World of Warships – Lyon First Impression

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Trying out the Lyon Battleship, ship has 16 guns and ended up being pretty fun to play. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII French Battleship Lyon Replay


  1. I don’t get why WG hates the French Navy so much, but hell this one seems nice !

    • With NM, Arizona and Queen Elizabeth, if you are on the wrong side of a tier 8 map, it will take you a good portion of the game to relocate. Meanwhile you are not shooting at anything.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      VuHien2011 That’s why you don’t lemming to the wrong side xD this (what you said) is the only reason why the ship is decent at server stats since the average lemming idiot can use her mobility to make up for their lack of positioning amd awareness, but a good player gonna do much better with battleships that have good guns

    • It is not necessarily lemming. Right at the bat, some ships are spawned in the wrong location of the map, (best example is Land of fire where there is always a ship that is spawned in an extreme corner) also, there is a game dynamism. As enemy ships and teammates ships are moving around, the location where the action is, is moving constantly. If you cannot keep up, you are out of the game. By the way, you are contradicting with AD CD. He said that only good players are playing Dunkerque, which is why it has the second highest win rate of tier 6 BB while you say that it is noob friendly because it allows you to relocate if you do a mistake. LOL!

    • Honestly, I think that the Dunkerque needs some sort of accuracy buff to its guns. (Heck, I think that a number of premium BBs need this.) It’s frustrating to pay real money for a premium BB and end up with a ship whose guns are maddeningly inconsistent. I’m not really looking for them to be outstandingly accurate, but less maddening would be a nice thing.

    • VuHien, you point out perhaps the biggest problem with tier 6 BBs (as well as a couple of the tier 7 BBs), and that’s their low speed when bottom tier and on many of the maps you can see in tier 8 battles. The low speed isn’t a tactical issue so much as it’s a strategic issue. That is, if you’re in range with your guns, you’re pretty much OK. But it’s getting there in the first place that can be a problem at times.

  2. RIP Colorado 🙁

  3. They fucked up by placing Dunkerque as a premium and this strange thing as a regular ship.
    They should be swapped.

    • Tamas, enough of the same play style with all those ships with guns in the front.

    • VuHien2011 that’s a good point but for me immersion is playing with/against ships made in real life since (for me again) this game is about playing with some history, feeling that piece if history ?

    • But how would they have made strassbourg work? The only diffrence between Dunkerque and Strassbourg, is that stras had 280mm belt armor & Dunkerque 220. Wich wouldnt have made much diffrence anyway. Buff her AA? Then we have to go paper hull for strassbourg and give her guns she never recieved.
      Lyon is a paper ship…Well atleast this one was actually planned to build, to have WW1 stop her from being constructed.

    • If you only want to play with ships that did exist, you remove 1/3 of all the ships and all the tier 10 BBs except the Yamato. Only the Iowa and MO exist in real life for tier 9 BB. And none of the real ships are specs exactly like in the real life.

    • No, but the fucked up by giving a ship that was desgined with 23kts in mind 28 kts. There is no way the hull would allow that, even if you did fit more modern machinery inside it.

  4. Notser its not fun, its OVERPOWERED, of course its fun for you but this ship is not fair at all. Nerf is urgent

    • It has the lowest sigma in the game and the smallest guns at that tier terrible torpedo defense and not so good secondary’s the only good thing about this ship is the fact it has 16 guns

    • Niko Clesceri pretty much sums it up. And this guy still wants a nerf?

    • Plus add the upper casemate that seems armored enough to take insane damage from AP shells kinda like the octogonal citadel front of Yamato, if you can’t aim for the hull, aim for the casemate below first gun turret, you’ll do insane damage there.

    • For once, a French ship that WG did not ruin. If you do an extra nerf for the sake of balance, then buff all the other ships, especially the fictitious France and the Gascogne.

