World of Warships Mail Buoy Ep. 1 – The Health of World of Warships

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Episode 1 of World of Warships Mail Buoy. You provide the questions, I provide some answers. This week we hit some hard topics covering the health of world of warships, commander skills and ships like Tone. Keep an eye on various forums. That’s where I’ll announce the next Mail Buoy.


  1. In a reference to the question about hybrid ships they are in Blitz so they know how to do it and make it work

    • I think there is more a possibility of them being added now, Tone and Ise for example. Why? Because what interesting game play to switch between. Also, think of the amount of skill it would take to master knowing when planes work best to scout or get damage vs mains guns and angling. It could be really cool.

  2. No premium ammo in wow helps the game.

    • +Steven Wiederholt In World of Tanks, they have premium gold ammo you can buy for money. The ammo is better than the in game ammo.

    • WG added premium ammo in WoT.
      The second they decide to add that shit into WoWs I’m deinstalling the game.
      Not really sure what it does since I’m not a WoT player, but it’s basically more damage per shot or increased penetration, something like that. WoT players could probably explain much better.

    • +Steven Wiederholt World of Tanks has Ammo that you can purchase for Gold or a large amount of credits. Sort of like how we have regular and premium consumables in WoWs, you can get ammo that works better in their other game. Imagine taking a tier 5 against a tier 10 battleship, when you cant even penetrate his broadside you would switch to “super AP” to get more of a chance to penetrate him, as an example of how it would work in WoWs.

    • +Dustin Spiegel

      consumables…I said Small words 🙂

  3. [?] Do you know of anyways to revitalise the gameplay for veteran players? I played for a long time but the game isnt that fun anymore. I remember playing like mad when the German BBs came out with their secondary builds and now the CV rework despite its ups and downs still seems like a fun addition to the game but what about the old boats? All the old-core buats like Nagao,N Caro and other boats we used to find cool to play now just got stale

    • Join a clan and run Operations, Training Rooms, or Divisions. That helped me, its more so hanging out with my online buddies and while we play than anything now. I still enjoy the game but its a ton fun laughing and making jokes the whole time, while just playing the game in the background.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Dustin Spiegel Doesn’t help a lone wolf like myself, I prefer to focus on the gameplay rather than people and such. 😛

    • well, they are old, as you have said; I think it’s natural, you know them for a long time now, you probably played them often, but we humans aren’t really liking repetitiveness in general (ofc, how much you can like is individually), so it’s really hard to make the same thing feeling nice again without taking a long break or changing them completely

    • +Dustin Spiegel
      Some people need that “online friendship” in order to make a game fun & playable, in fact that’s how World of Warcraft stayed at the top for so long. Me & other players like myself find playing with others can be quite annoying, they can be distracting and counterproductive when trying to focus on certain ship(s) & or lines.

  4. no matter how many active player are game still die if they can’t convince player to spend money for it.

    the change in WoWs don’t stop me from playing it, but it stop me from spending money for this game “forever”.

    first cheat program radar, now balance breaker CV… Hah!

    I’ll keep playing for free only and that’s that.

    • what i not like is that WoW make expensive ships complete useless. afther reworks. Now you can play for 228 days a few hours before you can buy a JB with coal and maybe short afther you buy that ship they gonna introduce submarines into the game and you maybe not have the right equipment on that ship to protect yourself in that new gameplay and make that also a useless ship.

    • Everybody knows musashi aa is bad,it always has,it’s even written in the description of the ship so?You can blame wg for several things bud this one is on you’re own.

    • Thats true Mike that was in the discription but a weaker AA not means afther a rework a ship is worhless. No one could know the CV,s would be so dominant in the game. Maybe CV players not doing so much damage anymore afther the hotfix but they are still overpowerd because they not have any threat.. Two days ago i was try with my full AA build Nurnberg to get in shooting range from a CV and planes keep comming and comming. i was killed while i shot down 29 planes. Today Notser have upload a video while play in a DD and was operating it like he was playing with a cruiser because the role from the DD is gone. My point is a rework may never make ships or shipslines that they once have brought out useless.

    • I get you’re point bud notser always hated cv’s because he is a dd main.I play all ships and thrust me cv’s our nerfed bigtime(try them and find out),when cv’s was with rts i could spot you also all game long if i wanted to and have multiple squads in the air now it’s reduced to only 1.Now offcourse the same bud that’s when 2 carriers our in game.I agree wg should have to change it to 1 cv per game(in favor for the dd players).Shinonome ijn dd at tier 6 even hasn’t got any aa(one aa gun which shoots 0,9km!!!English dd’s also have bad aa).People need to addapt on the new playstyle that’s all.If i may give you some advice for the musashi,don’t sail alone,stay to other ships that have some better aa then musashi and you wil be fine.

