World of Warships – Loving New Look RN DDs – Work In Progress

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Checked out the updated version of the Daring in 7.8, super excited after the experience. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Daring Replay – Discord Server


  1. Harugomo is OP AF

  2. “Look at that, look at that acceleration! No other DD’s gonna do that.”
    Notser’s slowly turning into Vince from the Shamwow commercials.

  3. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    What??? 360 degree Turret Traverse?
    Meanwhile IJN Cruisers with pyramid mounts dream of such shit.
    British DDs look lit now. I’m happy they didn’t add anything cancerous cough cough super heals (like what wg did with British BBs).

    • Those turrets weren’t capable of turning 360°

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Brendyn Bartos I guess I’ve learnt something new. Thanks.

    • The heal cancerous…. no lol the freaking HE pen and damage is cancerous with british bbs, the heal is needed because they freaking damage piñatas.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      But that’s RN for you – god tier HE in general – which is historically accurate.
      What is cancerous is stealth than can outspot hindenburgs and print new ship heal.

    • I don’t know if the Mk6 turrets on the Darings were capable of 360 degree traverse, but that capability was certainly present on many unbuilt postwar designs such Cruiser-Destroyer designs between 1949-53, and the 1960 Cruiser Designs (which were designed in 1948.) The issue with heavy gun mountings such as the Mk26 on the Tiger class and the unbuilt 5″/70 designs on the postwar cruisers and destroyers, were that they would build up momentum when traversing, meaning that they would either have to slow down, affecting anti-aircraft performance, or ships would have to have mountings with the ability to traverse 360 degrees at all elevations.

  4. Can you possibly play
    Lower tier rn dds

  5. Another CC I can see totally loving these DDs as they are now is Buisness6. Watch what Biz can do with Mino then you’ll be able recognize what an absolute terror he could be with these DDs too. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this line now, the opposite to before the adjustments, which are transformative. Its gone from meh… to Wow!

  6. Wow. Rare to see a match like this. One team completely wipe out while the other one didn’t even have a single casualties. 😀

    • Come to SEA server. I played three games in a row which were similar

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah in ASIA server, I just had a T7-9 match that ended in 5 minutes. Our 2 DDs ignored spotting, and sneaked straight to enemy base. Ironically they sailed in the middle of Hotspot map, but not a single enemy made it back to their base because the rest of us kept them busy enough on both outside flanks. Only 2 casualities on the enemy team (one DD & Baltimore) while none in our team died.

  7. *Heart of Oak Intensifies*

  8. Look at this whitewash on the enemy team… It’s so staple right now in wows. It’s either you get script teammates and you have do all the hard work and lose or you complain your god tier teammates leaving nothing for you to shoot at and end a mediocre game. I can totally imagine Flambass having a brain meltdown if he were on the enemy team.

  9. Hey Notser could you do a video on the mid level british DD’s. to show their strengths etc.. I do not play T10 and hardly any T9 so an curious about the T5 to T8!!

  10. Side of Garlic Bread

    Cool, another high fire chance HE spamming ship to punish those pesky battleships and heavy cruisers that come in 12kms. HE spam in warships will become what arty is in tanks.

  11. It’s technical British description is “NIPPY”

  12. TheForgottonLegend

    Is the campbeltown gonna be affected by this?

  13. Cool, another he spammer line
    Hopefully with soviet bbs we will have 10000 tons ap

  14. So they pretty much killed of both Shima and Gearing in one strike? Why would anyone play the Gearing over this?

    • T_T First the Khaba overshadows the gunboating capabilities of Gearing and then Harugumo puts the final nail in it and now Daring outmaneuvers the Gearing. This is why I don’t wanna grind multiple lines. What’s the point? Powercreep is the Overlord of this game.

    • Just got the Gearing ?

    • When new line come, comrade get with free xp and vodka. Da.

  15. im not a big fan of this british acceleration. it doesnt make any sense. how would be only british ships able to accelerate so fast…and yeah. i know this is an arcade. but still it has to keep some logic

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Same reason why German HE has 1/4 of caliber pen value, or why US ships have cancerous AA, or Japanese DDs can stealth-torping without concealment build from tier 2, or Russian CL & CA have “railgun” ballistic.

    • US ships had cancerous AA irl, german HE can represent better shell quality (not sure if that was the case however) and russians did have railguns. but how can you make ship accelerate faster than the virtually same one or not loosing speed in turns? thats just miraculous technology. was UK run by aliens during WW2?

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      In-game wise, I think the acceleration is to compensate the “paper” armor (I know Russian cruisers are also squishy but their bows are better armored than the British ones) and short main gun range.

      It barely has anything to do with rl because the same weakness is kinda overexaggerated in the game.

    • still it doesnt seem right. the proper equivalent in my eyes would be like to give some line consumable which would allow you to sail sideways…but radar able to spot ships through islands is maybe good analogy too

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Well, the great acceleration has its fatal drawback which is incompatible on the wrong hands. British cruisers has the worst deceleration problem that the ships have trouble to brake to full stop when needed especially when they need to smoke themselves. They will have to be slow enough prior to smoking which render them to be vulnerable against someone who aims better than the average. French cruisers can just wiggle around to decelerate while US, German, and Japanese cruisers have decent brakes.

  16. Thank god, tier10 DD is OP, so we all can waste our doubloons on it to free xp it

  17. Oh man I didn’t expect this match to be put into a vid just a couple of hours after it happened. I was the Harekaze on your team Notser. Am honored to have fought in this match with you. And oh shit I didn’t realise my torpedo launch on the Baltimore ruined your own torpedo Salvo… I am so sorry

  18. This game has turned into World of Flames!! Another fast fire HE Spammer! Sounds of more and more fun……by the Way a 3000 ton Ship get to full speed in 10 seconds is realy realistic….I’m done with that game! There are a lot of other real good games out now like Post Scriptum! A lot of more fun to play!!

  19. Ok…forget Japanese line and American…welcome to World of Latest Lines and OP’ed Premiums. This is what killied tanks…thanks Notser for your hard work…

  20. Definitely add baked in torp spread and acceleration to gallant. Can’t do it to Haida but it would be nice

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