World of Warships LUL #4

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Now with even more citadels!

MalteseKnight Funny Moments

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment or a like. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

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  1. Malta is litteraly having more citadels when firing blindly than when seeing the ennemies?????

    WG nerf pls?????

  2. How broken is yahagi?

  3. How broken is Cyclone man..

  4. yeah boiiiiii , keep them coming dude !!!!!!

  5. Holy cheat hacks on those blind cit shots! I honestly don’t know how you get yourself into the situations that you do, but they sure are entertaining 😂


  6. Bro, i love your content. A good player and very funny. Outstanding

  7. In the upcoming black friday event, should I get Tirpitz B (it can’t die) or Chkalov B (it is CV)

  8. Glad to see the Community’s Clips going to good use! Keep up the work Malta. Sure is a good break from reality having a couple laughs here.

  9. Can we get more Submarine Cheeseburgers in the stream? i love to see them getting dunked on. Nice Clips, the ones with the facecam are extra expressive

  10. 6:22 I did play like that! my laptop’s screen was such low resolution that the overlays overlapped with each other. though not as exaggerated, maybe

  11. same reaction when i used stalin shoot on netsky at point’ blank and just got 4 overpen

  12. Malta is the only dude entertaining enough to put up compilations like these even semi-regular, never mind as often as this… wargamingwargamingwargaming!

  13. I love the LUL video series 🤣🤣🥰

  14. 1:47
    Let me tell you a story
    Back when I was a gunnery officer, I had to aim at a ship, unspotted, in the middle of a storm.
    The seas were rough that day, but 2 shells still hit in the citadel


  16. JulianeProductions HD-ish

    you are the only one who looks like they actually enjoy playing the game, I love it lmao

  17. I definitely want a meme ship called HMS Copium or Kekw. 🤣💀

  18. HMS Copium! HMS KekW! We can’t lose!

  19. Hysterically funny bro. I lol’d several times. True story btw. 😂

  20. Ricardo KolenboerNL

    Nice compilation malta, always enjoy them.

    Greetings from the land of “motorversterking” 🤣

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