World of Warships – Loser

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The title of todays’ video can be interpreted SO many different ways. You be the judge.

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  1. The title popped up as my professor said the lowest score in my course was a 22 and I got a 26
    I feel personally attacked

  2. “To the Losers in the green team” . “let us loose” . “This manipulated shit makes no sense” – “nice attitude”

    Google translate was good so far xD

    • Just Jingles said: Let’s loose ourselves… what the player wrote was: Let’s loose this game… but thats the only correction that came to my mind 😀

    • Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch

      I agree the in game behaviour as also the language use point out a lack of education. If let down by the system or just not clever enough to get educated stands on another page. But as a native German living now for 10 years in Scotland reading his German hurt me physically and lead to bleeding eyes.

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      @Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch This is what happens when you have to go to work yourself, but you have to give your kids access to your PC so they can participate in online classes.

    • @Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch Here, have some band aid 🩹.

    • W. von Hohenzollern

      @Richard Sanders he might have had a heart attack or a stroke from all the salt running through his veins ^^

  3. I grant the MVR the title of Sea Schraeder

  4. As a fellow german I am sorry for the inconveniences you the viewer or TheMightyJingles he may have caused you. Because even I could just understand maybe 50% of his nonsense he wrote in teamchat and damaged around 90% of my braincells, but still I know for a fact that the Manfred von Richthofen is still a very good ship.

    • @John Ingle either he is RP’ing or his dialect plus not so grammaticality gifted means his german is atrocious

    • Damaged 90% of your brain cells?

      Still smarter than him

    • @Pincer88 well count your self lucky it’s not the other way around. Usually doesn’t end well when Germans go on vacation in Europe 😂

    • @Pfeifenkraut well sadly that’s not very uncommon with german speaking people, especially if they are into war stuff (WWI or WWII) or have to much “national pride and see that as a dishonorable gesture to not speak the good german language”

    • @CptGetchagearov I at least hope so, that I’m not that kind of tool like him

  5. Jingles, as a german…your translation is well allright. his german has shortened sentences…and of corse, my english issnt as good as yours…but you understand him.

  6. Hearing Jingles laugh always makes my day, knowing he has fun doing these videos.

  7. OK, THAT is offically the BIGGEST memes in world of warships history, “Sir we sank the entire enemy fleet” and yet….they still win.

    • @karthus X21A Except they missed those three accursed carriers. OP ships be OP OPing.

      And the subs.

    • If i was in that game and died very early then see a victory report while I’m in port and to see a win with 0 ships I’d be extremely confused 😕.

    • They really need to get rid of the idiotic time extension. Make 20 minutes actually 20 minutes or make it explicit that games are actually a hair over 20 mins.

      The outcome at least worked out favourably in this particular video as the green team did have more points when time ‘expired’, but it isn’t consistent. I’ve had games where we were barely ahead when the time hit zero… and then the game kept on going for another 5 fucking seconds, letting the enemy overtake us in the overtime to steal an undeserved win. It’s the same thing in WoT and it’s completely unfun.

    • @Shaw Fujikawa It’s been a long time since I’ve played, but I recall WG games extends the timer every time a player is destroyed. Always been that way.

    • tactical victory

  8. A potato who tries is worth more than a unicum who doesn’t.

  9. Some say the CV player is so dense that light actually bends around him…

  10. The irony in this: his winrate is now better 🤣

    • And despite doing abslolutely nothing other that gifting his ship to the enemies, he was rewarded with more base xp than half the enemy team!😂

    • @Tobias Time Yeah, I find that crazy as well, just winning or losing shouldn’t impact base xp that heavily. Should instead be added as a modifier afterwards.

    • Yes 7% better in that CV, from just one game.

  11. Here a rough transcript of chat, up to Zulu’s last comment at 5:48, with all german sentences translated as good as possible.
    Unsurprisingly, grammar is rather atrocious at times.

