World of Warships Loot Boxes Incite Mass Exodus & Revolt From Content Creators & Players

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– Joseph Lavoie
– Charlie Galvin
– Devon B
– Jonathan Ball
– Liam
– Sarano
– skyrimfan14
– Solomon J. Twiggs
– Gerardo Andrade
– Joe Hunt
– MD archenangel
– Michael Redmond
– Peter Vrba
– Shepard Gaming
– Time Dragonlord
– BattleBladeWar
– The Brothers Tiegs
– Theron Webb
– Yue


  1. Greed. Greed never changes.


    – Joseph Lavoie
    [BIG BOSS]
    – Charlie Galvin
    – Devon B
    – Jonathan Ball
    – Liam
    – Sarano
    – skyrimfan14
    – Solomon J. Twiggs
    – Gerardo Andrade
    – Joe Hunt
    – MD archenangel
    – Michael Redmond
    – Peter Vrba
    – Shepard Gaming
    – Time Dragonlord
    – BattleBladeWar
    – The Brothers Tiegs
    – Theron Webb
    – Yue

    • Actually it already changed from “Mostly positive” to “Mixed”… They are being investigated by US and EU for being part of a huge money laundering scheme, so i imagine trying to sell lootboxes to 7 year old kids and the constant lies are not something that keeps them awake at night.

    • if you think this is bad @YongYea, you should look at what they did to world of tanks.
      they: released a tank for sale they PROMISED they would never sell again because it was so incredibly broken, as a result ruining the game for everyone since because that tank could just go invisible in the open and had insane dpm and fire rate..
      they released lootboxes, for christmas packed OP tanks in them and ruined the game again with even more op tanks that shouldnt have been brought back
      nerfed normal tanks into the dirt whils bringing out new tanks that powercreep the fuck out of anything else
      released a virtually INVINCIBLE russian tier 8 or 9 tank.. so that was fun.
      they released a new game mode that was actually fun, and then removed it because people were having too much fun.
      all this whilst ignoring the masses of screaming players who keep pointing out GLARING issues they did not care about
      they also removed global chat for “toxicity” wich just resulted in more teamkilling, and toxicity directed at your own team.
      they also redid the matchmaking, seemingly for no reason as the reason stated was quetimes and the matches being more fair, meanwhile all it did was put more people into unwinnable games and make the matchmaking take MINUTES instead of SECONDS.

      fuck wargaming, quitting that game was the best decision i made in a while.

    • Nothing new. World of Tanks was always pay2win with premium ammo which is generally better than normal non-premium ammo in most scenarios. Why the hell anyone expected it would be better with World of Ships from the same developers…

    • You must’ve seen my messege Thank you!!!

    • War thunder is the same had to put it down.

  2. Just Some Guy with a Beard

    “Loots boxes are fun and exciting.”
    -Nobody except video game companies

    • @big c’s big brother I just have a Chinese emulator console for anything PS1/Dreamcast/N64 & below. And then use my PC to emulate anything else. If they want my money then port it to PC, otherwise it isn’t hurting anyone to emulate it.

      And the internal storage bit really sucks. Especially with how cheap Micro SD’s have become. When phones get powerful enough to become good VR headsets or can play stuff like PS2 & Wii that extra storage would be fantastic. Though tbf I don’t use my current phone for anything other than a few small apps, texts/calls, & Youtube. I send memes to my friends as well but they take up a pittance of space.

    • TooLateTo TheStory

      @Alexis Sedano An imposter 😮

    • Pride and accomplishment…

    • RadiclesTheAlien Stream VODS

      And rich whales

    • Well they are exciting, untill you realize how much money you had to spend, lmao

  3. Ah, yet another clear cut case of “how did you think this would turn out?”

    • Alice - Darling Vexa Art

      @Ceece The best gacha game I’ve ever played was “Dawn of the Breakers” and I spent a grand total of $0 on it. It had a really good gacha system because there was no point in using it and you’d always get some free rolls. The game’s servers shut down a while back though but I hope they’ll return someday. I still haven’t beaten it!

