World of Warships – Lyon Roar

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Pretty insane game in my Lyon for the Down the Line series, hope you enjoy the game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII French Battleship Lyon Replay – Discord Server


  1. As an Atlanta captain seeing that Atlanta get away with that maneuver in the beginning hurts me so much. If only I was ever that lucky…

    • Life of an Atlanta: Island hugging, or back to port. XD

    • A life I know way too well…

    • ikr? Last time I showed my nose and bloody Kongo wiped me out of the surface…. I play cruisers a lot but for some reason Atlanta feels the most paper of all paper ships 🙂

    • It fells the most paper because it has less armour than a DD with its glorious 13mm plating all over, which all BBs and CAs can overmatch. So even CAs can overmatch and citadel you from the front, which is annoying to say the least.

      The amount of times CAs have blapped me for 10k+ from the front or rear is way too damn high…

  2. something in current year

    Lyon is such an overpenning joke

    • Lyon excel when firing at higher tier CAS. You will overpen Tier VII CAs but you will citadel Donskois and most Tier VIII or IX CAs like crazy.

  3. I love my t7 bbs is so mutch fun killing stuf with a nagato, hood etc

  4. I love my Lyon. I didn’t like playing BBs until I got the Bretage in a container and have enjoyed grinding the line ever since.

  5. I love that the Lyon can do a little bit of everything. 16 guns can make anyone hurt, it’s AA is amazing in tier and it has a whopping 24 secondaries with a great fire rate. She’s a bit squishy and catches fire easy but the Lyon is a very versatile and powerful ship.

    • Yeah, even against tier 9 bow-on BB, you could have just turn it into a giant HE spammer cruiser and still could done consistent damage. Truly the definition of Versatility in Number.

  6. Yeah, it’s faster than it ought to be (23kts design). Meant for 1915, never built.
    Meanwhile the USN had South Dakota class of 1920 (initially planned for 1917 but delayed to see what might be learned from Jutland and WW1 generally) with 16 x 16″ guns, four of the class were between 27% and 38% complete when scrapped on the slipways early 1922.
    USN gets the dud Colobado instead; I had the misfortune of playing that pile of shite way back in beta. Its greatest asset was its AA, which tells you something. If you don’t like Colobado now, it was a complete shit show earlier. It was the only ship I used free exp (happily we got given free exp in beta) to escape after half a dozen games.

    • Makes me wonder how Lyon fits amongst that older ship group: 1915-1925. I wish that WG would enable battles via teams by era, and by nation as a selectable thing. Might need some fill-ins for some nations, but would be interesting to see ships which existed (or were meant to exist) in a similar time & level of technology.

    • Pretty sure Nelson in game can do 24 or 25, which really upset me because she’s already got inferno cannons and super heal (the latter of which neither Hood, KGV nor any other tier VII battleship gets). Notser did a review a while back.

      I looked at the engine power in the modules tab, comparing similar ships and the numbers don’t seem to add up. Yes, there’s more to speed than just engine power but just look at Nagato vs Nelson. It’s absolutely stupid.

      But yeah, new battleships are so fast. I’m always thinking I can surprise the enemy with my cruiser torpedoes around the corner of islands when in fact they surprise me and AP me back to port.

    • Colorado is amazing…

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Actually the S Dakota of the 20s had 12 guns not 16 But I get ur point They should swap the Colorado model for maybe the West Virginia, the one that had 127/38s not sure was her, and maybe that would help The Lyon like this is just a pain in the ass for the old big 7, both IJN and USN. But I highly doubt they will change it

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Alex Quantum the Nelson only gets 23,5 kts stock With the speed flag it gets more

  7. It’s great when you get 12 over pens on a ship 😉
    This is one of the few ships I will always keep, it’s too good. Great credit earner as well, I almost always have a net gain, usually around 50k-100k credits earned

  8. lol Notser trolled by RNGesus so hard, with that last shot I mean 🙂

  9. It could be 10 Kills!!! Notser 😀 the last ship the Afk ship and the Atlanta in ( 7:23) 😉

  10. Notser
    12:16 Now I know that he knows that I know that he knows that I’m going to the right, so I’ll go left. It gets complicated.

  11. I like this ship, apart when the dispersion trolls me hard enough, too many overpens, or gunned down by HE spammers (of Asia, the home of HE spammer overlords)

  12. Most OP silver ship in the game as far as I can tell. Get in a 3 man division with them; Lyon-Lyon-Lyon, if it is not tier 9 matchmaking it’s pretty much a guaranteed win. Even if it is tier 9, the enemy team better have some strong players/divisions of it’s own.
    Thing is that the Lyon just has so many damn guns. Most ships have some measure of firepower in terms of # of guns vs fire rate vs firing angles vs calibur/penetration etc. These factors are used to create some form of balance. But Lyon just has so damn many gun barrels……and if you extend this property by adding a 2nd or 3rd Lyon and focus firing………the enemies just disappear!! You simply cannot survive attacks by that number of BB guns.
    Triple Lyon divisions that get to be top tier…… honestly just feels completely unfair…..

  13. The over pens and bounces are pretty typical of what I encounter on this ship. But it generally does great against cruisers. Battleships give me problems though, even with a good solid hit.

  14. Wahou ! Brillant game !! Bravo Notser, bien joué mec 😉

  15. Colonel David Davenport

    Thanks for the video NOTSER – I love my Lyon!

  16. Dude!!! Awesome game! Ignoring the AFK in order to smoke the Atlanta… great stuff! Also, it’s cool to see you string those salvos on fleeing, low health ships. Also, it seems like you’re pulling fewer Notser’s. Credit to you, man. You’re definitely a big threat out there.

  17. blah blah blah french shotgun

  18. llljustcallhimDave

    I’m loving the Lyon, it can hold it’s own even when bottom tier.

  19. Still saying that AP penetration is BROKEN…… today I fired 3 salvoes at a broadside Mogami while I was in a Dunk, had 9 BOUNCES and 6 overpens…. all fired at the waterline, center, the mogami was parked……… under 9kms….

  20. 16 guns, I can’t believe the Germans only have 8, 8!

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