World of Warships- Lumbago

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Today, Battleflower shows us the origin of his back pains.

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. 1:43 Jingles, is that you???

  2. Aww that Mogador ish so cute :3

  3. The Republic probably switched over to HE because he was most likely pissed off with the amount of over pens. That bayard benefited hugely from that bullshit mechanic. Some games it seems cruisers are immune form AP. Of course not taking anything away from Battleflower very good play from him.

    • At a certain point a lack of armor almost becomes armor all its own. Had a Minnie eat over half my health in a Yammy until he turned away from me 3 salvos (of mine) later and I finally started getting pens and cits…

  4. Even after this video finished I kept hearing “battleflower……..battleflower”…… use they, them, ship name more 😉

  5. Sea lord you are correct: the Mino is a tier X British destroyer while the Mogador is a tier IX French cruiser 😉

  6. “Lumbago, really? It’s a slow and painful death, my brother.”

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