    • +Ghostof Razgriz1 Why don’t I try bowtanking in my Myoko… oh yeah… right…
      +Everyone Do any of you play cruisers? For it isn’t the multi- citadel salvo that kills you at the start of the game, if you’re not an absolute broadsiding idiot, that is (contrary to many HMS Conqueror captains), it’s the several salvoes that overmatch your armour, be that the belt, deck, or bow/ stern armour, and smash through to your citadel. It is so common for my cruisers to dodge all of the enemy BB’s shells, except for the one shell, that RNGesus says FK U! with, and cits you. (Not to mention the other double cit salvoes due to the sheer number of shells downrange.) Contrary to popular belief, CA’s pray just as much to RNGesus than BB’s, for every time a BB fires. It’s either instant death > double cit > cit with AP pens > cit > AP pens > (Extremely unlikely) overpens and pens > (Almost non- existent, unless potato aim with that many shells, but even then, who knows?)

  5. Richelieu for the next vid pls 😀

  6. “DEEP deep in the ship”

  7. Josy Naemi Köhler

    I really dislike the Tier 6 and Tier 7 slots for the French. Normandie is absolutely nonsense, and could not possibly work. She is way to fast for a ship of this size. Even if you could fit a better machinery, you would have to remove the center turret, like the Italians did for the Conte di Cavour. In addition the optical design doesn’t work either, you again can not trunk the funnels together, because you have that turret in the way, unlike for example the Bayern-B-Hull.
    And for Lyon… why the hell did WG sacrifice a real, existing ship, the second, heavier armored Dunkerque sister Strasbourg, for another fantasy monstrosity? Not to mention, well, that er performence is quite questionable compared to many other existing ships….

    • I agree that Normandie’s speed is nonsensical. And that Strasbourg would’ve been a natural fit for Tier 7.

    • Josy Naemi Köhler

      I do believe, Strasbourg would work fine at Tier 7 though, pretty much like Scharnhorst and KGV, who also have much smaller guns than the rest. With a bit modified ROF Strasbourg essentially would be a softer, but potentially more dangerous Scharnhorst. And today we have multiple sister ships in different tiers. König Albert, Mutsu, Ashitaka, Musashi. Strasbourg is a modified Dunkerque, yet those changes could justify uptiering her.

      I know, that Lyon was an existing yet unfinished design, but, aside from the turret layout, the ship in the game has nothing to do with the design at all. I would have prefered existing ships every day. That techtree is just… well, not that great. With having just 3 comissioned ships in total…

    • Strasbourg is what I was wanting at Tier 7. A slightly more durable Dunkerque with faster reload and better accuracy would’ve been a lot of fun.

      I also think that Bretagne and Normadie feel overtiered. Wargaming probably put Bretagne at Tier 5 because Orion is overpowered at Tier 4, but Bretagne is weaker than Orion and has terrible HE (with the broken HE being what makes Orion so ridiculous).

      Normandie without the nonsensical speed buff (as designed the ship was only expected to make 21-22 knots) should’ve been able to be Tier 5. She’d have 2 more guns than New York and Iron Duke, but the guns are individually worse. And the turret layout of the real design was slightly worse than the version Wargaming created, since the amidships turret pointed backwards and would’ve had much worse forward firing angles than what it’s got in the game now. At worst she could be given a nerf to the reload if 12 guns is too strong for that tier.

      Trying to fit Lyon into Tier 6 would be more problematic, since 16 guns is a pretty ridiculous amount. But I think nerfing the reload to around 35 seconds, leaving the speed at an as-designed 23 knots, and nerfing the armor so that it’d be a bit of a glass cannon could’ve done the trick.

      I also wish they would’ve put the real Danton instead of the fake “Turenne” at Tier 3. Putting a pre-dreadnought at Tier 3 would’ve been something unique. And Danton was large and well-armed for a pre-dreadnought, so if they could implement a way to manually aim the 240mm secondaries (as in, with the same aiming reticle as the main guns, not just ctrl-clicking a target) that shouldn’t be *too* underpowered. And seeing as there’s already a mechanism for switching between guns and torpedoes, it shouldn’t be too hard to set up a switch between main guns and large-caliber secondaries.

