World of warships – Lyon MONSTER WiP

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  1. 2 minutes in B-29 / B-52 lol it’s B-17 Flying Fortress

  2. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Lyon seriously looks like an XL Pensacola…

  3. Best vid… ever!! 😀

    May the quads be with you! 😀

  4. Great gameplay with a great ship ! Merci 🙂

  5. Go Lyon!!!!!

  6. I must thank you Flambass! Your videos have saved my sanity! Have suffered heavily from critical error crashes lately and I ended up one win away from rank 1 :(. Could not even log on for a while without crashes. Your absolute insane play have made my Meme level of anger slightly lower. However, I do hope you will continue to provide it because my game after complete reinstall is still behaving like an 5-year old throwing tantrums and I have no idea why. So keep it up the Wows contributor who laughs the most 😀

    • You are very welcome and yes ofc I will keep providing videos , your laugh is my pleasure 😉

    • It does help when you get to test a ship that looks designed during a WG Vodka party. After watching this I think they designed it after like drinking a bottle each! This thing VS Colorado would be interesting 😉 or one sided

    • TheStone Not as one side as you might think. Colo gun and Nagato can pen this thing just like how Yamato can lolpen anything. ( Yes, I met one played by a Supertester, and I gave him 2 citadels from the nose from my Colorado)

    • Yeah Nagato and Colorado have good guns and I enjoy them the speed is whats holding the Colorado back for me. That`s why I think this ship is just more power creep at tier 7.

  7. xD I think I won’t sell that Ship after grinding. Gonna keep her, Richelieu and Alsace. But I won’t never buy this fucking France totally invented from nothing, except an old gun plan.

    • It seems 🙁 And it is more a personal feeling. I like ships that where in paper, never created but virtualy buildable (Montana, De Grasse in her 1938 configuration as in the game, etc.) But things like France or Henri 4… Meh… If I want fiction, I play Battlefleet Gothica…

    • Flambass I thought it was broken OP

    • Silentwolf Sherman

      well paper is paper, technically its still fictional since many of these french ships didnt exist.

    • Lyon, Alsace and France didn’t exist. But at last, Alsace class was designed and would have been built withtout the defeat. France is just a joke. “Oh guys, we found an old gun plan, let’s create a ship around it!”

  8. I love the sharnhorst for this kind of fun I don’t care trollish dispersion this is gonna be fun as hell!!!

  9. Now let’s see if you can still do this when being bottom tier against Tier 9 and 8 ships.
    IF so then it is trully an OP MONSTER.

  10. My genie AA build is a 96 with flag and the long range is 180 dps then manual kicks it to 360 dps and its longer range so before we claim this to be the new AA champ with its 6.2 km range 110 dps try maxing it and she what it can be because I’m not sold its better.

  11. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Almost felt like Flambass was deliberately missing just so WG wouldn’t nerf this ship too hard before release…. 😉

  12. FUCK!! Even the SHELLS HAVE GUNS on this thing!!

  13. How many times has Flambass came from seeing 16 shells in the air

  14. I love your enthousiasm in this match!! Epic play, epic vid

  15. The next T7 ranked will be full of these. I WANT ONE.
    10 citadels… 7 kills. Nice. Takes hits, repairs wells, good AA, 16 guns…. Why wouldn’t you want it.
    I bet this gets nerfedm, now or later.
    I think you are right, 20,000 gold would be cheap for this but as T7, thats a lot cheaper via the FXP route.
    WG…. more BB like this please.
    btw….building up my FXP….. 1 week away from the Missouri, I reckon 2 weeks maybe 3 until gone.

  16. “Where is that delete button, oh there it is”.

  17. I gave up on WoWs. I hate the inaccurate guns in that game. If i aim for a spot, i want the shell to land on THAT spot, and not 500 meters to the right or left.

    • Well even sniper rifles can miss (or ppl handling them) expecting huge caliber guns to hit a moving target over 20km in a spot of your choice sounds like science fiction, especially if you consider the age of these ships. I do understand what you’re saying but than this game is not for you as you stated yourself, cheers 😉

  18. That is a lot of guns at T7.

  19. But remember, AA is the “national flavor” of American BBs.

  20. At short range it’s a monster

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