World of Warships – LOL Spec’d – Alsace

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Don’t do secondary spec on a they said
It can’t work they said
Screw them I want to have fun and laugh

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  1. Hah – I did the same. Just did 195k the last game (only 3 kills) with basically the same build. I usually get around 100-150 with this build.

  2. You should remove stealth and take ifhe.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      I’d prefer ability to close over the ifhe damage

    • Concealment is definitely a better choice

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming that’s fair.
      I have been testing IFHE with my Atlanta I get far more damage it IFHE then without. I don’t many fire but the total damage done is much greater. A 50 k IFHE game would only have been 30k maybe and that is factoring in the fire damage. My best game was 10k damage with fire and 97 k with IFHE. So I am sold on it at least with 5 inch guns.
      I will have to experiment with the captains. I only have 100 or so free captain spots in my port! Searously I could trade 50 captain slots for one port slot and still have enough of them!

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      Jerry Glaze 100 percent ifhe in the Atlanta I run both it and demo expert.

    • It’s a personal choice, but honestly if you’re going for a meme build anyway you might as well get everything out of it you can. IFHE opens up the ability for the 100mm guns damage any part of a destroyer and the superstructure of battleships in the 8-X range. Otherwise unless you hit the superstructure of cruisers or destroyers you’re only using them for fire chances.

  3. still missing manual secondaries?

  4. This should be on pornhub, or redtube or something. That was filthy. I love it.

  5. Man I tried it on the t8 I just unlocked and it was amusing. Lots of fun to brawl in. I wanted to try it now so I don’t have to retrain later.

  6. Damn dirty build there….. I like it.

  7. Great to watch a match that was “just having fun”. tm. Ha!


  9. It works now but when word gets out and about dds and others will lay back as they do against German bbs…

  10. Always love the shock that happens when people run into secondaries before they expect them.

  11. Wow, I’m going to respec my Gas for this build, it is straight up sick!!!

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