    • Agree that in the rts they also could do the spotting but the playstyle from CV players was much different because the amount of planes on a carrier where limited so they have must be much careful with them and not lose to much planes. . personal i think it,s not in the damage one plane attack can do anymore but it,s more in the high frequentie that a CV player can send out his planes. my sugestion would be when a cv player send out a specific amo type squadron the other squadron thats stays on deck of the cv have load automatically the same amo type and when a cv player make a mistake with his attack squadron and want send out a different amo type squadron that they would have a reload time from maybe 20 seconds just like we have on other ships when we change amo type. this would make CV,s a little more vulnerable in the game.

  5. Do you think we ever get a new gamemode that stays permanent in the game?

    • cycling different game modes gives us diversity . I personally like the way WG do this as we get a break from the different grinds and missions so we can just chill kick back and relax till the next one is released ..
      Consent fast pace grinding and stuff wears us out and then we end up leaving the game as we are burned out . .

  6. I understand this…they nerfed CVs so hard. Thx WG for listening to the plebs

  7. Question: will there ever be Auto ban system for some words like ca&%er etc… Too many angry people are using such words (i dont wanna mention them)

  8. O they listen to the cv haters like notser

  9. Do you think they will ever bring in a manually controlled AA system? Wouldn’t WoWs benefit from something like that? Battlestations: Pacific had a really playable manual AA system.

  10. Nice vid NoZoup, good stuff.

  11. I would like your honest opinion on this:

    Some people want the RTS carriers back, some people like the new “flight sim” method. In a period of time where everyone gets the “brand new thing gameplay” out of their system (say, 2-3 months), do you think there will be more people who returned for the new carriers, or more people who left due to not having the old ones?

    • I for one could not get on with the RTS style ..but the mew style … is just right for me personally . so there will be at least 1 more CV in the game 😉

  12. Why does WG call it “Ranked”? The simple fact is that there is no Ranking in Ranked battles. An individual rank is impossible on a random team system. You could Rank an individual if they were on the same team all of the time, yet that doesn’t rank them in the whole game, just on a constant team. The truth is that the Mode is named poorly, It should be called “Yo Yo To The Top”, “Grind For Steel”, “Sucky Mode”, “Keep On Swimming”, “How Much Can You Take”, “How Much Can You Take, The Sequel”, “Dammit”, “G Dammit”, “G Dammit All To Hell”, “500”, or “I Quit”. There are many other names I could think of that fit the mode better than “Ranked”.
    While I am at it, why in a naval game would they call it Clans and Clan battles? Did the creators of the game all play Mech Warriors? I think they had some kind of Clans in Water World, otherwise I can’t think of any Naval connection to Clans (Maybe the Vikings?). Why copy the language of other games? Would the game fail if WG actually used Naval terms for their game. Sea Trials or just Trials sounds better than Ranked. Battle Groups, Flotillas, Fleets, or Squadrons apply to ships, clan or clans doesn’t.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I agree WG should not call it “Ranked”. “Tournament” would fit it better. As for “Clans”, I believe “Fleet” would fit better.

    • They should call it “Battle of the Unicum’s” !

      I’m over a dozen games in and still stuck in rank 12.

  13. Good match, but it sounded like the audio was out of sync with the video on that replay.

    • Silent Assassin Gamer

      Yeah it definitely was. You’d hear the sound of the guns firing or torps launching a couple seconds before seeing it happening

  14. Which, in your opinion, is the most fun premium ship currently in the game? Not the most powerful, but the one that is most enjoyable to play for the greatest amount of playstyles?

  15. HaHa. Mail Bouy Watch. I remember those 🙂 Also remember the dreaded “BT Punch” 🙂

  16. WoWs is awesome in one very special area. Pace. It plays at a comfortable pace. You don’t spawn and get killed by a Unicum in 15 seconds. You can mess up and still survive. Sometimes 🙂

    And WG, for better or worse, is still very active in developing WoWs. To me, that is when the worry triggers will get triggered. If we see development decrease, THEN we are in trouble.


  18. Feelsbad for steel occean. Thats the other warships game you forgot.We also have submarines game cold waters but its a sub game instead of an all out war like wows is.(strategy may be lacking)

  19. WHY??? You said WoWs saved the game with CV’s so your opinion is worthless.

  20. Italian ships before subs please.

  21. that’s a shame Captain . cause the more people who play and let WG know how they feel on the forums the better . .. not just for balancing but the game in general .
    I hope you find fun in you gaming for here on in Captain .
    Good Luck and Fare Seas .

  22. I like your thinking Captain and please carrier on rambling 😉
    the rework hit quite a few smack in the face and some Captains are going to find it hard to ” Change ” to the new meta and play style . we still have several patches and hot fixes to go till it all gets ” balanced ” and we are happy . I hope it is all settled by the summer so we can chill in the heat .
    I was part of the tst and can see where WG are going .. and I think it is in the right direction ……
    you have a couple of reasonably good ships for ranked there Captain and I wish you good speed to rank 1 . Fare Seas Captain

  23. Grease Monkey I decided too just sell all cv and get all the free xp out of them. Switch too bb main and let the balance work for a while. I got 2million free xp so I can get Alaska when it comes. When there is better balance and I am feeling less toxic I will start grinding them again. With t19 captains lol

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