World of Warships – Machine Gun Cannons, DPM American Beast with 14 Guns!

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World of Warships 0.4.0 St.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Nikolaus Sonninen

    +MKRocker94 Negative. I love it 😀 I even won a 2 vs 1 against a battleship
    and a american cruiser 😉 But yeah Aoba is better still.

  2. +Taoh Nichols Soon, Game debs haven’t said the exect date, but they say its
    coming soon

  3. +Liquid Man! I agree. I still watch the vids because the game play is great
    but as soon as I hear “torpedus,” sound goes down because I know what’s
    coming next – heard it before, over and over. I’m all for having fun and
    obviously Baron can put out what he wants, and that’s cool but the regular
    devolving to various “comic” accents and forced mispronunciations gets
    kinda repetitive. I mean, “Torpedus” – I get it. Old guys say it this way,
    southern thing, hahaha. Whuh??? And then all the rest. Hmm – Japanese ship
    – now we must forcefully say it in movie Japanese and from there say other
    things in movie Japanese. Hahaha – comedy gold. Spanish reference – yep,
    got a bag of comedy covering that, too. Pirates. Random movie
    references…sigh. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for having fun and keeping
    it light but, seriously, they need some new material. Hearing “torpedus”
    followed by some observation about the battle in the same dialect, and all
    the rest, forced mispronunciations and all, are cute the first couple times
    out but to hear the same goofy references over and over just kinda ruins
    it. Sorry to be so negative – the gameplay is great.

  4. I agree honestly, Slick just irritates me. But I guess he’s a friend of
    Baron, and Baron will play with whoever he chooses to

  5. +LazyFaux5656 Tell me about it

  6. +LazyFaux5656 I know how you feel…

  7. +Lucian Willi hehe If you will be in Germany ill gladly share a Laptop

  8. +Gassy German So troll, I’m going to Europe for 3 and a half weeks tomorrow
    and I have no laptop.

  9. +dennis hakhoff No open beta yet…I don’t think I can wait much longer

  10. +dennis hakhoff all we know is its open before July so tomorrow, But
    knowing War gaming it wont

  11. +dennis hakhoff Yes but its not open beta yet.As mention 4.0 was a major
    patch and had lead a lot of us to beleive open beta will be soon.

    Neighborhood Cruiser Captain

  12. Assassin Vampirex

    +DuderMcBroBlaster Me

  13. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    +DuderMcBroBlaster HOO-DINI

  14. Why is the rum gone?

  15. +BaronVonGamez from the friendly fire at the beginning I think you did

  16. Daniele Emancipato

    A turtle that set everything in fire ? You’re Bowser from the Mario saga !

  17. Please use the midway

  18. +BaronVonGamez i cant wait for them to add german ships so i can go for the

  19. +BaronVonGamez can we get some atlanta game plays??

  20. +BaronVonGamez
    Japanese Furutake cruiser please

  21. +Phoenix Fire ok sorry didnt i didnt see that i was too late so yeah thx

  22. +Avenger021 it is phlysically impossible to watch a 13 minute video in 1
    minute and be able to comment on its quality.

  23. +Phoenix Fire explain please

  24. +Avenger021 because thats basic logic?

  25. +PaintPlays and how do you know

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