    • Josy Naemi Köhler

      There was even a Dreadnought design of Danton, which had 2×2 and 6×1 gun turrets, which was rejected, since it had a lower broadside weight, and the french naval command underestimated the range, future naval engagements would take place and would have slightly crossed the 18k ton limit.
      This would have given France a unique Tier 3 Dreadnought vessel, instead of Kawachi 3.0…
      No idea, why they used their fantasy version, instead one, that was actually considered.

    • I guess they were thinking that the actual dreadnought-ized Danton design would be underpowered since it would have a 7-gun broadside while every other Tier 3 BB has 8. But even it would’ve been a little bit weaker than the others, who cares? It’s Tier 3, you grind past it in a handful of games. And they could always make up for loss of a single gun with slight buffs to accuracy, concealment, or rate of fire.

  8. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Just the typical wargaming powercreep nothing new here, just like in world of tanks (or british battleships, or the germans at release), they put in a new line as op as possible, lure players to spend free xp and money, then nerf them back to oblivion 😀

    • Tamás Kerecsényi this is a different kind of ship, not just outright powerful. Atleast its not a braindead HE spammer.

    • People still could say that braindead HE spammers are a different kind of ships, they burn ships instead of playing other meta

    • teru faye people would be wrong if they said that. Battleships should not be firing HE all the goddamn time. It might be a different kind of play-style, but that doesnt make it a good one. The Lyon, however, has 16 low calibre guns. Its easy to defend against it. How do you defend yourself against that god awful Conqueror?

  9. isn’t it pronounced lion?

  10. 16 Guns? Power Creep forever. WoWs its going same way than Wot with ships like this. Its not fun for others Notser, its OP. Pls can you tell us the fire chances? Nice vid.

    • Re: Flambass game:

      So 80hits + 2citadels = 112K damage. Sure that’s high damage, but it’s high number of hits – average damage per hit is 1.2k if you ignore the citadels, and the citadels only came in on cruiser hits. If you compare that to a Colorado or Nagato 16″ guns – they put less rounds down range and achieve fewer hits, but they’re quite capable of putting out that damage level, because they will average a higher damage per shell – fewer ricochet, fewer shatters, more pens.

    • A well played Colorado will chew that thing up and spit it out 1v1. Not really a bad move to have a anti-cruiser BB at tier 7 IMO, Colorado and Nagato are largely anti-BB, as is Gneiseneau and KGV. If those were 15” guns, I’d agree with you 200%, but that thing is gonna struggle like all hell when up tiered.

    • Oh yeah – I found the KGV struggles when up tiered, those 14″ guns result in a lot of shatters on tier VIII and IX boats.

    • Neil Harbott Yep, and KGV has Uber fire chance, 25 second reload, awesome belt armor, good aa when built up, and best in tier concealment helping her out. Unless this thing runs into heavy light cruiser games, it’s gonna have to just sling HE up high, even on cruisers at times. Seal clubber against tier 5s, but equivalent to a New Orleans against Des Moines when up tiered.

    • RIP CA’s 2018

  11. You mention not having a great game in a tier 8 but you have a great game in the tier 7 – why not show the tier 7 game which is average which many of us will be able to replicate and discuss the concerns? IMHO, only showing “great” games is good viewing but how many will be able to get to that point in the ship. I will not say it is OP until I see it in battle but will say that 16 rounds out in each broadside is a large power creep.

  12. ahh the next wallet rip off rom wg first op later comes the nerf

  13. But the question is… How fast do the French battleships reverse.

  14. useless against BBs but an absolute cruiser rapist

  15. God, Frenchs clearly didn’t know how to build good-looking ships; this thing is so bulky!

  16. I like the fast, moving playstyle, I like how there’s no bow-on camping and I like the video; but 16 guns… I’ll never be able to play Cleveland or Nürnberg comfortably again.

