World of Warships- Louisiana First Impressions: “Look At How They Massacred My Boy”

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new TX American battleship, the Louisiana! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
2:38 Ship Armor
4:36 Ship Stats
7:16 Ship Consumables
8:19 Commander & Module Build
12:19 Gameplay Review


  1. You just know WG is going to make a supership for this line… that oughta be “fun”.

  2. So in Summery, they are US BBs, with a Flight Deck, which along with its “standard” heal gives its worse survivability in exchange for being able to Launch a Squadron of HE Bombers that Could use a Nerf to their Accuracy. Unfortunately Sea Lord, WG only seems to know how to do one thing anymore and that is PUMP OUT NEW CONTENT, MORE AND MORE SHIPS! Hybrid ships and “ship skills” are just the latest Toys for them to Sell and pump out. I have no doubt in my mind that will Soon become Submarines, hell we already have a STEEL Submarine.

    My Condolences to your state and the other states for being bearing the Imagine of these ABOMINATIONS!

  3. you dont mention one of the greatest advantages in this new patch to this line in particular. If there is no CV in the game, you can farm spotting damage. I can see at 17:45 that while you only have about 40k damage done, you have 95k spotting, putting your total at 135k combined. Spotting is now an immensely rewarded metric.

  4. Admiral Prince Eric

    I’m so exciting ahead for this ship on getting for grinding ahead

  5. Gotta love how port side has 4 extra secondaries shooting…

  6. Great review as always! That bombing reticle was so small I had trouble seeing it on my phone lmao

  7. To me, the Hybrid Battleship line is the Star Destroyer line…

  8. I’ve only got one US ship, and that’s the Kearsarge, so no, I’m not grinding US hybrids. However, I did want to say how much fun it is to play “Trouble In The Hot Tub”! Absolutely hilarious 7 v 7 brawl with ducks that actually really helps progress with the Battle Pass. My ships will get a rest and my ducks will battle!

  9. Theory is simple – “If they built the hybrids, sooner or later they would’ve been reworked into drone carriers, hence the supership will have an autonomous fire-and-forget drone squadron”

  10. For coop/operations build, i recommend dropping concealment expert and getting Focus Fire Training (better AA and faster aircraft, anti-submarine reload) and enhanced Gun Feeder for 60% faster shell types switching. Altho with how dumb bots are, you might as well grab Long-Range Secondary Battery Shells lmao.
    The concealment module remains mandatory – It buffs both ship AND aircraft concealment.

  11. I think it would be cool if the airplane elevator (on the port side) was a module that could be damaged and prevent launching more planes until it was Repaired.

  12. So…hypothetically…how far out can you get the secondaries if you spec into a secondary build and add the secondaries flag??
    Does it have the auto-enabled anti-sub planes like CV’s have?

  13. Looks pretty good, Sealord sounded upset that it didn’t suck!

  14. I’m with you, man. I’m from Louisiana too. Would have loved an actual Louisiana and not this bastardized monstrosity. They could have made up any name for this ship and given us the real Louisiana sku of the Monty. Smh…

  15. Michael Greenburg

    I saw one in a match erase a full health Conda, not a set either. So balanced……

  16. I was in a dd in one game, they had a cv, this thing, golden leew, and the tier 8 version. I was spotted the whole game.

  17. I had 2 of the damn things ruin a game for me yesterday. CV + 2 of them on the opposing team, while I’m in my Halland. Why should they be scared of losing planes when they just get some more in a minute. Way too many aircraft in the game.

  18. The t3 AA captain skill will lower the plane refresh time; worth getting

  19. Just a fair warning- Nebraska is, by far, one of the worst high tier ships in the game in my opinion; the guns are so unreliable as to be nearly useless. My shining example of this is when I missed 4-5 salvos on a non moving, fully broadside Prinz Eungen at 10km. Every single shell went either over or under, it was infuriating!

    The Delaware is slightly better than Nebraska, but the gun accuracy is still annoying at best

  20. It’s not an abomination, it’s a battlestar.

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