World of Warships- Machine Gun GK

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Hey guys, today I had a great game in the GK with the secondaries in their glory, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

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  1. Dont worry, i still use secondary build and every match i’m having fun. Sometime too much fun

  2. 3:25 Torpedo beats on point I see

  3. I… kinda want to see the fire rate with 4 reload buffs and your HP at less than 5%. A reload that fast would make a Smol blush.

  4. I’ll send you my GK ranked battle from yesterday. What nail biter with high damage.

  5. Smolenks gets on fire. Thats not irony, Mount.

    Thats *JUSTICE*

  6. Nice matches, in ranked secondaries builds are better than in random.
    In arms race the distances are munch lower than in all other WOWS game modes and i like that.
    No 20km camping more, but i like my Z52 more than my GK for this.

  7. Sea lord what are you thoughts on legendary upgrade on GK, I’ve noticed you haven’t equipped it. I guess you should have it by now judging by how much you play GK?

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Dim Dim not worth it unless you are literally somehow knife fighting every single game in GK. It was worth it when it originally came out but not so much anymore

    • Reinhard Heydrich

      Man, I got the GK about a month ago and I still don’t have the assignment to get it. I’m rattled.

    • @Reinhard Heydrich Unfortunately you might have been a little late. They are moving legendaries into the Research buro section, and stopped offering the mission. Search the WG news (or reddit) for legendary upgrade and the article may pop up. I got it when I took it into co-op the 1st time.

    • Reinhard Heydrich

      stephen1r2 Fuck, I’m actually disgusted that I missed it.

  8. I see you dont have the Legendary mod on your GK?

  9. GK is my next ship. Fun video to watch!!!!!!!

  10. Not sick, it turns out that there’s actually a benefit to being an anti-social old fart.

  11. Ah yes I’m reminded of that one video.
    US Trooper: Hold it down! It’s a machine gun. A machine gun.
    German Trooper: Ha, OKAY!
    [Erika starts playing in the background]

  12. What build do you run, trait wise I mean. Modules as well I guess, but I suspect I know what you have there.

  13. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys to clarify I have a FULL SECONDARY BUILD on my GK. Meaning all secondary modules and Captain skills are applied. But to be super specific this is my build: Modules: AAM1, DMC1, SBM2, DMC2, CM, MBM3. Captain Skills: PM, AR, BFT, AFT, SI, MFFS (18 point captain, working on that last point to get MLG turrets).

  14. Anybody that says secondary builds are useless is falling into the absolutes trap. However secondary builds are situational while tank/main gun builds are always good. Doesn’t make someone stupid or an idiot for picking a secondary build. This is a game and if you aren’t having fun then there is little incentive to play. That said I always take tank/main gun on my BBs. I don’t like it but I am a little bitch to the Meta.

  15. Do you run the bigger guns of the GK im always torn between the larger guns or faster reload. Thanks!

  16. Sudeshna Das Sharma

    Smolensk is on fire. It is not irony or justice

    It’s ironically justified 😁

  17. Look, if you play german BBs and you don’t spec into secondaries, you might as well just play american BBs

  18. do you have a recommended captain build? thanks 🙂

  19. hey sea lord can you do a Grozovoi

  20. I don’t care build wise, i run secondary build on my Jean bart, those 100mm guns are so nice to look at!

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