    • @Alice – Darling Vexa Art wonder why the servers got shut down…maybe because they weren’t milking enough whales?

      God that statement you just made is pathetic. Get off of gacha, get off of freemium games, or get out of gaming in general. Gaming would be better for it.

    • @Alice – Darling Vexa Art if you really wanted, you could try to get people together and come up with your own servers provided that the data isn’t all server side

    • @Ceece The sad thing is it didn’t start off that way. At the very start it was actually pretty good, especially compared to ‘World of Tanks’ which were in the midst of their own scandel and WoWs was heralded as so much better becuase it didn’t have shit like Premium Ammo and ships 2 tiers lower actually stood a chance to outfight ships 2 tiers higher (which wasn’t really possible in WoT unless you were backing a huge 152mm howitzer derp gun…which WG have since nerfed into the ground because players were having fun with it and it meant you could skip buying premium ammo).

      At the start things were actually going pretty well, it wasn’t until 3 years ago when a new lead took over and the monetization slowly got worse and worse until last year when they ramped it up through the roof.

      Many suspect it’s due to them being investigated for money laundering so a lot of the higher ups are taking as much money as they can before they run to somewhere else and ditch the game.

    • I think everything is going according to their plan. Just look what happened in WoT when they first released loot boxes, and now they’re doing it every year. It’s over, WG already won even before this entire scandal even start, and the mass exodus was planned beforehand to get rid of the CC’s

  4. You’d think they’d learn after this being the 5000th time of this business model pissing everybody off, that it will piss everyone off. Although I guess whales and dolphins will always pay no matter what

  5. Excellent. That is the reaction that all players should have when game companies start with the loot box bs.

    • tbh this was due for years. They’ve not been pulling this bs since yesterday, but back when I started playing it was at least mostly just an alternative to direct purchases, in the sense that you could choose to buy lootboxes and gamble on getting some good ships, or just buy most of them directly. But over the years they have removed the ability to get many ships directly because they are “unbalanced” – while also keeping them in the lootboxes, so the only way of getting some very good ships like the Musashi for example is to cash out infinite money on lootboxes.
      It’s a shame because the art departement of the game does fantastic work, it looks and sounds really beautiful. But the monetization and complete tone deafness of Wargaming leads to the game becoming worse and worse. Not only in terms of monetization, but also basic game design. I’m so sick of it that I stopped playing months ago, and I doubt I’ll ever come back.

    • @Razor Calahan It’s incremental. There are videos out there about the psychological process of getting gamers hooked via gambling mechanics. It only stops when players make them stop. All game companies will go that route if allowed to.

      Yeah, it is a travesty for the people that put in hard work to make the games what they are. It’s terrible when the psychopaths add addiction mechanics, and destroy the spirit of the game. Enough with the addiction malevolence, players need to protect themselves.

    • Stupid Rage Rant Roast of Takes by Jamel Rudd


  6. I’m glad Yong is covering this, we need more people to call out Wargamings BS

    • Stupid Rage Rant Roast of Takes by Jamel Rudd

      And thus the Ships sinking in to Mariana’s Trench.

    • Still more than 3 years too late, not even Jim Sterling covered this when the iron was hot.

    • Don’t trust him he’s a grifter, he charges people over 200 bucks every month on patreon yet criticises companies for doing way less

    • I’m still piss off when they close WOT Vietnam server. I spend all of my saving at that time for TOG 2 and then they close VN server, force me to drag my TOG to 200ms Ping and 50% packet lost SEA sever.

    • @Chopper Gunner yeah, remember before Main Battle Tanks appeared, ZSU-37-2 can obliterate any same tier except Maus. That beast is the King of Russian Bias and its not the only Russian Bias. APHEBC, the bullet that when penetrate tracks will make your enemy head bang to the screen due to make 75% crew dies and destroys at least 3 modules including engine. IL-2 can dive at the speed that break US planes even its frame made from WOODS, KV-1S the ultimate low-tier farming tank equipped with portable smoke screen and T-34 1942 the one that bully all.

  7. The thing about Wargaming’s focus on developing their current games is that it all revolves around monetization, and the community second, and in the predatory manner.

