World of Warships – Luck of the Draw

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Todays’ battle is all about the ending, an ending so close you couldn’t squeeze a hair between the two teams. Place your bets now, which team will win?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Last time I was this early, this was still the Bohemian Eagle.

  2. 6:41 those symptoms are so on point

  3. Jingles: this video will keep you on the edge of your seat
    Me: *goes to the **21:10** mark*
    Jingles: *Wait. That’s illegal.*

  4. Since getting a ‘Result like this’ in WoWs is so difficult. There should be an Achievement/medal for it.

  5. ive had a couple draws in the early days…

  6. Don’t remember having a draw in any of my 6k+ games, maybe some early ones but certainly not in recent memory

  7. Ekhm… draws used to be super common back in the earlier days… don’t you remember? Wait… I forget who I am talking to <3

  8. JustAFriendlyMetalhead

    6:40 had me dying LOL HAHAHAH

  9. The oldest players will remember getting draws quite frequently when Standard battles didn’t run via points and both teams failing to cap the enemy base in time resulted in a draw no matter how many ships had been sunk. Kind of surprised Jingles forgot or didn’t bring that up.

  10. Dear Jingles: Please continue to troll console peasants with ‘joypad’. Also, the PS4 is a joypad with a pad of joy…

    • The renaissance man

      Well now I do play both systems Pc and PS4 aswell and dont care much for labels, anyways I usually refer it as dualshock controller or DC .. btw awesome clip once more old man, I mean I swear you could ear the belfast leaking in the background ;D

    • Frankly I didn’t mind. I thought joypad was the same as controller anyways.

  11. aQuestionableQuestion

    2:06 c’mon Jingles…she’s a down tiered Edinburgh with HE, not a Fiji

  12. 15:03 – Rita starts running water in the next room xD

  13. This game was really questionably played. Mistakes everywhere

    • I make enough mistakes myself. But failure to finish off enemy ships is basic. Sometimes I think when it’s really close and you need poi it’s to win and you have players that hang back it’s because they are thinking about their stats. They know the battle is going to go down as a loss but if they can keep from getting sunk that’s fine. It’s as bad as the people that either hang back the whole game or let somebody else reduce an enemy ship to the point they only need one more shot to get sunk while you got shot up yourself and before you can get your next salvo off they slip one in and get the kill.

    • @dabrepus unicum? He isn’t even an average player. He is a wallet warrior dishing out for an expensive OP ship and expects others to carry him. Yet, I bet he is the first to complain about someone not hacking it.

    • @Shengyan Hu He is probably using his normal Brit cruiser captain in the Belfast so no IFHE skill.

    • ‘Competence on the battlefield is a myth. The side which screws up next to last wins, it’s as simple as that.’ -Lord General Zyvan.

    • Quantum Shock yeah, got me too, but not as badly as when the Izmail was broadside and he kept insisting on firing he for the shatters rather than ap at the upper belt.

  14. The player here made some really questionable choices in this match and his aim was just horrible. It should have been a bit of a waffle stomp if he’d been able to aim and not sail right up to enemy battleships when there are islands around.

    • Yeah the lack of adjustment to the first DD engagement made me cringe pretty hard lol. Couldn’t see that his rounds were way to stern and kept the same lead, smh…

    • Yeah, kinda shows how good the Belfast is. Darkfreak played like garbage, he couldn’t aim for shit and made constant bad decisions. The game going badly definitely wasn’t on him, but it was worse off than it should have been because he couldn’t secure kills.

    • Thank you, he never adjusted his aim after firing a salvo he just shot and shot and shot. That Fiji wouldve been dead meat if he adjusted his aim during the first fight.

  15. Oh Jingles. You’re too old. We used to have draws back in the day remember? When stars were young, civilization was a toddler and WoWs was a very new and unbalanced game. 🙂 I remember a lot of draws actually.

  16. My dad years and years ago: “Well son, if you want to learn about how camo works in WoT you should watch this video by this guy named Jingles”
    Today: I haven’t missed a video since and my Jingles mug sits above the monitor 😛

    • nice, i actually got here in my early days of playing wot, wondering wether the tanks i was looking at were good or not, i now know that jingles is old and crap, back then i thought he knew everything, my mistake lol.

  17. “So close you couldn’t squeeze a hair between the two teams.” Haven’t watched it as I write this, but its probly a draw, isn’t it? Jingles you ruthless man you

    Edit: Called it!

  18. wow darkfreak needs to learn to lead his targets, so many missed shells hitting behind the enemy

  19. “Alright, we’ll call it draw!” Monte Python and the Holy Grail

  20. Me: ‘watches to the end of the video’
    Also me: ‘sees title of video again’
    “Jingles you cheeky bastard, it was under my nose the whole time!”

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