World of Warships- Lutjens Review

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Today I discuss the new Heroic German Commander Lutjens, enjoy!

Outro Music- “Stranger Think” C418

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  1. That Captain was made for one reason and one reason only Gap Zeppelin to sell that motherfuking aircraft carrier

    • Why, he doesn’t do a lot on a Zeppelin ?!

    • Sons of Odin World of warships

      @ForceM1782 every 3rd ship spotted = firework. Spot 12 ships start of game with planes.

    • @ForceM1782 zeppelin benefits on his 3 special captain skill:
      3 Spotting ribbon = heal hp
      Aircraft service increase by 30% After 100 hits with aircrafit (i think)

      And secondary reload increase by 15% after hitting 100 times with her secondary

      And also there is a boost for captain skill tree, i think it was the engine boost increase.

    • @ForceM1782 he dosnt “DO ALOT” any where lol

    • I think GZ is one of the better preiums though. She is not overpowered by any means, she provides an unique playstile and she is fun.

  2. I slammed my Lutjens on my Nurnberg (though I am taking him with me as I move up the line)…
    I feel like he is pretty okay on there…
    Sure, you are a lot less likely to get that secondary reload but damn, that main armament reload and those hitpoints restoration are really nice…
    It’s not optimal but it feels a lot more useful on my glorious german cruisers than on a BB.

  3. The fact that he’s 175k coal i don’t find it really worth it when you can get thunderer Smolensk Georgia Jean Bart i don’t see it really worth it.. same with the russian commander

  4. I think he works best with the Graf

  5. J sounds like a Y in German.

  6. Not worth it just go buy a Georgia or buy kuznetzov

  7. The main gun trait really should be something like guns under X require the 120 MG hits, and guns over X require like 60 or w/e. At least it would let him compete a bit more with the 2 lives russian captain.

    Also, they probably want to try not tying his skill to awards because it lets them proc in Co-op and Scenarios, and some people only play those. So its probably to get those people to buy him. Its just unfortunate his skills are kinda bleh to activate.

    I use him on Graf, get the plane and secondary talents to proc, which is hilarious.

  8. Sons of Odin World of warships

    He is pretty shit because secondaries are pretty shit. Tracers look nice though..

  9. Waste of coal The End

  10. Seems Gunter was make as a jack of all trades commander.
    The spotting skill for DD’s (works throughout a match and you can get multiple spotting ribbons off of the same target if it remains unspotted for more than 45sec). The main battery trait is also achievable for DD’s.
    The obvious carrier skills and trait of the enhanced boost duration.
    The secondary trait is made for the BB’s
    The main gun trait is for the light cruisers with the 150mm guns including the upcoming premium ship.

  11. Well i got Thunderer for that amount of coal with coupon. I would maybe take him if i had absolutely no coal ships to buy left. Maybe…

  12. Had all the coal ships I wanted and was getting all the snowflakes, so I got Lutjens… him on my PEF in scenarios….can get the secondaries time and again, but have yet to get the main battery boost.

    • For battleships, you might have a better time with a Scharnhorst or the new Odin when she comes out. I’m looking forward to trying Lutjens out on a Mainz. After 140 main battery hits and Adrenaline Rush kicking in, we’re looking at like a 3-4 second reload on those bad boys.
      Actually, I see Odin being the best choice for Lutjens.

    • @R Blinson Tried him on Scharn… have him there for Narai. It gets good for Scharn….but that’s only one out of 4 weeks, the other three are PEF

  13. I am hoping they fix manual secondaries so that it does not stop normal firing at the closest enemy ship on the non-manually targeted side as it does now. That would do a lot for the game and also make the secondary buff on him easier to trigger for BB’s.

  14. He might be good in the Mainz when that is released.

  15. I think he should have been a pure BB captain. Sure he started his career on torpedo boats in WWI so his “skills” are… well, let’s say explainable, but he’s famous for BBs.
    The skills he has are kind of nice, but I thin WG should have released two different captains, Lutjens for BBs and somebody else for DDs and cruisers.
    I’m definitely NOT spending a half a year worth of coal on a captain that can only use half of his skills on any ship I put him on.

  16. They also made Admiral Halsey, who was known for commanding carriers, useless as a carrier commander.

  17. I bought Kuzetsnov for 175k, but Lutjens isn’t worth it at all. So I bought myself a Georgia instead.

  18. At least WG got the history right. Lütjens was serving on torpedo boats most of his career even as an Admiral. He was in command of a light cruiser (Karlsruhe) but technically never Captain of a battleship. Only in his last 2 years he was in charge of flotillas including battleships. So if WG made him a destroyer Captain there’s nothing to blame.

  19. Gunter Lutjens is literally designed to encourage aggressive, multilateral Graf Zeppelin play. Make it an “attack carrier”. Put him in and keep up with your team. Help cap. Those secondaries are L E T H A L.

  20. 6:59 When you got spooked by that Georgia lmao

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