World of Warships – Lol

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Most of the time if someone says “lol” online they’re not actually laughing, they just think something’s funny. Well in this battle I genuinely lol’d, and I think you will too.

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  1. Jingles! You’re late. Now I don’t have time to watch this and get to the
    office on time… And I hate showing up late to work. :P

  2. Second comment…….. scanning…..scanning……. Confirmed, this is the
    earliest I have ever observed your channel. Common reactions by humans is
    to make a joke. Windows 10 and Battleship accuracy. *engaging laugh*….. ha
    ha………….*windows 10 updates are ready*………… Ugh.

  3. Actually Jingles, the König has the most accurate guns of any German
    battleship with it’s 2.0 sigma and…


  4. jingles, in most of my games it was Cruisers who are always doing team
    damage. just these past week i lost count how many times i have to dodge
    friendly torepedo coming from oblivious cruiser in my back while i was
    screening in my DD in front.

    there was even a game in my hatsu when i saw the torpedo late and two of
    them hit me, i though i was goner but the friendly takao sink instead
    because he was already pink. lol what funny is he’s the one who get angry
    instead of apologizing.

  5. MrJohnycomelately21

    Damn fine run by that Clemson!

  6. Daily Dose of Jingles !

    Tired of hearing “Howdy Folks”? Come hear it some more with the new and
    short “Howdy Folks” Compilation!

  7. i love the konig it’s my favourite BB at the moment!!
    but to be honest this guy isn’t the best shot

  8. LoL! First time I see CV takes out friendly ship 🙂 Usually those are
    blind DDs

  9. Jingles I hope your ok O saw in the news parts of Portsmouth was evacuated

  10. I’ll give you one good reason for loving the konig….secondaries

  11. not all CV players are THAT incompetent.
    yes WASD hacks can help, but vs a good carrier player, they probably
    wouldnt save u

  12. I’m actually more surprised that friendly CV’s didn’t even bother to send
    some fighter to the only remaining BB. I’m not a good player but I think
    they should’ve send fighters.

  13. had one of those torp dodging moments yesterday when I 1v1ed a Isokazi in
    my Nassau at point blank range and was only hit once

  14. train and furry lover

    Did anyone see the planes at 14:10

  15. you know, i actually had an insane game, I don’t have the client “hacked”
    for game saves, yeh i know its a script edit but still…

    i was in the match for a whole 5 min… so it would have been to short for
    a replay video anyway… first 2 min was nothing but me going off on my
    own… then the enemy team sails out around and island… 2 destroyers and
    a cruiser… vs my little emerald… fire torps go into a hard turn and
    start on guns… working on the first destroyer… with a smokescreen going
    but it doesn’t mater for those because we are all under 3km… 2 toprs slam
    into the enemy cruiser… first blood devistating strike, my guns chew up
    the tier 4 destroyer and i dodge his torpedo’s… double strike… as i
    come out of the smoke scream oh damn, a battleship… 4 km away…. cut
    speed a bit to tighten my turn tring to get back into the smoke and dump
    more torps…. BOOM, 4 torps hit the battleship… i keep turning into the
    smoke screen then reverse the turn… enemy cruiser… start firing my guns
    and cit the thing 3 times… boom… taking a breath i call out “ok 4 kills
    before anyone else has one…. can i rest now?”

    i spoke to soon cuz the 2nd destroyer comes out from the other side of the
    island again dumping torps…
    i tight turn in i’m all but dead right now, burning, but i mange to dodge
    most of teh torps… before killing that destroyer… krackin unleashed,
    high cal… 5 kills, in under 5 min of game play… all solo kills

    my team was just killing themselves laughing…. as almost half the team is

  16. that was one of the best ive seen. hats off to the cv tryhards for helping
    ghost so much lmao

  17. Romeo VictorPlayer2

    Oh my god. World of warships version of when your in a quick tank and
    you’re circling of death a slow, stupid heavy and friendly artillery
    decides you need help.

  18. that is a 1 in a hundred or more BB player… most just make BB captains
    look like brainless potatoes

  19. @6:15….I never lay smoke for friendlies unless they confirm in chat they
    want it and will use it. I can’t even tell you how many times i have pinged
    a BB or Cruiser in chat…saying “Provide Cover for X”….then laid a huge
    smoke screen far in front of them. They then proceed to steam full speed
    through my smoke and die …leaving me with out smoke and usually unable to
    do anything but retreat at that point. Most players are to bad in WoWs to
    even try too help.

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