World of Warships: Lucky Midway Game

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A very lucky match in the Midway. I manage to catch out two DDs early and outplay the other Hakuryuu.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US Midway.


  1. Where were U So long Time?

  2. Welcome back 🙂

  3. Attention, Aerroon is back.

  4. i love carrier games

  5. Luck or skills?

  6. Well no point playing midway anymore dady

  7. Hmm, atleast aerroon is alive.. Flamu and Notser have been dead. WOWs community where are you^^

  8. Khaba was 1st of this game because he cap 😉

  9. Nice review GG

  10. Do you prefer Hakuryu or Midway?

    • Midway right now. If Hakuryuu becomes equal in fighter power them I’d prefer the Haku.

    • What is a chance that it will happen? Btw. Theoretically Haku has higher alpha damage, but why? Both CVs have the same amount of torpedo bombers at the same time, but additionally Midway has diving bombers that can deal up to 30k dmg per single strike.

  11. glad you re back 😉

  12. I’m glad you uploaded a video again and Aerroon. You could of just uploaded games from streams

  13. Nice to see you uploading again, streams are fun as always 😉

  14. Like a BosS….:).

  15. You know aerroon’s back when he calls Missouri “Misery” 😉

  16. Kraken confed hical 2 devas on DD: not even 2500 exp
    CV eco boiz

  17. welcome back buttface , i missed ur CV games <3

  18. it was great 8 hours of streaming on Twitch, thanks Aerroon 🙂 torpedUUuuuUUUuuuU <3

  19. Requesting divisions with flambass.

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