    • Are they being investigated in the EU and Russia over money laundering?

    • @Tuxedo Yes they are. Which has got people speculating the reason the monetization got a LOT worse over the last year or so is because they’re going to pull a ‘take as much money as we can and then bail’ strategy.

    • @Tuxedo Wait, Money Laundering? Are you saying…..mafia is involved?

    • @Sorrowdusk I think so

    • Wargaming doesn’t have competition; they can do this as much as they want bc apparently nobody wants to make a game like theirs

      no, War Thunder doesn’t count because it’s so similar that I had to be told it’s made by a different company

      Another company _needs_ to step up and make a large-scale vehicle combat game that isn’t based on this awful Facebook Games style P2W monetization. Until then, this is all we have.

  8. Crazy hearing this story, as I never really hear people in mainstream gaming talk about the wargaming side of the community. I played WoWs since Closed Beta, and enjoyed the game for a long time. But, I did eventually walk away from game due to frustration with the grind and overall lack of fun to be had at high tiers.

    Seeing all this huge debacle go down in the community is like seeing one of your relatives get arrested for some fucked up shit. You can’t help but love em and look back at them fondly, but you can’t defend what they’re doing.

    • forwarduntodawn1000

      Same here with the first part I just got tired of just barely making enough to keep my ships on or I would get destroyed across from spawn by a pay to play person who then chats shiy

    • I played both WoT and WoW until reaching tier 5 in both games, but I couldnt beat the grind in both games to the point I couldnt have fun anymore.
      I dont know if they change it or not, paying money into the games give you a lot of boost in grinding, but I didnt want to pay that much money.

    • Yea, i dont know when it all started but for me, the moment i got a glimpse of wargammimg true face is when puerto rico debacle a year or two years ago.

      After that, they kept milking their fans with the mask of pretending to collab with anime or movies. Rigging their own loot boxes one time.

  9. I played World of Tanks back in the day. Spent several hundreds of dollars on the micro transactions. Take it from me: rule number one is to not play any Wargaming games.

    • I used to play World of Tanks.
      Didn’t like it that much, so I quit it.
      But, my dad did like it, and he plays this game for years now.
      He owns EVERY tank in the game (Including premium tanks).
      I told him all about the greed and the money scemes this company has, he doesn’t care sadly…

    • @Evgeniy World of tanks is a million miles from what was done in wows.

    • Presented by Conor McTapper's Proper CatPiss

      I was in the same boat (no pun intended), former World of Tanks player here who probably spent nearly 1K USD over the span of 4 years. Wargambling is scummy as hell. Figures it made sense when they moved their headquarters over to Cyprus so it can be a tax haven for them back in 2013.

    • It’s sad, realy.
      Underneath all the shameless, skummy, over-the-top monetisation bullshittery, WoT and WoWs both are solid games at their core.
      In the right hands they could be good games. Sadly, Victor Kislyi is very much the wrong hands.

    • Watch out to not fall into the same trap with gaijin

  10. I’ve been wanting Yong to talk about this issue and glad he did on the day before a hurricane
    Also if ya want a fact about the USS Missouri
    It’s basically where World War 2 ended

  11. The Dragon Awakens

    Thank you for covering this game, Yong. They’ve been driving this game into the ground for over 5 years. I’d love to hear another video exposing how truly terrible WG’s policies and practices are.

  12. “Oh look, a free game. It’s looks pretty cool for a free game.”
    Realize that they carge 2 AAA game prices for a single ship.
    You’re better off buying a $60 game with all the ships included if that was a possibility. Freemium games start free, but end up way more expensive compared to if they were full priced because the few pay for the many.

    • @Black Binder Translation: “I cannot back my viewpoints up, I’m just trolling to get a reaction.”
      Thanks for literally declaring me the winner of the discussion by admitting you have no defense of your position. I was right and you were wrong. You admit it. My work is done.

    • Well, free to play system is payback for all that piracy in 90s-00s 🙂

    • @Black Binder lol science disagrees.