    I think Wargaming are spot on with more aggressive game play for this ship. However, maybe 16 guns plus 85 AA rating plus 30knot top speed are just too much together. Especially since this is a PRE-WWI BATTLESHIP DESIGN PROPOSAL (ie why does it get 30knot top speed and ferocious AA?).

    2018 Year of the Paper Boats.

    • +Nick Brevitz, If they give Conq the ability to overmatch 32mm bows, Yamato would be completely irrelevant, as Yamato has better accuracy, and can tank HE spam quite well, but Conq can put more fire downrange, is more flexible, cannot be citadelled, easily disconnects from incoming fire, is more maneuverable, has SUPA- Heal, mitigating all HE spam and the heal is quite able to beat out the whole DPS of a team focusing fire on it. All allowing Conq to put more shit downrange than Yamato, and nullifying Yamato’s accuracy advantage. Maybe they should just give conqueror the 457’s only, as that would get rid of a lot of cancer, and keeping the SUPA- heal, but giving less charges? Or making the heal less effective than other heals at mitigating AP pen damage…

      Other than the three you listed, I’d say HMS Troll’sfart, and Kutuzov are OP.

      +Goran Radosevic I see that shit at T5 with Iron Duke’s just broadsiding other BB’s stationary, and to think that they can’t be punished for doing such uninteresting, boring play, is really disappointing.

      This is off topic, but does anyone have tips for cyclone when you’re in CA’s? Particularly IJN ones?

      Cheers guys.

    • Goran Radosevic I agree that they’re a pain, but I can generally deal with them in my Montana on somewhat equal footing, at least on maps with cover to pop in and out of detection. USN AP in the right hands is a huge equalizer. An open map with lots of enemy DDs to spot for a Conquerer? No thank you, agree 100% and there needs to be a buff to the 457s to encourage that play style.
      But high and low? I don’t think Iron Duke, QE, KGV and Monarch are broken. KGV can get bow penned all day from every other tier 7 and above BB and can’t bow pen any BB over tier 5. QE is good but the turret rotation really sets it back IMO. Monarch can be… frustrating. Dispersion can be a problem and the fire chance is only 35%.

    • noobtotale I meant with the 457s, so only 8 guns, and nerf the fire chance to 40% or so on the 457s. That’d give players an option to do something other than HE spam. It wouldn’t make Yamato irrelevant, it’d give it another bow puncher. As it is right now, unless you’re a very, very good player, the 457s are a step down, so no one wants to use them. There needs to be an appeal to them you know?

    • noobtotale I meant OP BBs, trust me, I despise Kutuzov and Belfast more than anyone even though I’ve built my captains to where I can mitigate them.

    • She has only 8 guns, and not Yamato’s sigma, but without Yamato’s gun performance, and the crucial ability to overmatch 32mm of armour, Yamato would not have any role to play, as Conq, as I said earlier can survive for longer, and hence fire for longer with her stupid heal, and submarine citadel. One more gun on Yamato still doesn’t make up for this deficit. Then when you think about Yamato’s slow turret traverse, how Yamato turns, Yamato’s maneuverability, and Yamato’s poor AA (still weaker than Conq’s) Why would you ever choose a Yamato over Conq in competitive, or randoms, as Yamato just isn’t flexible enough. All Yamato really can do is set up in a corridor and bow tank, or snipe. Conqueror can’t really bowtank, but she can do everything else.

  17. This is a great video but I’m just wondering what’s better in your opinion. American battleship or an American aircraft carrier? Please reply

  18. So you telling me this thing can’t overmatching 25 mm bows? Hmmm… Prepare for the Atago bum rushes.

    • That’s when you switch to HE. Granted, the HE on Lyon is complete garbage (4700 alpha, 26% fire chance), but 16 guns worth of bad HE still adds up.

  19. Awesome can’t wait 🙂

  20. So… it’s French, and it’s ugly… That’s a first!

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