World of Warships – LOLWUT?

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Q. So how long can a Destroyer stay hidden in a cap circle with three radars and an aircraft carrier around?
A. Yes.

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Just to mention this Le Terrible hasn’t been spotted and got radar thrice? but then he survived and not to mention this was also with a Carrier this match.

    • The Pobeda didn’t fly up there for the same reason as the Hornet – too far away for slow planes and it’s VERY hard to get the attack lines you need up there for Soviet skip bombs and torps.

  2. Hey, Codiac here. So happy to see I got featured! I’m sure I made some misplays (haven’t seen the vid yet, typing this as soon as I saw I got featured), but hey, that’s part of the learning process isn’t it? I love your videos, and it’s an honor to be in one!

    Also the break has been since subs were added to random battles, however long ago that was

    • Good game!

    • I have suffered irreversible brain damage watching both teams play. Glad I stopped playing this game years ago. Also you are way too passive. The moment the Minsk was chased out of the cap and the other 2 enemy ships were behind the island, you should have rushed that Fletcher and destroy his soul. Especially after seeing how useless your teammates are. It was obvious where the Fletcher was and from that position, torping you would have been extremely difficult if not impossible.

  3. Jingles keeps asking how the Fletcher stayed hidden for so long while in the background Akizuki is providing the answer, ‘Codiac’s teammates don’t understand how to use their radar.’

    • Codiac is one of my pals, but just an FYI he does funny tactics and they either work or they don’t. I was in the VC with him when he was doing this. He was asking me on how to save a replay.

      I had no idea this was his idea lmao.

    • @Traxas Lyhr Well, it worked this time and he was MVP of this game imo!

    • @Paul Vamos It do be like that. We just got done doing a few games.

      He died and I somehow lived.

      I only have 9 Random Battles to my name as I usually do Co-Op or Operations lol

      I got top of the leaderboard! I was surprised lmao.

    • To quote a marine sniper from “Clear and Present Danger”, “By being a sneaky bastard, Sir!”

  4. No one ever accused the general Wargaming playerbase of excessive competence.

  5. To be fair to the missouri, we have all had a cruiser bang to rights and unloaded a perfect volley into their broadside only to get RNGesus say “nah, here’s 1040 damage, lulz”

  6. Have to say Alaska citadels are pretty difficult to hit – not sure why but often just get pens.

  7. My team: We’re the stupidest!

    Other team: Hold our beer!

  8. Yet another video that encapsulates wonderfully one of the primary reasons why WoWS is such a hard game to consistently enjoy.

  9. Man it really is unbelievable, I’ve been watching Jingles for ten years now. Just had a sudden realisation thats all

  10. Maybe it isn’t nice to call people out, but from my pov I find it not only entertaining, but instructional when you are brutal about poor play. Thanks for the content.

    • If only he had 2 working eyeballs and enough skill to actually back up his “call outs”… 🙂 Most of the time he is just delirious, purely mistaken or have no idea what he is talking about. 😀

  11. I was in identic situation as this Fletcher and I nearly dented my keyboard asking my team for help. Didn’t back up from cover. CV dumped on me. :/

  12. Ironic how one of the only players in the match who wasn’t absolutely terrible was piloting the ship named “The Terrible”.

  13. @escarfangorn Same! In a Mahan and later an Akatsuki….on the same day:(

  14. Sometimes I consider getting back into WoWS, but the I watch a Jingles video and I reconsider.

  15. My 2 bits of wisdom…. My last 10 battles with CV, only once I had help on spotting, me being a DD… That says it all
    Cheers from Portugal

  16. I’m still waiting for Jingles to complete the sentence from yesterday’s Bendy video; “One of the best things about being in the Navy was…..”

  17. I believe the consume recharge buff only charge when you hit enemies with your guns. Once its charged, you can pop it and then it will decrease cooldowns across the board for a duration

  18. Gotta say, Im aggravated, they changed the label and logo of the beer i usually drink (Tuborg gold/Tuborg Guld) and it became drastically worse, have a look at Guld Tuborg label in 2020 and then compare it with Guld Tuborg label 2023. This is a perfect example of how everything just degrades today. No taste, no quality. No inspiration. Just trash. Everywhere.

  19. Solothkar of Trinsic

    After a short period of absence he came back to World of Warships. “We have aircraft carriers and submarines in the game now?”

  20. You need to remember in your old age Jingles that the Alaska has its citadel completely below the water line making it surprisingly hard to citadel.

  21. Jonathon Yarborough

    I got a question did anyone on the Fletcher’s team have eyes on the force moving in , I think the DD was trying to spot what he was sharing the cap

  22. I think twice is underrated I think it was like 4 times he said it.

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