World Of Warships – MAGIC MAGAZINE – Albany the Almighty

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  1. +Jamo128 which they sell later

  2. +Hunter12396 no, there are some tanks that you have to go to events to get,

  3. james ward-gwilliam

    +_Cpt_Oblivious_36 _ very true. You know a ship is good at certain things
    is when every enemy shop in sight sees you so close and immediately turns
    thier guns to get rif of you before you raise hell

  4. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    +james ward-gwilliam I agree, the 152 mm cannons are great for the tier,
    even the chester has only 127mm? might be wrong, tho i know its not 152mm,
    and as you seen, even the HE cit’s destroyers LMAO.

  5. +Joe montanna it wasnt even a rare card. it was never a rare card. it was
    desirable because starter, and dragon looking thing.

  6. They are? (I don’t have the game)

  7. +AlfieWilRus I was just wondering if there was an Iowa with the name nj
    like in battlestations midway. It was fun to actually use it

  8. +some random albino dude Im aware if it bring an Iowa, want sure if there
    was a specific Iowa named NJ. I know in battlestations midway there was

  9. some random albino dude

    +stalkerfrank If your are refereing to BB 62 New Jersey which was an Iowa
    class then i am pretty sure that he has done a video on the Iowa before

  10. +stalkerfrank You can use the Iowa, which is the class of ship the New
    Jersey is in.

    They only differ in name, otherwise the USS Iowa and USS New Jersey were
    identical during WWII

  11. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    +donerkebab97 gotta use Islands and use it as a Brawler, otherwise other
    same tier ships will out range you to death

  12. Really? I don’t like it, it’s so cheesy…

  13. +Greg Mosley navy field 2

  14. +Greg Mosley I thought it was for NavyField 2.

  15. It’s the trailer for wows anyhow. But I think it’s awesome also

  16. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    +Cyphi Sek ya really, he was going along with the joke originated by Fly’s

  17. +Tuning3434
    Really? 😀

  18. +Tuning3434 Yes is it xXDinamiteXx but no need to be a dick XD

  19. +Cyphi Sek
    You need glasses, better internet connection or better troll material

  20. +Tuning3434 Its xXDieintimeXx

  21. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    +buzbom1 yep, one BIG reason I keep going back to this channel, also
    Slickbee too, hes a HOOT

  22. Oh my goosinstiner

  23. +Jonathan Small And it showed buildings actually being destroyed by player
    vehicles – buildings that, up until now have not been destructible. Check
    out the discussion thread on the war thunder forums.

  24. +richerds1234 that was graphics

  25. +Jonathan Small a vid was uploaded on their channel yesterday.

  26. Dude what’s was like a year ago

  27. It’s fine, just try not to say something without checking first 😛

  28. +Nexx I didn’t know they extended the time to get it. I don’t check the
    website on a regular basis.

  29. Alexander Steen-Jørgensen

    Thanks man! 😮

  30. Alexander Steen-Jørgensen

    +Jammy Guanah Wow, you’re really cool, you’re the third to comment! OMFG

  31. Dunna know, but he tweeted that he wouldn’t yesterday !

  32. dani wao (daniwao707)

    +EchterOsti OK , thx and why?

  33. +dani wao Nope

  34. +RampantFury925 dude, he was messing around

  35. +Alex Rodezno You get nothing! You lose! Good day, Sir!

  36. the darkened earth


  37. I know im not first I was messing around

  38. +Alex Rodezno Well, nothing, cause:
    1. You’re not even first
    2. Nobody cares

    Have a nice day 🙂

  39. +olli laine The Gods do, he’s been chosen… For sacrifice !

  40. +Yoelvis Hernandez so what who cares?

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