    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: LET US LOOSE
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: or else this manipulated shit doesn’t make sense
    [KHARE]_xjohnnex_: brilliant attitude
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: four dd
    [OP]Moosealoob: ?? English?
    [FLDP]kainzii: spanish ?
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: where everyone can stand 3. torpedo
    [KHARE]_xjohnnex_: speak german you ….
    [SOK]usainboat92: cualquiera
    [OP]Moosealoob: American?
    [FLDP]kainzii: jewish ?
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: whoever created this shitpile of planes should on occasion
    [KHARE]_xjohnnex_: greek-orthodox?
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: still played carriers
    [FLDP]kainzii: roman catholic?
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: with this shit you can’t fly Immelmann turn
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: not even the germans could build bb hitting at 18km
    [SDW]FortangF95: WTF CV
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: bb driving 60 again
    [OP]Moosealoob: cried in chat at the start….has a 24% win rate…
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: hitting behind the mountain
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: and the own ki
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: let’s be quiet regarding those apes
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: of german assholes
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: only capable of manipulating great games
    [MKW]Zulu2scroot: and then beeing upset because of hackers

    I can’t help but think to remember the name Zulu2scroot to be featured in an older one of jingles’ videos. Same game, same reasone to be noticed. Does it ring any bells with anyone else or is it just me?

    • @Knuddel Eule Wow, how is that player still on WoWs, he hasn’t stop cursing for at least 3 entire years and he keeps on playing!

    • @Knuddel Eule I can’t believe he’s been doing this for like 3 years.

    • During the battle Warspite achieved one of the longest range gunnery hits from a moving ship to a moving target in history, hitting Giulio Cesare at a range of approximately 24 km (26,000 yd), the other being a shot from Scharnhorst which hit Glorious at approximately the same distance in June 1940.

    • @The Lesser Weevil im a native german speaker and even i dont know what he means sometimes…

    • Sounds vaguely autistic. Hopefully, we’re not slagging someone whose brain literally doesn’t function like most people. Trying to figure out social norms when you are getting few if any social cues is damn difficult. And if those cues are smack talk from other players, well, we reap what we sow.

  12. And even so, the guy who suicided at the very start without doing any damage, still got more XP than half the enemy team.

    • The rewards just for winning is a bit too high me thinks. But sometimes if you soak up damage early on that actually gives your team an advantage, and the time used to kill the exp pinjata was definitely time the team could use to get into position and start doing damage to real players.

  13. I love watching a 20% team hype themselves up in chat and work at a team to become a steamroller

    • As long as you give it your best that’s all one can do. That’s why I stopped using xvm, started having better games once I stopped caring about stats. Especially since recent statistics can very wildly from what’s shown. For example my friend’s overall stats are like 50% wnr but in the past 1k battles he averages like almost 60%. So you never really know

    • I don’t think all the communication in the world would get a full team of 20% players to win anything.

    • @Shaw Fujikawa I was in that team, I was in an at2 and the only player not utterly red on xvm

  14. Imagine a not-too-distant future where AI backed apps, leveraging ‘big data’ about our lives, tell people their expected chances at succeeding or failing at various things – exams, making friends, matching with a partner, suffering an illness or tragedy…
    edit: Imagine that information somehow being made public.

  15. And this is why, my favorite insult for when people rage quit like this is , “And nothing of value was lost.”

  16. Don’t forget that he was able to drop the wr of 11 other players down to 24% in over 40 games. That’s an extraordinary feat!

  17. Jingles: “You might remember what was arguably the worst player in World of Tanks. I featured him twice”
    Me: “Hang on, I don’t remember being featured by Jingles”

  18. The GK also deserves quite a lot of credit. Being an underdog, with only less than 1k left, he made the right decision and he is responsible for the team’s win apart from the Yami. And he also got 3 kills and was second in xp meaning he did a fair amount of dmg.

  19. “The result of the battle is being manipulated”
    “yes… by you… the carrier that just suicided for no reason…”

  20. In case of the Richthofen: “Thats not stat shaming, that’s animal research!” – A wise potato

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