World of warships – Lyon WiP bottom tier

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Very next game was bottom tier, no problem. Step aside Iowas and Missouris, you can hold my beer as I got this….Saipan?


  1. These quadruple turrets look wierd af

    • I think IRL they were divided with an armored wall in the middle. It’s like 2 turrets with 2 guns each but stuck together in 1 casement, so in theory 1 hit couldn’t disable all the 4 guns at the same time.

  2. Looks like a giant DD. Jean Paul I know you are the chief DD designer but Robert our chief BB designer is on holiday and the plans must be complete by Friday …. can you help us? lol  Oui Oui  It will play like a monster in the right hands. Also what is this new high tier prem WIP IJN DD I ran into on NA last night?

  3. Any other good WoWs youtubers aside from flambass and flamu people recommend ? Tried Notzer and ichase but not my flavour persay

    • Aerroon

    • Aerron is good

    • Flamu is bit of a gay, Flambass is high 24/7, Jingles isn’t very skilled, Aerroon’s voice is annoying, iChase pretends to be good, Notser pretends to be good as Flamu, Eurobeat uploads once a in a million year, Something annoying about NoZoup, Wastingsometimegaming was chill but stopped making videos. Not much of a choice, I watch Flamu but skip the hello hello part and not mind the part where he accidently does some incredible shit but says he was expecting it before he even joined the battle.

    • Hahaha holy shit you have everything covered 😀

    • Ur peacekeeper (Whiskeys gaming lounge) is likeable and quite modest. Worth a look perhaps?

  4. Alsace AA is also OP. Equipped it with Manual AA on PTS. Planes just melted.

  5. This is the type of ship Russia or America would have designed but what the heck is it doing in France?

    Speaking of gun overkill.
    Russia designed a giant battleship with sixteen 406 mm guns in 4 quad turrets.

    America made a paper ship with 24 X 406 mm guns.

    Would have been HILARIOUS if they both were in WoW.

  6. Freakin’ OMNIhax.

  7. Holy cow ! Ok it is an OP MONSTER XD
    Tonight i’m going to bed with a huge grin on my face thanks to you ^_^

  8. Looks like a great ship but FUGLY!

  9. Doubt this makes it in current form when it goes live

  10. little nice beast at his tier, i think…well done 🙂

  11. Rip my favorite t7 bb gneisenau

  12. „Year of the carrier“

  13. My opinion is yes this ship is powerful in the hands of experienced players but taking into account that number of potatoes exceeds them by far it won’t have that much of a impact when it will be released. Put a straight sailing BBaby player in it and give Flambass the Scharnhorst, Tirpitz or Missouri. The result will be RIP Lyon and I can bet 50 bottles of “Iozovaca” on this matter. 🙂

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