      LOL okay let’s make a public corporation that creates a system of laws that forbids micro transactions. Happy now?

    • @BladeValant546 You’re going to have to try that one again buddy, this time in english.

    • @Chromodar Ahahahaha. Thats an odd way to say “I give up, you win”.

  13. Imagine buying a cup of coffee. You enjoy that coffee and like drinking it. Then one day the Developer comes and changes the coffee into tea. It’s not bad, but it’s no longer coffee. That’s what happened to the World of Warships I liked.

    • @V tell that to blizzard and ubisoft

    • So damn proud of players for standing up to these crooked companies. I’d lost all hope in gamers at this point.

    • Hell if you wanted a proper anology you could have said you go to a store and get a free coffee but sugar is 50 cents and instead of taking it home and putting sugar in it (ie working to progress) you decide to waste the 50 cents to have your sugar (progress) then. Even then you still have the option to get sugar at home meaning work to progress but you just want instant gratification and are crying because you spent money for your instant gratification. Grow up princess

    • @hudhouse99 it used to be a top down view where you could control fighters and two bomber groups at the same time and was a massive tactical battle against the other carrier. Now they’ve made it so you can only control one and they massively needed the damage. Used to be fun and realistic, now carriers are shit

  14. “Regrettably, due to human decency limitations, we could not give our players any reason to respect us anymore.” – Wargaming

    • “Due to technically limitations, we could not make the chances of getting Missouri in a loot box public info”-Wargambling

    • @The Black Baron Are you honestly making the claim that there are no good f2p games that WERE conceptualized as f2p games? In Team Fortress 2’s case, it’s hard to distinguish it from a game that was f2p from the beginning, TF2 is certainly no saint

    • @zztzgza The ftp in this game was fair for the first 4 years. Obviously there were incentives to pay, the most overpowered ships were generally available to cash purchase or aggressively grind with the incentive being time spent and removal of those ships. Then there was a change in leadership at WG and it all changed and is now identical or worse than other pay to win f2p games.

    • @cosmosofinfinity yes, I would argue that F2P is actually always bad and specifically designed for how exploitable monetarily and psychologically it is, except for some exceptions and fringe cases that you’ll hastily inevitably bring up. F2P is evil.

    • Stupid Rage Rant Roast of Takes by Jamel Rudd

      Not to mention to scare off the new and coming gam’errr Whalers and Dolphins.

  15. “Promise was updated”, never a good phrase when it comes to gaming


    Unified mass exodus should be the standard reaction to any game that does this. Id much prefer this to anything else.

  17. To quote Jim Sterling: “Of course you realize, this means Wargaming.”

  18. played the game since 2016, everything WG has done in the past 3-5 years disserves a documentary of its own, its fascinating and disheartening when you start to see the change and shift from productive updates to monetization, seriously there must be over 50 different currencies both permanent and temporary released since this shift began

    • It’s a very similar route that Hollywood has taken. Build the brand, then slowly bleed it dry by investing less and less in it while riding the wave of its loyal followers to make as much money as possible without providing anything of value.

  19. Wasn’t aware of this. Even Jingles quit? That says a lot.

    • Yeah, if our Gnome Overlord is taking a stand, you know something’s up.

    • Meh… Jingles dropped several rungs on my respect ladder when he ‘reviewed’ FFXIV… without actually playing it… insisting that the music and story of WoW were better…

    • @SeedlingNL Sure, but I’m giving him time. ARR’s not the most glowing part of FF14, and he’s read the comments explaining that the story should be his focus instead of skipping it, so if he does another video on it it’ll probably be better.

      Also, he didn’t say WoW’s story was better, he was saying skipping the story in WoW was better/easier lol.

      We’ll see how he feels about the music again when he hits some of those raids, eh?

    • @SeedlingNL Might want to watch the second vid he published for FF14.

    • Yes.
      Jingles quit last weekend. And many more did quit the community creators team and Discord.
      And after the nonpology from Wednesday, I doubt any of them will return.

  20. “Micro-laundering” another tool used by video game publishers that is not ever talked about and yet should be of which you hint at in this video

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