World of Warships – Main Battery Reload PTS 7.8

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Checking out the new Main Battery Reload consumable on Charles Martel, seems pretty cool and can’t wait for the possibilities. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Charles Martel Replay – Discord Server


  1. Haven’t gone down the French cruiser line yet, they always seemed a bit meh. Maybe worth trying to see how this goes

  2. 20% longer reload? Even when they buff the French, they still get nerfed. No way this 15 second consumable makes up for that. It’s locking the speed away all over again.

    • yup its a too big of a nerf

    • Everybody is saying that. Come on WG. LESS people are going to want to play the French now.

    • the nerf should be MAX at 11 seconds…actually its better if they keep the 10 sec reload but force us to choose DFAA or the new reload booster on those ships.
      also they can always test it without nerfs and later decide if it needs any changes

    • James Bigglesworth

      They have to be nurfed before they are buffed. They do not want them to be better than the Digital Russian Ships

  3. Heyyy, this is Noster and we’re in the tier 10 comment section…

  4. Hey Notser, love the videos keep it up… But I Kinda disagree with you I’ve always seen the French Cruisers as having best in class mobility, providing people can grow a pair and adapt to a mobility build over full concealment… Maybe now I have a reason to play the CM and SL again….as for the Henri still my fav and most used for Clan Battles

  5. 16% less DPM for yet another gimmick? This very much dissuades me from playing these ships. Bad. bad idea.

    • Differently Able Gaming

      Benny the hits to th tier 8-9 are not great but if you play the Henry at tier 10 the consumable is not a bad idea

    • Glad to see you came up with the same 16% DPS reduction that I did in my PTS feedback on the forums! I was questioning my math skills there for a bit…

    • Differently Able Gaming. I never said the Henry addition wasn’t a bad one, but whether it is or not was not what I was talking about. There is no reason for the T8 and T9 nerfs at all, especially if it to justify a 30 second consumable gimmick. The one thing they had going for them has been severely diminished.

    • Darkwater1967. Yep, it is funny how many people are getting the basic calculation wrong.

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    For the Henry I think is great but not so much for the other 2 ships Still, I would say it should be in a slot like the defensive fire My point is that it makes you use pay more credits because of the need to pay for, don’t know, 5 consumables instead of 4 or 3

  7. Why can’t we just bind any key we want to any consumable or consumable slot? Why restrict us?

    • you can do that, just go to the settings/controls and put them on thee numpad if you want

    • Sure, but then they change which consumables trigger per slot, in effect the thing you bind may change. If they are going assign a different consumable per slot then you should be able to bind a key to the consumable itself, not the slot #.

    • Make it easy with a Logitech G-13 or similar. Bind it to quick keys.

    • You’re missing the point. Yes you can keybind a “consumable slot” but the problem is that WG has decided that the consumable that assigned to that slot changes depending on what ship is selected. And given you cannot define what consumable is bound to what slot you cannot effectively keybind a consumable at all.
      For example. You may change the consumable slot that defaults to the “Y” key, let’s say we assign it the Num5 key. All you have done is change the key you use to trigger the consumable slot. You have not, and cannot bind a consumable. It could be DFAA or Speed Boost or Torp Reload or anything else WG wants to assign to the slot.
      It really is terrible UI design and should not be hard to fix. Just allow us to drag and drop the consumables between slots and/or allow us to keybind to consumables, not slots.

  8. Re upload video ?

  9. holpefully the gold ammo is not incoming

  10. So in order to make us play this french line more, they nerf those cruisers? Am i right?
    Is Charles Martel still worth something now?

    • even you buy premium version of new consumable and use all of the charges still not reaches to lost dpm, they want you to citadel other ships to compansate the damage loss, question is how you gonna do that in a long range shooting paper armor cruiser

    • martel still fun to play but lossing this DPM making it a real niche cruiser havent tested yet on t9 and t 10 but really bad design imo

  11. 4K with UI scaling is absolutely amazing! Can’t wait for it to come to the game…

  12. I stopped playing the french cruisers, I was trying to get to T10 and on the T8 Charles Martel when I heard about the 20% nerf. It is now utter useless in my opinion. Yes it’s has a nice gimmick, but you also lose a lot of oppertunities because of the 12 sec reload! Also the turret rotation is not fast enough if your tracking a fast target or trying to dodge shells, so the consumable is waisted then.
    Something that is also an issue for us “normal” players is that you now have 5 consumables, which makes it alot more expensive in credits to play this ship, as you probably want to max the reload which means the ship is at least 25.000 cr more expensive each battle…. I know, not really a problem for CC’s and Premium players, but for people playing a normal account it’s quite the dent in credits.

    • Seconded

    • Also, the I key(the key for MbRB) is really far from WASD, so I’ve found it really hard to reach. Yet another problem.

    • True, I also cannot reach it normally. So sometimes you press it, and touch another key when you go back (E in my case)… yeah those turrets don’t like that.

    • While I’m similarly disappointed with the reload nerf (I used Charles to reach rank 1 for the first time), if all you want is the Henri, I suggest sticking to it. The Henri is getting a straight up buff by comparison.

  13. Leave the 10 sec. reload time alone on Charles Martel and give it the new reload, or give 5-6 of the faster reloads, or I will just dock it and not play it anymore.

  14. one more reason that confirms my non existent interest in the french cruisers. It’s just not a good play style for an aggressive player. This boat now has a longer reload than the nurfed Hind, which it will face often. Just not interested, i’ll stick with the other lines, that actually make you play instead.

  15. thats too brutal nerf for stupid gimick… yeah i will do more dmg to broadside target and then i will have 2 minutes worse reload… great if i could choose between flat 10 sec than i would pick it anytime – not even speaking about average joe that has no clue that enemy ship has citadel…

    • exactly my thought when tested it why nerf something that does’nt need it.
      As notser said french cruiser are mediocre in everything giving this kind of gemmick that are only situational are in my opinion bad design

  16. I loved the Charles, now not so much. Yes it is a nice little gimmick that adds interesting game play situations, but honestly I am starting to really get sick of ships with gimmicks. It is no where close to enough of a bonus for the lose that much raw firepower.

  17. I dont see the issue with it being on the i key , just remap it to something more accessible like F ( yes i know its already used but for CV’s ) or V as i dont think ive ever seen anyone use ingame voice

  18. I didn’t like the French Cruisers before, even less now with the reload nerf and gimmick …

  19. 19 minutes of nerf for 1 minutes of buff. Two less ships I’ll be playing.

  20. Hey Notser I agree with you on the consumable keys. I fixed it by changing the U and I keys to G and H respectively. This allows (at least for me) easier access to those additional consumables.

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