World of Warships: Lyon Preview

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New French battleship Lyon’s preview. The ship feels quite literally hit or miss. Sometimes you hit a lot and hard, other times you don’t get anything.

World of Warships footage of the new tier 7 French battleship Lyon.


  1. Lews Therin Talamon

    Curse you for interrupting my Code Geass R2 episode.

  2. Good video!
    But I’m not gonna research this line.. shotgun shells and the weakest BB line in the game.. not worth my time.
    Maybe Alsace, but that’s the only ship.

  3. A Fuso can Death strike a CV at max range, I don’t this ship could do that ^_^;;

  4. Hi Aerroon Dady

  5. dont go A…go B C instead.
    i really dont like how passive u play for SO LONG.
    at least get in combat…like even max range at least. u waste so much firepower…

  6. Lyon has 1.5 sigma, just like New Mexico. Combined with the high-velocity HE and low-velocity AP, you get heavy vertical dispersion without the high-velocity AP.

  7. Flambass’ first battle in this thing? 201k damage, lol.
    Yeah, it’s a glass cannon. But that still means it’s a cannon.

  8. Searching enemy like a DD because all hiding in the storm ?

  9. Good review! I look forward to giving her a shot myself.

  10. I won’t take this review Lyon down

  11. Lyonresto - Le Guide des restos à Lyon

    ???? Beau partage!, Merci ! .

  12. The french mobile anti-BB shotgun platform.

  13. Nothing happens in the first 5 minutes; Neighbours A point in a nutshell. Although those 2 DDs chasing the enemy CV instead of capping B are far more annoying.

    I can easily see this ship being popular with the less skilled players because of the quantity of shells she can fire. Plus with good AA, a solitary Lyon won’t be punished as hard as any other T7 BB, except perhaps Hood.

  14. plz tell me you used AFT + BFT and it won’t be another AA plateform 🙁

  15. Aerroon senpoi <3

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