World of Warships: Lo Yang | Review and gameplay

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My first impressions video after having 6 games in the new premium Pan-Asian destroyer the Lo Yang. I also discuss the novelty of having the hydro-acoustic search consumable as an option.


  1. i would like to see quipment options :)

  2. It’s funny that they gave hydro acoustic to a, well kind of nerfed Benson,
    that 1 extra gun makes quite a difference when fighting enemy destroyers!

    Like the Anshan, I just feel absolutely no compulsions to buy this ship.

    I played the test server, where the Farragut got to keep 5 guns on the B
    hull, and DAMN, it made what I consider to be a rather HUGE difference!

    Especially considering that when I play the Farragut it is almost always
    entirely by shooting enemies from smoke or stealth, and launching torpedoes
    the same way! But since I tend to do FAR more shooting, that extra gun made
    more of a difference than I really expected it would!

    And that brings me back to the Blyskawica, as I already own it, and as the
    Blyskawica is not only an EXCEPTIONAL gunboat, but she is also GREAT with
    torpedoes! And the funniest part of this, is the Blyskawica does 3200 more
    damage per torpedo than the 9.2km set, as well as reloading them in 70
    seconds stock, 63 with Torpedo Armament Expertise.

    OH – and speaking of test servers, YOU MAY WANT TO CHECK IT OUT! They are

    And as such, it is SEEMING like the Mikhail Kutuzov is going to be nearly
    POINTLESS – Unless they end up buffing stock range, stock RoF, maximum AP
    and HE damage, or best, a combination of all of the above!

    Because Basic Firing no longer helps guns larger than “139mm” – same with
    Expert marksman (.7 degrees for all guns larger than 139mm) and same with
    advanced firing training!

    will not effect is the Atlanta – and the Atlanta got a HELL OF an AA buff!

    As such the Mikhail with almost NO armor, is going to be shafted HARDEST!
    Mogami actually has much better armor, has 3 more guns, and has GREAT HE!
    Cleveland – sort of the same story as it is a tier 6 ship, and has 7.5
    rounds/ min.

    Though the Mogami with the 155s will be shafted pretty hard too, what with
    a 50 odd second traverse, expert marksman will only lower that to about 44
    seconds or so!

    Anyway, IF the Mikhail does not get some form of REAL compensation, I will
    be writing a ticket to try to get the gold that the ship is worth at very
    least, that is IF these changes happen pretty much as they currently are…

  3. If French isn’t your first language, where are you from then? Your English
    accent is sort of French and the channel is called Voulezvous so now I’m
    curious :P

  4. That was sweet torpedo run. Jap guns are so slow. Keep them coming.

  5. richtig gut gespielt!

  6. I love the Benson. I sold mine to help defray the costs of the Fletcher,
    but I loved playing that ship. I might buy one of these if the price is
    reasonable, but I am expecting it to be anything but.

  7. Vanilla Ice Cream Sammiches

    I wish the NA servers didn’t get the damn ships 5 months later.

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