two enemy ships, stopped the enemy points at 998 and my team won with 999 points at exactly the 20th minute of the match. I regret not sending that in now. It’s from 0.6.14 if I remember correctly, so the replay is no more unless someone still has the client version. 🙁

  16. I believe the Tirpitz’s secondaries were greatly diminished during the battle. That accounts for the lack of fire coming from the ship, especially on its port side. The Starboard secondaries did put out far more than the port secondaries.

  17. NC deserved to lose he was a coward the entire match. Instead of charging bow on into proximity detection range he bailed like a coward and didnt evne turn back to assist tirpitz. Also a clear case of OP LoYang cancer. The only thing that gave him the ability to do what he did was his OP Hydro. Remove it or at least nerf it to Z23 levels and not let it have Tier 10 hydro, and this DD is as generic as any other T8. Fuck that ship.

  18. Hi Notser. I am looking for one of your video that you used as a channel highlight. You, probably in a BB kill two target in quick succession. I think one of them is an Atago. Can you help me find this video?

  19. “press T to check weather” hahahaha

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