World of Warships – Mac and Me

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In which Aetam finds himself in an episode of A Game of Throws thanks to his good friend Mac.

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  1. “A country famous for Mozart, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Adolf Hitler”

    To be fair, that is what mostly comes to our minds when we think of Austria

  2. Torpedobeat was fantastic. Almost as good as Duke of York taking ALL of torpedoes on the chin.

  3. The 1 second of the CV picture was amazing.

  4. Self-replicating whatnot

    On the subject of submarines – they were never effective against ships actively manuvering during combat. That’s what “fleet submarine” concept was supposed to accomplish, and it was a miserble failure whenever anyone tried to build and use one, both in WW1 and WW2.
    In other words – submarines have no place during WoWS match at all, they usually ambushed their quarry in port or while cruising.

    • World of Warships is an arcade game and not an accurate naval warfare simulator… So WG can do whatever they please with it, and make – (try to) extort – money from it.

    • @Mindaugas Stankus tell that to WG… they – probably – won’t listen but you can tell them.
      **Yedi hand wave** I’m not the p*ssingpost you are looking for.

    • WG are among the greatest disciples of the Sunk Cost Fallacy currently alive in the world. They’ve put resources into making submarines, so they are not going to remove them from the game, no matter what anyone tells them or what arguments are presented. Personally, I think Submarines can be a fun addition to the game, BUT only in a dedicated game mode (maybe some version of the convoy mode WG has been playing around with), not as part of random or ranked battles.

    • László Németh

      @Montro arcade game which has a ruined gameplay by CVs and subs.

  5. Thanks for featuring the replay! i am still laughing when I think about that sub ram.

  6. jingles, it’s not about making every class viable against all the others. it’s about making another ship class for the griefers and trolls

  7. That torp dodge at 13:10 was damn impressive. Thought for sure he was dead.

  8. That Nelson player also waited until the rapid-firing gunboat *stopped firing* before it resumed firing again, before he decided to change course. He knew that gap in firing from those rapid fire guns meant that the DD had used that time to aim and release torpedoes, so he was completely changing course to avoid them. Smart.

  9. If BBs are getting planes, when is Warspite going to get her swordfish support!
    Hers ACTUALLY sank something!!

  10. One time, I was in a Preussen and caught a sub on the surface within 10km. I targeted him with my secondaries, dropped depth charges, and fired my main guns. Numerous secondary hits, 4 depth charge hits, and 2 overpenetrations from my 457mm guns later… and it survived the battle.

  11. To be fair to the Mackinson player, the CV may have been focusing him as a priority target because he could find and attack a Battleship easier than a DD or another CC. So I can see it from the Mackinson, on low health, recognizing he might be doomed and trying to take the Caraciolo down with him at least.

    • IndisputableFacts

      I definitely support the Mack captain’s choices. He’s in a battleship, he’s the only thing the red CV is going to target. He’s *going* to be spotted, he’s going to be targeted, and he’s *going* to be sunk and there’s nothing he can do to change that. Both he and the red BB know this because they’ve played this game for more than half a minute. There is no backing off in that scenario. Doing as Jingles suggest he should is just adding to the CV’s XP total and taking away from his own.

    • I agree, he actually saved the day. He did lots of damage to the enemy BB and set it on fire. Without it, the Mackensen would have gone down to the enemy CV and they would have lost. The enemy BB had too much health to be sunk by the friendly T6 carrier alone.

  12. I sometimes think of that movie Galaxy quest when they’re flying through a minefield. “Could you possibly try not to hit EVERY SINGLE ONE!?”

  13. What a pleasant and unlooked for surprise! Three of my favourite (and I must say, still greatly underrated) players in one game; someone must have made sacrifices to the Goat Gods? Many thanks Jingles.

  14. i once had 32 (!) depth-charge hits on ONE Sub. And i wasnt even the only one dropping. It finally died though
    tbf, about the Mackensen: it’s pretty hard to run from a CV if he exactly knows where you are. Imho the End was telling it. It was a Decision of seconds if it was the right thing to try and sink the italian BB. Mind you, if he got sunk by the CV while running the other BB wouldn’t have died.

  15. to be fair to the Mackensin player, he had already been engaged with the Spaghetti BB while there were multiple ships still fighting & alive & the game was still in doubt. It wasn’t until a quick series of kills that he found himself needing to disengage. Also, once a CV decides that a BB is going to die, there’s not really a damn thing the BB player can do about it – and the CV would’ve spotted him no matter what – so firing or not firing made zero difference. But yes, he should’ve disengaged immediately with the Spaghetti ship when it became obvious it was to time to run, but either way, he was going to die bc the OP cancer CV had decided he was going to.

  16. Jingles:”I did not promise it would be a good thing!”

    Don’t worry Jingles, that chortle you gave off when you first mentioned the Mackensen told us exactly what type of show we would get from him!

  17. His guns were doing 198 damage per hit to both the submarine and the Tirpitz. The difference was that the Tirpitz was a much bigger target so he was scoring more than one hit per salvo.

  18. Jingles: “I understand that submarines can’t be realistic because otherwise gameplay for submarines would suck”

    Also Jingles: “Submarine play is unrealistic because A-Z”.

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