World of Warships // Lushun / “Because sometimes not smoking is bad for you”

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We get it, you don’t vape.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. You aren’t rubbish. Your weariness can be explained this way: Since January of 2000 each year has contained 15 months.

  2. The whole pan-Asian tech tree seems to be quite easy to sum up.

    Russian but worse.

  3. A couple of frustrating games. Take care, keep trying to feel better.

  4. You are not crap, Jedi. You’re rad.

  5. It must have been your selfless self-sacrifice in the first game that inspired your team mates? Smoke is fine, it’s the bursting into flames I find incendiary.

  6. Being run down doesn’t make you crap – as otherwise I am *INCREDIBLY* crap most of the time!

    Thanks for the video, and we are happy to wait for your videos – as they are worth it!

  7. What was your thinking when you specced it for torps rather than guns? I’ve got it but haven’t tried it out yet, was convinced it was a budget version of Småland and should have everything you can put into its guns? You did seem quite successful with your deep waters tho so maybe it makes more sense…

  8. I have found that expecting backup from BB players
    is usually futile
    much better off going with the cruisers
    but sadly it’s not always possible for one reason or another

  9. 1st battle was a cooker
    the top 4 players really did a bang up job on the enemy team
    but YOU Jedi
    were the inspiration for them to rise to the occasion

    😺 Sammy helped too

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